Da Year Yahweh Make Good To Da Peopo
(Matthew 11:5; Luke 4:18-19, 7:22)
611Da Spirit from my Boss Yahweh stay in charge me,
Cuz Yahweh wen put oil on top my head
Fo show he wen pick me.
He send me fo tell good kine stuff
To da peopo dat odda peopo tink not importan,
An fo help da peopo dat feel all bum out
So dey can feel good inside one mo time,
Fo tell da ones da army guys wen take to dea own country,
Dey can go home now,
An fo tell all da prisona guys,
Da jail stay open now, so dey can go.
2Fo tell, “Dis, da year Yahweh goin make good to his peopo,
An dis da time oua God goin pay back da bad guys.”
He send me fo give good kine words
To erybody dat stay sore inside.
3Yahweh send me fo help da peopo Mount Zion side
Dat stay sore inside.
He tell me fo give dem
One nice head lei fo put on top dea head,
An take away da ashes.
An make dem stay feel good inside wit perfume
So dey no stay sore inside no moa.
He send me fo give um one nice robe fo wear
Dat make erybody like tell, “Yahweh da greates!”
So dea spirit no feel like dey lose fight no moa.
Dey goin show dat Yahweh make dem come right wit him,
Jalike dey strong oak trees dat Yahweh plant
Fo show how awesome he stay.
4Dey goin build da ol broke down buildings again
An make um come jalike dey new.
Dey goin build da broke down towns an make um new,
No matta dey stay broke from dea ancesta guys time. \
5Peopo you donno goin come
Help take care yoa sheeps,
An peopo from odda place
Goin be da farma guys
Inside yoa fields an grape farms.
6But you guys, peopo goin call you
“Prieses fo Yahweh.”
Dey goin call you guys
“Helpa guys fo our God.”
You guys goin get plenny food
From da odda countries,
An talk big cuz da awesome tings dey get,
You goin get too.
7Befo time, you guys feel shame.
Bumbye, you goin get two time da stuffs you get befo time.
Befo time, nobody respeck you guys.
Bumbye, yoa peopo goin yell cuz dey feel good inside.
So, yoa peopo goin own two time da land,
An dey goin dance an sing foeva
Cuz dey feel good inside.

8Cuz me, Yahweh, I [stay / feel] good inside
Wen peopo judge da right way.
Wen peopo steal stuff cuz dey bad,
I no like dat.
Dey can trus me fo do wat I say I goin do.
I goin give dem wat dey wen work fo,
An make one deal wit dem dat stay foeva.
9Da peopos in da diffren countries
Goin know who da ones dat come from my peopo.
Erybody dat see dem goin tell
Dat dey da ohana
Dat Yahweh do good tings fo dem.

10I stay feel plenny good inside cuz a Yahweh.
Eryting inside me feel good cuz a my God.
Cuz jalike he give me clotheses fo wear
Dat show he da One get me outa trouble,
An jalike he give me one nice robe
Fo show I get um right wit him.
I feel jalike one guy dat goin get married
An wear one fancy hat jalike da pries guys,
An I feel jalike da lady dat goin marry too,
An wear all kine jewel!
11Cuz jalike da groun make da plants come up,
An da garden make da seeds grow,
Dass how my Boss Yahweh
Goin make peopo get um right wit him
An tell good tings bout him
In front da peopos from all da diffren countries!