(Rome 9:20, 14:11; Philippi 2:10-11)
451Dis one spesho message from Yahweh
Fo one guy he pick awready:
“Dis fo King Cyrus!
I take his right hand fo help him,
Cuz I goin make him win
Wen he go afta da peopo inside odda countries.
I goin take away da sword an sword belt
From da odda kings, so dey no can fight,.
Az how I goin open doors fo Cyrus go inside.
Even da big town gates no goin stay shut in front him!
2Goin be me dat go in front you,
Jalike I goin make da mountains come flat
So easy fo you go.
I goin broke down da bronze town gates.
I goin cut thru da iron bars.
3I goin give you all da rich kine stuffs
Dat dose nations keep inside dark place.
Da rich kine stuffs dat peopo hide
Inside one place wea nobody know.
Den you goin know dat I Yahweh,
Da God fo da Israel peopo.
I call you by yoa name fo come by me.
4An I get respeck fo my worka guy Jacob,
Da one I wen pick, an da Israel ohana.
So King Cyrus, az why I give you one big name
Cuz erybody goin know you,
No matta you donno who me.
5I Yahweh! No mo odda One.
No mo odda God, ony me.
I goin make you come strong, Cyrus,
Ready fo fight,
No matta you donno who me.
6An how come I stay do all dat?!
I do um so dat all ova da world,
From wea da sun come up
To wea da sun go down,
Peopo goin know dat no mo odda God.
I Yahweh. I da ony One.
7I make da light an da dark.
I make good kine stuff happen,
An I make bad kine stuff happen.
I Yahweh, da One dat stay do all dis kine stuff.

8I like eryting come right,
All ova da place,
Jalike da rain come down from da sky
All ova da place.
I like get peopo outa trouble
An same time, do plenny right kine tings,
Jalike da clouds send down da rain,
An da earth suck um up,
So dat plenny plants grow all ova da place.
I Yahweh,
An I make all dis happen!

9“Auwe! fo anybody dat make argue
Wit da One dat wen make dem!
Dey notting.
Dey jalike one piece from one broke pot,
An odda piece from broke pots
Dat get all ova da groun.
You tink da clay aks da guy dat make pots,
‘Wat you making, aah?!
Da stuff you make,
Look jalike you no mo hands!’
10Auwe! fo da guy dat aks his fadda guy,
‘Wat kine bebe you making?!’
Auwe! fo da guy dat aks da wahine,
‘Wat kine bebe you goin born?!’-”

11Dis one message from Yahweh,
Da Good An Spesho One fo da Israel peopo,
Da One wen make dem.
Dis wat he tell:
“Bout tings dat goin happen bumbye,
You tink you can aks me bout my kids?!
No way!
You tink you goin tell me how fo make
Da stuff I make?!
Not even!
12I da One wen make da world.
I wen make da peopo an put um on top dea.
Was me, wen stretch out da sky
Wit my own hands.
I tell eryting inside da sky wat fo do.
13Wen I make Cyrus do stuff,
Az da right ting fo me do.
I goin make um easy fo him do um.
He goin build my big town again.
He goin let my peopo dat was prisnas
Go back home.
But wen Cyrus go do all dat,
He no do um cuz I goin pay um fo dat,
Cuz I no goin pay um.
He no goin do um fo unda da table kine money,
Cuz I no goin give um dat.”
Dass wat Yahweh tell,
Da God Ova All Da Armies.
14Dis, anodda message from Yahweh:
Da stuff dey make inside Egypt an Sudan,
An da tall Yemen peopo,
Dey goin come ova yoa side,
An goin come yoa guys
Dey goin walk behind you
An come by you wit chains on top dea legs.
Dey goin go down in front you,
Dey goin beg you an tell,
‘Fo shua God stay wit you.
No mo odda one dass God.’

15“Fo shua, you one god dat hide yoaself.
You da God fo us Israel peopo.
Da One dat stay get us outa trouble.
16All da guys dat make idol kine gods,
Dey goin get plenny shame.
Dey goin all go way togedda,
An nobody goin get respeck fo dem.
17But you Israel peopo, you goin get outa trouble
Cuz you stay tight wit Yahweh.
An da way he get you outa trouble, goin be foeva!
You no goin get shame,
An nobody goin make you shame no moa, foeva!”

18Az cuz Yahweh get dis spesho message,
Da One dat wen make da sky,
Da One dass God fo real kine!
He da One wen plan an make da world.
He make um solid.
He neva make um so no mo notting dea.
He make um so peopo can live dea.
Dis wat Yahweh tell:
“Me, I Yahweh. No mo odda one like me!
19I no make secret kine wen I talk,
Jalike I stay some place
Inside one land wea no mo light.
I neva tell da peopo dat come from Jacob ohana,
“No matta you guys try fo find me,
Dat no goin mean notting fo you guys.”
I Yahweh! Wat I tell,
I tell um strait.

20“Come togedda, an come nea me,
All you prisna guys
From all da diffren countries.
Da peopo dat carry dea idol kine gods hea an dea wit dem,
Dat somebody wen make from wood,
Dey donno notting!
Dey pray to da kine gods
Dat no can get dem outa trouble.
21Eh, you guys dat pray to da wood kine gods!
Tell me how come you do dat.
Come ova hea by me
An talk togedda, wat you like tell me.
So! Who wen let peopo hear all dis
From befo time, long time ago?
Az was me, Yahweh, I da One wen tell.
Cuz no mo odda god dat stay fo real,
I da ony One!
I da God dat do right ting erytime,
An get peopo outa trouble.
No mo odda one who can do dat, ony me.
22“All you peopo from da mos far place all ova da world,
Turn aroun an come by me,
Fo me get you guys outa trouble,
Cuz I God. No mo odda god, ony me.
23I wen make one serious promise,
An I goin make shua da ting happen.
Wit my own mout I make dat promise
Cuz I do da right ting erytime,
An wat I tell, nobody can change um.
Erybody goin go down on top dea knees,
Fo show dey get respeck fo me.
Erybody goin make serious promise
An aks me fo make shua dey do um.
24Dey goin tell dis bout me,
‘Fo shua, ony one way fo do da right kine stuff,
Ony one way fo stay strong:
Gotta stay tight wit Yahweh!’
But erybody dat come huhu wit Yahweh
Dey gotta go by him,
An dey goin come plenny shame.
25But wen all da peopo
Dat come from oua ancesta Israel
Stay tight wit Yahweh,
Den dey goin get um right wit him.
An dey goin tell good stuff bout him.’-”