(2 Corint 6:18; 1 Peter 2:9)
431But now, dis da message from Yahweh
Da One wen make you Jacob peopo,
Dat make da Israel ohana how dey stay:
“No scared! cuz I wen pay da price
Fo ery one a you guys
So you no gotta be slave.
I call you by yoa own name,
An you mines.
2Weneva any one a you guys go thru da watta,
I goin stay wit you.
Weneva you go thru da rivers,
Dey no goin go ova you.
Weneva any a you guys walk thru da fire,
No goin hurt you,
No goin burn you up.
3Cuz I Yahweh,
Da God fo ery one a you guys.
I da Spesho One fo da Israel peopo
Dat get you guys outa trouble.
I wen give Egypt fo pay
So you no gotta be slave,
An Sudan an Yemen too.
4Az cuz weneva I tink bout you guys,
I see dat you worth plenny to me.
I show you respeck,
Cuz I get love an aloha
Fo ery one a you guys.
I goin give odda peopo fo pay fo you,
I even goin let um mahke
So you can stay alive.
5No scared, cuz I stay wit you guys.
I goin bring da ones dat goin come from you, from da east side,
An bring all you guys togedda from da west side.
6I goin tell da peopo from da north side,
‘Let my peopo come!’
An I goin tell da peopo from da south side,
‘No hold dem back!’
Bring all my boys from far places,
An my girls from da mos far place inside da world.
7Bring erybody dat get my name cuz dey my peopo.
All da ones I wen make fo show erybody
How awesome me.

8“Bring out da peopo dat get eye
But dey no can see,
An da peopo dat get ear
But dey no can hear. 9Da peopo inside all da countries,
Dey come togedda an get meeting.
Who from dem can tell us guys
Bout all dis stuff dat stay happen now,
An all da stuff dat wen happen befo time?
Good dey bring in plenny guys
Fo make proof dat dey stay tell da right stuff.
Den da odda peopo goin hear,
An say, ‘Az true!’-”

10Dis, wat Yahweh tell:
“You guys goin tell
Wat you know bout me.
An I wen pick you guys fo work fo me,
So dat you guys goin know who me,
An trus me, an know dat I da One.
Befo me, neva have odda god.
An no goin get no odda god afta me.
11Me, I Yahweh.
No mo odda gods dat can get peopo outa trouble,
Ony me can!
12I wen tell da peopo wass up,
An get um outa trouble,
An make shua dey hear all dis.
No was some odda god from odda place,
Dat do all dat stuff.
An you guys, you can tell dem ova an ova
Wat you wen see me do,
Dat I da God fo real kine.”
Az wat Yahweh tell.
13“An long befo time, I God.
Wen I use my powa,
No mo nobody can make me stop.
Wen I do someting,
No mo nobody can change um
An make um like was befo time.”
Yahweh Goin Do Someting He Neva Do Befo
14Dis, da message from Yahweh,
Da One dat pay da price
Fo get you guys outa trouble,
Da Good An Spesho God fo da Israel peopo. He tell:
“Fo help you guys
I goin send army guys Babylon side.
I goin make da Babylon peopo run away on top da boats
Dat befo time dey make um look real nice.
I goin make dem go down da Euphrates riva
An run away.
15Me, Yahweh, I da Good an Spesho God fo you Israel peopo.
I wen make you Israel peopo. I yoa King!”

16Dis one message from Yahweh,
Da One wen make one road in da middo da Red Sea,
One place fo da Israel peopo go
Inside da danger watta.
17Yahweh make da strong Egypt army guys go out,
Wit dea war wagons an da horses, all togedda.
Dey all fall down dea, an no get up again.
Dey all mahke, jalike wen you pio one candle.
Yahweh da One dat tell dis:
18“No tink bout ony da stuff dat wen happen befo time.
No try fo undastan ony da tings from long time ago.
19Look! I stay do someting new!
Stay happening awready!
You no see um?!
I stay making one road inside da boonies,
An I stay put streams wea nobody stay!
20Da wild animals ova dea show respeck fo me,
Da jackal kine dogs, an da ostrich bird,
Cuz I give dem watta fo drink inside da boonies,
An streams wea nobody live,
Fo give watta fo drink to my peopo,
Da ones I wen pick.
21I wen make dose peopo fo myself
So dey can tell story
Bout da good tings I stay do.

22“You Jacob ohana peopo!
No was me you guys wen aks fo help you.
You Israel peopo!
You guys neva work hard an come tired
Fo do stuff fo me.
23Wen you guys bring sheeps
Fo kill an burn up,
No was fo me, fo make sacrifice fo real kine!
Wen you guys make odda kine sacrifice,
No was fo show respeck fo me!
I neva make presha you guys
Fo bring me wheat fo one gif.
I neva make you guys come tired
Aksing you fo burn incense fo me.
24You guys neva buy me
Da cane kine perfume dat smell nice,
An you guys neva give me
Da bestes part a yoa sacrifice meat.
Da ony ting you guys wen do fo me,
Was, you give me presha
Wit all da bad tings you stay do,
An you guys make me tired
Wit all da tings you do dat need punish.

25“Me, I Yahweh. I da One dat let you go
Fo show wat kine God me,
No matta you go agains me.
I no stay tink no moa bout all da bad tings you wen do.
26Tell me so I know
Anyting good you guys wen do befo.
Den we can make argue togedda,
An you can tell me bout um,
Fo show you okay.
27Even yoa ancesta befo time wen do bad kine stuff.
Even yoa talka guys wen go agains me.
28Az why I put kahuna
On top da main leada guys
Fo da Temple Dat Stay Spesho Fo Me,
So dey no can come inside fo pray.
An I tell dem dat I wen put kahuna
On top da Jacob ohana fo wipe dem out.
Erybody goin talk stink
Bout da Israel peopo.
God Pick Da Israel Peopo