Daniel Get One Dream Bout One Boy Sheep An One Goat
81Me, Daniel, I like tell you anodda story. Da year numba three wen Belshazzar stay king fo Babylon, God let me see someting jalike one dream, afta da odda dream dat I wen see da firs time. 2Inside da dream, I see me Daniel jalike stay da Elam districk, inside da part a Susa town dat get strong walls. I stay standing by da side a da Ulai Canal. 3I look up, an dea in front me get one boy kine sheep wit two horn. He stay standing by da side a da canal. His two horn, real long. One a da horns grow mo long den da odda, but da mo long one start fo grow afta da odda one start fo grow. 4I see da sheep smash eryting wit his horns, west side, north side, an south side. No mo no odda animal can stand in front him. No mo mo animal can run away from him. He do wateva he like, an he get mo an mo plenny powa.
5“Wen I stay tink bout dis, right den an dea one boy kine goat wit one big horn an you no can miss him, in da middle a da two eyes, come from da wes side. He run aroun da whole earth, real fas kine jalike he no touch da groun. 6Da goat come by da sheep wit da two horn dat stay standing by da side a da canal, an run strait fo um. He stay real strong cuz he stay real huhu. 7I see da goat go afta da sheep, an he come mo an mo mad. He hit da sheep an smash da two horn. Da sheep, not strong nuff fo do anyting. Da goat throw um down on top da groun, an poun his feet all ova um. An no mo notting can stop da goat fo make lidat to da boy kine sheep. 8Da goat come mo strong still yet. An wen he come mo strong lidis, somebody broke off da big horn. Den on top dat place, four horns grow up to da four winds inside da sky.
9From one a da four horns, one nodda horn goin grow up, dat start small, but come mo strong. He grow to da south an da east, an to da Nice Looking Land. 10Da new horn grow, an reach all da way up to wea can beef da army inside da sky. Den da horn throw down some a da sky army an some a da stars on top da earth, an poun his feet on top um. 11Da horn make himself come big, fo come same jalike da leada fo da army inside da sky. He no let da peopo make sacrifice fo ery day. He bus up da Temple dat stay spesho fo God. 12Dat horn get one army fo do bad kine stuff an fo stop da sacrifice dat da pries guys suppose to make ery day. Da army guys throw out da true kine religion. Eryting go good fo da horn.
13Den I hear two angel guys talking, dat stay spesho fo God. One a dem tell, “How long goin be till all da stuff in da dream happen? bout da sacrifice da prieses suppose to make ery day? an bout da peopo going agains God an making erybody come bum out an bag from da Temple? an giving up da Temple dat stay spesho fo God? an bout da army pounding dea feet all ova eryting?” 14Da odda angel guy tell, “Goin be 2300 sacrifice times, nite time an morning time, dat dey no can make da sacrifice. Den afta dat dey goin make da Temple come spesho fo God again.”
Wat Da Dream Mean
15Me, Daniel, I still stay looking at dis ting, dass jalike one dream. I still try fo figga wass up. An right den an dea, somebody stand in front me dat look jalike one guy. 16An I hear somebody call from da Ulai Canal, “Gabriel, help dis guy figga wat da stuff he see, mean.”
17Gabriel come near da place wea I stay standing. I come real scared, an I fall down on top da groun in front him. He tell, “You one guy dass fo real, an you gotta undastan, dat dis dream tell bout da end a da world.”
18Wen he stay talk to me, I go sleep, wit my face on top da groun. Den he touch me, an make me stand up.
19He tell, “I goin make you undastanwass goin happen bumbye, wen God show dat he stay real huhu an no take wat peopo do. Cuz God know awready, da time da world end. 20Da boy kine sheep wit da two horn dat you wen see, dass jalike da king guys fo da Mede an Persia guys. 21Da hairy goat, dass da king guy fo Greece. Da big horn in da middle a his two eyes, dass dea firs king. 22Da four horns dat come up wen da firs horn broke off, dass da four king kine lines dat goin take ova afta da firs one, but dey no mo da same kine power jalike da firs one.
23“Wen dose king lines almos pau, an da peopo dat go agains God do all da bad kine tings dey can do, one king wit one scary kine face, dat know how fo plan fo trick peopo, goin take ova. 24He goin come real strong, but not wit his own powa. He goin wipe out plenny, so erybody's jaws goin drop. Wateva he do, goin come out good fo him. He goin wipe out da real strong guys an da peopo dat stay spesho fo God. 25He goin use his powa, an da way he know how fo bulai peopo, so da scamma guys win. He goin tink he mo betta den erybody. Wen peopo tink eryting stay okay, he goin wipe out plenny a dem. An he even goin go agains da King ova all da king guys. But goin get somebody dat goin smash him, an whoeva do dat no goin be one guy.
26“Da ting I wen see, bout da sacrifices fo nite time an morning time -- wat you wen hear, az goin happen fo shua! But put seal on top wat I wen write so goin stay secret, cuz goin be long time befo all dis stuff happen.”
27Me, Daniel, afta I see all dis, I wen come weak, an stay sick fo days. Den I get up an do my job fo da king. I stay bum out cuz a da dream. I no can figga um out.