God Tell Da Peopo Dat Need Help Fo Come
(Jesus Guys 13:34)
551Yahweh tell: “Hui! All you peopo dat need help, come!
I tell da peopo dat stay thirsty,
Come by me an I give you watta!
No matta you guys no can pay,
Come get wheat so you can eat!
Come, get wine an milk!
No matta you no can pay,
No goin cost you notting!
2How come you guys stay pay wit silva
Fo stuff dat you no can eat?
How come you guys stay work
Fo stuff dat no goin fill you up?
You guys gotta lissen to me!
Eat good kine stuff.
Den you goin stay real good inside
Cuz you stay eat all da good kine food!
3Come by me, an lissen real good!
Lissen, so dat you goin come alive inside.
I goin make one deal wit you guys
Dat goin stay foeva:
Wat I wen promise King David dat I goin do,
Dat I goin stay tight wit him foeva,
I goin do dat fo shua,
Cuz I do wat I promise fo do!
4Look! Da one I wen make da promise bout,
I let him tell all da diffren peopos wat I stay do,
An be dea leada guy, an give dem my Rules.
5An den, I tell dat guy,
‘You goin tell da nations fo come,
Dat you donno befo.
An da peopo in da odda countries
Dat donno you,
Dey goin run to you.
Az cuz I Yahweh, yoa God,
Da Good An Spesho One fo da Israel peopo,
Da One make you come awesome.’-”

6Go all out fo know Yahweh
Right now, wen he let you guys meet him.
Call him fo help you
Now, wen he stay nea.
7Fo da bad kine peopo,
Da ones dat stay make trouble,
Az good, dey leave da stuff
Dey do befo time,
An no tink bad kine stuff.
Mo betta, dey turn back to Yahweh,
Cuz he goin show pity fo dem.
Wen dey turn back to oua God,
He goin do plenny fo let dem go
Fo wat dey wen do befo time,
An hemo dea shame.

8Yahweh tell dis:
“Da way I tink, az not da way you guys tink.
Da way I do stuff, az not da way you guys do stuff.
9Jalike da sky stay mo high den da earth,
So, da way I do stuff, stay mo high
Den da way you guys do stuff.
An da way I tink, I tink mo betta
Den da way you guys tink.
10Da rain an da snow come down from da sky,
An befo dey go back up dea
Dey give all da watta da groun need
Fo make da plants come up.
Dass how da groun make seed
Fo da farma guys plant bumbye,
An get food fo da peopo eat.
11Dass jalike da tings I tell!
Wen dey go out from my mout,
Fo shua, dey goin come back by me
An goin change tings.
Da tings I tell, goin do wat I like um do,
An make happen
Wat I send fo make happen.”

12Bumbye, wen you guys leave fo come back ova hea,
You guys goin dance an sing.
God goin lead you guys out,
An eryting goin come good fo you.
Jalike da mountains an hills
Goin sing loud in front you guys,
An all da trees in da fields goin clap dea hands.
13Goin get pine tree
Wea befo time get ony thorn bush,
An flowa bush,
Wea befo time get ony thistle.
Dis goin come lidat
So erybody goin know wat kine God Yahweh.
Goin stay lidat foeva,
Jalike one sign dat nobody goin wipe out.