God An His Peopo Stay Awesome
601Yahweh tell: “You Jerusalem peopo,
Stand up! Shine jalike one light!
Cuz now, you get light from me, Yahweh.
I stay awesome,
An I jalike da bright light
Dat make you peopo come awesome too,
Jalike wen da sun come up an make light fo you.
2Look! All ova da world, stay dark,
Jalike da dark cloud stay cova all da diffren peopos.
But Me, Yahweh, I da One bring da light fo you guys.
Wen peopo see how awesome you guys stay,
Dey goin know az me, God, make you awesome lidat.
3Da peopos from plenny country
Goin come by you guys fo see da light you get.
King guys goin come fo see da light too,
Cuz stay bright,
Jalike da sun come up fo you.

4“Look up! Look all aroun you guys.
See all da peopo come togedda an come by you guys.
Yoa boys come from far away.
Peopo bring back yoa girls too.
5Wen you guys see all dat,
You goin smile plenny!
You goin stay shaking cuz you feel real good inside,
An yoa heart goin beat mo fast.
All da kine stuffs da trader guys bring
From da odda side da ocean,
Goin go fo you, an not fo odda peopo.
An rich kine stuffs goin come fo you guys
From all da diffren peopos.
6Goin get real plenny camels all ova yoa land.
Young camels from da Midian an Efah peopos,
Dey all goin come from Yemen
An bring gold an incense,
Fo tell erybody dat Yahweh stay good.
7All da sheeps from Kedar goin come togedda fo you guys.
Da goats from Nebaiot goin be wat you guys need
Fo make good kine sacrifice on top my altar.
An I goin make my awesome temple mo nice still yet.

8“Wat dese tings dat look like dey fly jalike da clouds?
Jalike da doves dat stay fly to da puka in dea house?
9Dey big boats wit sail,
Cuz me, Yahweh, I da One
Da peopo in da far islands stay wait fo.
Da big boats from Spain come firs
Fo bring yoa boys from far [away / place]
Wit da silva an gold dey get.
Dey come, cuz dey know
Wat kine god me, yoa God Yahweh,
Da Good An Spesho God fo da Israel peopo,
An I da One make you guys awesome.

10“Peopo from odda place goin come fix yoa town walls.
Dea kings goin help you guys too.
Befo time, I wen stay huhu with you guys
An wack you guys,
But now, I like do good tings fo you guys
An show you pity an love.
11Yoa town gates goin stay open all da time.
Day time o nite time, dey no goin stay shut um
So peopo can bring rich kine stuffs fo you guys
From all da diffren peopos, thru da gates.
Wen dea king guys come by yoa town,
You guys goin make parade fo bring um inside.
12Cuz da king o country dat no help you guys,
Da peopo goin mahke
An da country goin get wipe out.

13“All da awesome stuff from Lebanon side
Goin come by you guys.
Wood from da tall pine tree,
Da short pine tree, da cypress tree,
All dis goin make
Da place dat stay spesho fo me, awesome.
14Get peopo befo time
Dat wen make any kine to you guys,
Dea kids goin come by you guys
An go down in front you guys.
Erybody dat wen ack like dey tink you no good,
Dey goin go down on top da groun by yoa feets.
Dey goin call yoa town, ‘Yahweh's Town,
Zion Town,
Da Town Fo Da One
Dat Stay Good An Spesho fo da Israel peopo.’

15“Befo time, peopo wen go way from you guys,
An hate you guys,
An nobody go pass thru yoa land.
But now, I goin make you guys come
Da ones dat erybody tell, ‘You da greates!’
An dey goin stay feel good inside
Bout you guys foeva.
16Da peopo from odda countries an dea king guys
Goin make you guys come strong,
Jalike one mudda nurse her bebe
Fo make um come strong.
An you guys goin know dat me, Yahweh,
I da One dat get you guys outa trouble.
I da One dat pay da price
So you guys no come slaves no moa.
I da Strong One fo da Jacob peopo.
17I goin bring you guys gold an not bronze.
I goin bring you guys silva an not iron.
I goin bring you guys bronze an not wood.
I goin bring you guys iron an not stones.
Eryting goin come good fo you guys,
An dass da kine govmen I goin give you.
Peopo goin do wass right erytime,
An dass wat goin make you guys like do yoa work.
18No goin get noise inside yoa land no moa
From peopo hurting each odda.
Nobody goin wipe out stuff
O broke up stuff inside yoa land.
But wen you guys build one town wall,
You goin give um da name
‘God get us outa trouble.’
An wen you guys put up one town gate,
You goin give um da name
‘Yahweh stay good.’
19You guys no goin get da sun fo light day time.
Da moon no goin shine fo make um bright fo you guys.
Me, Yahweh, I goin be da light fo you guys foeva.
I yoa God, an I goin make awesome kine fo you guys.
20Da sun no goin go down fo you guys no moa.
Da moon no goin go dark fo you guys no moa.
Me, Yahweh, I goin come da light fo you guys foeva.
An you guys no goin come sad no moa.

21“Dat time, all yoa peopo goin do da right tings.
Dey goin own da land foeva,
Jalike I plant one young plant
An put um dea.
I do all dat myself
So peopo goin see dat I awesome.
22Da mos litto bit peopo goin come tousand peopo.
Da mos small ohana goin come one strong country.
Me, I Yahweh!
Wen da right time come,
I goin make um happen, right den!”