501Dis one spesho message from Yahweh:
“You guys tink yoa mudda get one paper
Dat I wen make
Fo tell dat I wen dump her an send her away?!
No mo da kine paper, cuz I neva do dat!
You tink I owe somebody money
An I sell you guys to dem fo pay dem,
An az why now you dea slave?!
I neva do dat too!
Fo shua, I wen sell you guys,
But ony cuz you wen do bad kine stuff!
I wen send away you guys mudda
But ony cuz you guys go agains me!
2Wen I come, how come no mo nobody stay hea?
Wen I call, how come nobody answa me?
You tink I no mo powa
Fo get you guys outa trouble, o wat?
Tink bout dis: I ony need fo tell da watta,
“Go! No stay!”
An I make da sea watta come dry,
An da rivers come one desert.
Dea fishes mahke,
An come stink, cuz no mo watta.
3I make da whole sky come dark
Jalike I stay put burmbag kine cloth all ova da sky,
Fo show da sky stay sore inside.”
Da Guy Dat Work Fo Yahweh
4Da Guy Dat Work Fo Yahweh tell:
“My Boss Yahweh,
He make me so I can talk
Jalike da peopo dat study plenny.
He make me know wat fo tell da tired guys
So dey come strong.
He wake me up ery day morning time
An make me lissen to him real good,
Jalike da peopo dat study plenny.
5My Boss Yahweh open my ear, so I can lissen good.
Me, I no go agains him,
An I no turn aroun an go da wrong way.
6Get guys dat wen wack my back wit whips,
An I let um hit me.
Get guys dat wen pull out my beard,
An I let um.
I no hide from da guys dat like make me shame
An spit on my face.
7My Boss Yahweh,
He da one help me.
Dass how come I no come shame from wat dey do.
Dass why I stick wit wat I goin do,
Jalike I get stone face.
I stay shua, dat I no goin come shame.
8Da One who goin show peopo dat I stay right,
He stay nea me.
Whoeva like point finga me,
I like fo him an me, stand togedda in front da judge!
Let him come in front me so he can tell me!
9Fo shua, my Boss Yahweh, he help me.
So, wat guy can show me
Dat I wen do someting bad
An I need punish?! No mo!
All dem guys dat stay agains me,
Dey poho, jalike da ol puka clotheses.
Da moth eat um up.”

10If one a you guys feel scared
Wen he go in front Yahweh,
An he lissen wat I tell,
Cuz I da Guy Dat Work Fo Yahweh,
Den, wen dat kine guy walk inside dark kine place
Wea no mo light,
He goin trus Yahweh,
Cuz he know wat kine God him,
An he goin let his God take care him.
11But, all you odda guys dat make fire
An put arrows dat can burn inside yoa arrow bag,
Go walk in da light from da fire you guys wen make
An da burning arrows you wen light.
Da ony ting you guys goin get from me,
Is dis: bumbye wen you guys lay down,
You goin suffa plenny!
God Get His Peopo Outa Trouble Foeva