God Goin Get Odda Peopo Outa Trouble
(Matthew 21:13; Mark 11:17; Luke 19:36)
561Dis wat Yahweh tell:
“Make shua da judges fo you guys
Stay judge da peopo da right way.
All you guys, do da right ting erytime.
Cuz litto bit mo time now, I goin get you guys outa trouble,
Fo show erybody dat I do da right ting erytime.
2Whoeva stay do da right ting erytime,
An whoeva make strong fo stay lidat,
Dey can feel good inside.
Same ting, fo whoeva make da Res Day spesho fo me,
An no broke um,
An whoeva make shua fo no do notting bad kine,
All dem can feel good inside too.

3“Even one guy dass not one Jew,
But he come tight wit Yahweh,
He betta not tell, ‘Fo shua,
Yahweh no goin let me be one a his peopo.’
An one guy dat no can make kids,
He betta not tell, ‘You know,
I no can be Yahweh's guy,
Cuz I jalike one dry up tree
Dat no can get fruit.’-”

4Cuz dis, wat Yahweh tell he goin do
Fo da guys dat no can make kids,
But still yet dey show respeck fo da Res Day
Cuz dey my guys,
An dey do wat I like um fo do,
Cuz dass wat dey pick fo do,
An dey stick wit da same deal
Dat I wen make wit my peopo.
5Fo dose guys dat no can make kids
But stay tight wit me,
I goin give dem someting
Mo betta den get boys an girls.
I goin make dem come jalike az my ohana,
An give dem one spesho place inside my house.
Peopo goin rememba dea name foeva,
An nobody goin foget dea name eva.
6Same ting fo da peopo dat not one Jew,
But dey come tight wit me, Yahweh,
Fo be my helpa guys,
An get love an aloha fo me
Cuz dey know wat kine God me,
An come my worka guys.
All da ones dat make da Res Day spesho fo me,
An no broke da Rules fo da Res Day,
An dat stick wit da same deal
Dat I wen make wit my peopo,
7Dey da peopo I goin bring Jerusalem side,
To da mountain dat stay spesho fo me.
I goin make dem feel real good inside
Wen dey come inside my house fo pray.
Wen dey make burn up kine sacrifice on top my altar,
An odda kine sacrifices dey make dea,
Dat goin make me feel real good.
Cuz peopo goin call my house
‘Da house wea all diffren peopos go fo pray.’-”
8Dass wat Yahweh da Boss tell!
He goin bring togedda
Da Israel peopo dat stay all ova da place,
Cuz odda peopo wen throw um outa dea land.
He tell, “I still yet goin bring mo odda peopo
Fo come togedda wit dem.”
God Poin Finga Da Bad Kine Guys
9Yahweh tell: “Eh, all you wild animals
From my boonies!
Come an eat stuff,
Even all you wild animals
From da place wea get plenny trees!

10Da guys dat stay lead my peopo,
Dey all suppose to be watcha guys,
But dey no can see, jalike dey blind.
All a dem, dey donno notting.
Dey jalike dogs dat no can bark.
Dey ony lay down dea an dream.
Dey ony like sleep, fo shua.
11Da leada guys, dey jalike greedy dogs
Dat no get nuff fo eat!
But same time, dey da ones
Dat suppose to take care da peopo
Jalike da guys dat take care da sheeps,
But dey no undastan notting!
Ery one a dem turn away
An go any place dey like.
Dey ony tink bout get eryting fo demself.
12Ery one a dem tell each odda,
“Come on, you guys!
I like get some wine!
Us go get drunk wit beer!
An tomorra, same ting jalike today,
O even mo betta!”