God Kokua da Israel Peopo
(Hebrews 2:16; James 2:23)
411Yahweh tell:
“No say notting, jus lissen,
You island peopos!
An all you peopos, try fo change
So you can come mo strong
Try come ova hea by me,
Den we talk.
Good erybody come togedda by me, da Judge.

2“Me, Yahweh,
I make one guy from da east side
Ready fo fight.
I tell um fo come work fo me,
Fo make right tings happen!
Az me, Yahweh, dat give him da peopos
Inside plenny countries.
I let him take ova da kings ova dea.
Weneva he use his sword,
Erybody he hit, come jalike dirt.
Wit his bow an arrows
Erybody he hit,
Come jalike da junk kine stuffs from da wheat.
3Dis guy from da east side,
He chase da peopo dat stay agains him,
An den he go some moa,
Cuz nobody goin hurt him.
Da way he goin go,
He neva go dat way befo time.
4Me, Yahweh, I da One do all dis stuff,
An da One dat finish wat I start fo do!
Was me, Yahweh, wen tell da firs peopo fo come,
An all da ones dat wen born afta dem too,
An I da One goin tell da las ones wen dey pau!

5“Da island peopo wen see wat I do,
An cuz a dat, dey come scared.
Da peopo inside far place on top da earth,
Dey stay scared an shaking too.
Dem an da odda peopos wit dem,
Dey stay come.
6Erybody help each odda fo come in front me.
Dey tell dea bruddas, ‘Make strong!’
7So da guy dat shape da metal
Fo make one idol kine god,
Wen he give idol to da guy dat put da gold on top da idol,
He give good kine word to da guy.
An da guy dat use da hammer
Fo make da gold come smooth,
Wen he give da idol to da guy dat pound da anvil,
He give good kine word too.
He tell um, ‘Good, da way you put um togedda, aah?!’
Afta, dey pound da nails in da idol kine god
So da ting no fall down!

8“But you Israel peopo dat work fo me
An come from Jacob,
I wen pick you guys.
You get Abraham fo yoa ancesta,
An he my friend.
9I wen help you guys come ova hea
From da mos far places inside da world.
No matta you stay far, I tell you fo come.
I tell, ‘You guys work fo me.’
I pick you guys.
I neva say you good fo notting.
10So no scared,
Cuz you guys da one I stay wit.
No come bum out,
Cuz I yoa God.
I make you guys come strong inside.
Mo den dat, I help you guys.
I no let you guys fall down!
Az cuz I get plenny powa
Fo do da right ting fo you guys.

11“But erybody dat go agains you guys,
Dey goin come shame an lose face fo shua.
Erybody dat stand up agains you guys,
Dey goin die an come jalike dey notting.
12No matta you guys go look fo da guys dat make trouble wit you,
You no goin find dem.
Whoeva make war agains you guys,
Dey no goin stay, cuz jalike dey notting.
13Cuz me, Yahweh, I yoa God.
I da One stay hold yoa right hand,
Da One stay tell you guys,‘No scared!
I goin help you.’

14“No scared, you Jacob guys,
No matta you no mo powa, jalike one worm.
No scared, you Israel guys!
I da One goin help you!”
Az da spesho message from Yahweh,
Da Good An Spesho God fo da Israel peopo,
Da One dat pay da price
Fo get you guys outa trouble.

15An you know wat I goin do cuz a all dat?
I goin make you Israel peopo come strong
So you can bus up erybody dat stay agains you.
You goin come jalike da kine wood frame
Dat get two sides sharp, wit plenny teeth.
Da peopo make da cows pull da wood frame
On top da wheat dey wen cut,
Fo bus up da wheat an take out da junks.
Jalike you goin broke up da mountains
An smash da hills. An afta dat,
Ony goin be like da junk kine stuffs dat blow away.
16Jalike wen you throw da junks up in da air,
An da wind blow um,
Den one strong wind blow um all away.
But you guys goin stay real good inside
Cuz you stay tight wit Yahweh,
An you goin talk plenny bout how awesome Yahweh stay,
Da Good An Spesho God fo da Israel peopo.

17“Da peopo dat get hard time
An need somebody fo help dem,
Dey go look fo watta, but no moa.
Dea tongue all dry up
Cuz dey thirsty.
But me, Yahweh,
I goin do someting fo help dem.
Me, da God fo da Israel peopo,
No goin go way an leave dem by demself!
18Jalike I goin make rivers come down on top da dry hills,
An pukas fo watta inside da deep gulches.
I goin change da boonies.
An make um ponds fo watta wit watta plants all aroun.
Da place dat no mo rain,
I goin make da groun
Come one place fo get watta.
19I goin put trees inside da desert,
Da cedar tree, da koa tree,
Da myrtle tree, an da olive tree.
Inside da Arabah Valley I goin put
Tall pine tree, an short pine tree,
An da cypress tree, all togedda.
20I goin do dat, so peopo goin see um.
So dey goin know
Dat was me, Yahweh, wen do all dat
Cuz I get da powa.
Dey goin tink plenny bout um,
An try fo undastan,
Cuz was me, da Good An Spesho God fo da Israel peopo,
Wen make all dat.”
Da Idol Kine Gods, Good Fo Notting
21Yahweh, da king fo da peopo dat come from Jacob, he tell,
“You peopo dat pray to da idol kine gods,
I da Judge. Why no come by me?!
Tell me wat you make argue bout!
22Bring yoa idol kine gods in front me
Fo dem tell us guys wat goin come bumbye.
Let dem tell us wat tings wen happen befo time,
Fo us guys tink bout um
An figga wat goin come bumbye cuz a dat.
O da idol gods tell us wat goin come lata,
23An tell us wat goin happen bumbye.
Den we goin know dat you idol gods,
You fo real!
Do someting, good o bad,
Den we goin bum out an come scared,
Wen all us guys togedda see wat you do!
24But you idol kine gods, you notting,
An wateva you do, no worth notting.
Whoeva pick you guys, dey pilau.

25“I wen make one guy from da north side
An he stay come.
He come from da place wea da sun come up.
He know my name, cuz he know who me.
Dis guy walk all ova da guys in charge a da countries.
Dey jalike dey mud,
Ready fo make pots wit da clay.
26Wat god you tink wen tell bout dis
From da time eryting wen start,
So us guys can know?!
Da odda gods no can!
Wat god talk bout um befo time
So we can say, ‘Eh, dat one get um right!’
Da odda gods no can!
Fo shua, nobody talk bout dis befo time.
Nobody eva hear anyting
From all you gods,
O from some odda guy.
27I da first One wen tell my peopo Mount Zion side,
‘Look, da guys dat goin help you, stay hea!’
I da firs One send one messenja guy to da Jerusalem peopo,
Fo tell dem good kine stuff.
28I look da odda gods, but no mo nobody.
No mo even one a dem fo tell da peopo wat fo do.
I aks dem someting, but da odda gods donno how fo answer!
29You know wat?!
Dea idol kine gods, dey ony bulai!
Wateva dey do, not importan.
Dey jalike da wind,
No mo notting inside!”
Da Guy Dat Work Fo Yahweh