(Jesus Guys 13:47; Galatia 1:15; Efesus 6:17)
491You peopo inside da islands, lissen to me!
You peopo inside da far countries, lissen up too!
Befo I born,
Yahweh, he da One call me fo be his guy.
From da time I born, he tell peopo bout me
Cuz he know who me.
2He make da stuff I tell, jalike one sharp sword.
He wen hide me inside his hand wea nobody can see me.
He make me jalike one shiny arrow dat he make sharp,
An he hide me inside his arrow bag.
3Yahweh wen tell me, “You, da Guy Dat Work Fo Me,
Da Israel guy dass fo real.
From da tings you goin do,
I goin show erybody how awesome I stay.”

4But I tell, “All da hard work I wen do,
No mean notting!
I stay strong befo time,
But now, I stay all poho an wear out,
Fo notting!
But fo shua, Yahweh, he da judge fo tell
If az ony wase time, o not.
My God, he da One goin pay me.”

5So, now Yahweh tell me bout dis --
(He da One wen make me inside my mudda,
So I can work fo him.
Yahweh like fo me bring back
Da Jacob ohana an all da Israel ohanas
Fo come his guys again.
Yahweh get respeck fo me.
He my God, da One make me strong.)
6So now, dis wat Yahweh tell:
“But dass ony one small kine job,
Fo you bring back by me
Da ohanas dat come from Jacob,
An da ones from da Israel ohanas
Dat I wen take care.
Mo den dat, I goin make you
Jalike one light fo da peopo dat not Jews,
So you goin come da one
Dat goin get peopo all ova da world outa trouble fo me,
Even da peopo from da mos far places inside da world.”

7Dis, one nodda spesho message from Yahweh.
(He da One dat pay da price
Fo get da Israel peopo outa trouble.
He da Good An Spesho One fo da Israel peopo.)
Dis message, fo da one
Dat da peopo tink he no good inside,
Da one dat all ova da country,
Da peopo hate um,
Da one dey tink ony one slave
Dat work fo da leada guys.
Dis wat Yahweh tell dat Guy Dat Work Fo Him:
“Wen da king guys see you,
Dey goin stand up fo show you respeck!
Wen da prince guys see you,
Dey goin go down in front you
Fo show you respeck!
An all dat goin happen cuz a me, Yahweh.
I da One you can trus.
I da Spesho One fo da Israel peopo.
An I wen pick you!”
Yahweh Bring Back Da Israel Peopo
(Rome 14:11; 2 Corint 6:2)
8Dis, anodda message from Yahweh fo his worka guy:
“Wen da right time come,
I goin tell you wat you like know.
Wen da time come
Fo me get da peopo outa trouble,
I goin help you an take care you.
I goin make you da one
Fo show, da deal I get wit my peopo,
Az fo real.
I goin make da land so dey can use um again,
Da fields wea nobody work um long time,
I goin give um back to da ohanas dat own um.
9An I goin tell da prisona guys,
‘Come! Go outside!’
An I goin tell da peopo
Dat stay inside one dark place,
‘Go! You guys not prisonas no moa!’

“Jalike da sheeps an da goats,
Dey goin find dea food by da side a da road,
An on top da hills wea no mo tree.
10Dey no goin come hungry o thirsty.
Da hot an dry sun no goin burn dem.
Me, Yahweh, da One dat get love an aloha fo dem,
I goin give dem chance,
An show dem wea fo go,
An take dem wea get pukas fo watta.
11Jalike I goin make all my mountains
Come roads.
An all my big roads,
My peopo goin build um up
Mo high den da land da road go across.
12Look! Da peopo goin come from far place.
Some a dem come from da north,
Some from da west,
Some from da south side a Egypt.

13“Erybody inside da sky,
Yell cuz you stay feel good inside!
An you peopo all ova da world,
You stay feel good inside too!
Erybody inside da mountains,
Yell an sing!
Cuz Yahweh give good kine words
Weneva his peopo stay feel sore inside,
An he show love an pity
Fo da peopo dat stay suffa.”

14But da Mount Zion peopo, dey tell,
“Yahweh wen leave us!
Oua Boss foget bout us!”

15But Yahweh tell,
“Eh! You tink one mudda goin foget
Her bebe dat stay nurse?
You tink she no mo love an pity
Fo da kid she wen born?
No matta she foget,
Me, no way I goin foget you Jerusalem guys!
16Look! Jalike I wen write yoa name inside my hands.
Erytime time I look, I see da Jerusalem wall stay all bus up.
17Yoa guys goin come back real quick
Fo build um again,
An da guys dat wen broke down yoa wall
An wipe out yoa peopo,
Dey goin go way.
18Look aroun you!
All yoa guys stay come back togedda
Fo come by you.
An jalike I shua dat I alive,
I shua dose guys goin come back
An make Jerusalem town look good,
Jalike wen one lady put on her jewels
Wen she go get married!”
Dass da ting Yahweh tell.

19“No matta no mo notting Jerusalem side,
An da town stay all bus up,
An yoa land all mess up yet,
I stay shua, da town goin be too small
Fo all da peopo live dea.
An all da guys dat wen make you guys dea slave,
Dey goin go way, far place.
20An even mo den dat,
Da guys dat wen born ova dea,
Afta da Babylon guys take away oua peopo,
Bumbye you Jerusalem peopo goin hear dem,
Talking plenny to each odda.
Dey goin tell,
‘Dis place, no mo room fo all us guys!
Give us guys mo place fo live!’
21Den you Jerusalem peopo
Goin tink inside yoa heart,
‘Eh! Who wen give me all dese kids?!
Da Babylon guys wen take away my kids,
An I ol, an no can born kids no moa.
I was one prisna,
An dey throw me outa my house.
So! Who raise dese kids?
I was hea all alone.
So, wea dese guys come from?’-”

22Dis, anodda spesho message from Yahweh da Boss. He tell:
“Look! I goin put up my hand
To da peopo inside da odda countries,
An put up my flag
Fo all da diffren peopos know az time awready.
Den dey goin bring yoa small kids inside dea arm
An yoa girls on top dea shoulda.
23You Jerusalem guys,
You goin get king guys fo take care yoa kids
An be jalike dea hanai faddas,
An da ali`i wahines goin be
Jalike da muddas fo nurse yoa kids.
Dey all goin go down
Wit dea face on top da groun
Fo show respeck fo you Jerusalem guys,
Jalike dey eating da dirt on top yoa feet.
Den, you guys goin know dat I Yahweh.
Da peopo dat wait fo me, fo see wat I goin do,
No way dey goin come shame!”

24Wen one strong army guy go fight an go steal some stuff,
You tink, you can steal da same stuff from da army guy?!
No way you can!
One leada guy like take an make peopo his prisnas,
You tink he goin let um run away?!
Not even!
25But dis, da message from Yahweh:
“Fo shua, I goin let da prisna guys go
From da strong army guys dat wen catch um!
Da stuff dat da leada guys steal,
I goin get um back!
I da One goin fight da guys dat fight you guys.
I da One goin get yoa kids outa trouble.
26I goin make da guys dat give you guys hard time
Eat dea own peopo.
Dey goin come drunk
From drink dea own blood, jalike az was wine.
Den da peopo from all ova da world goin know
Dat I Yahweh, da One dat get you guys outa trouble.
I pay da price fo do dat.
I da Strong God, da One Jacob pray to.”
Da Worka Guy Do Wat Yahweh Tell Um