God Goin Wipe Out Da Israel Peopo
(Amos 3:3-4:3, 7:1-8:3)
Da Grasshoppas
71Den Amos say: “One time, dis wat my boss Yahweh wen show me. Was jalike one dream. God, he stay getting togedda uku paila grasshoppa, same time! Was da time afta da peopo cut da grass fo da king horses, an stay plant new grass. Da small grass, jus starting fo come up. 2I stay tinking, ‘Wat goin happen wen dem grasshoppas eat up da green plants all ova da land?’
“Den I tell God, ‘Auwe, God! Yeah, you da Boss! But I stay aks you, please hemo our shame fo da bad kine stuff we stay do, an let us go. Cuz if you no like let us go, no way us Israel peopo goin stay alive. Our ohana, no mo powa, you know!’
3“So Yahweh, he change his mind bout da grasshoppas. He say, ‘Da ting you see now, no goin happen.’-”
Da Fire
4“One nodda time, dis wat my boss Yahweh wen show me. Was jalike one dream. An you know wat? My boss Yahweh was making ready fo punish da peopo wit fire, da kine fire dat can even dry up da big watta. Now, dat fire stay ready fo burn up all da fields too!
5“Den I tell God, ‘Eh Yahweh! You da boss fo me! But I stay aks you, please, yeah, no make da fire? How us Israel peopo goin stay alive? Us no mo powa, you know!’
6“So my boss Yahweh, he change his mind bout da fire. He say, ‘Jalike da first time, wat you see, no goin happen.’-”
Da String Fo Check Out Da Wall
7“Anodda time, dis wat Yahweh wen show me. Was jalike one dream. I see my boss. He stay standing dea nex to one wall. He stay pull one string fo check out da wall an make shua he stay strait. 8Yahweh wen aks me, ‘Eh Amos! Wat you see?’
“I tell um, ‘One string jalike da house builda guy pull fo check out if da wall stay strait.’
“My boss say, ‘I tell you dis: My peopo, da Israel peopo, dey no stay strait inside! I wen check dem out awready, jalike da house builda guy pull da string fo check out da wall. Dis time, cuz a da bad kine stuff dey stay do, no way I goin let dem go one mo time.’
9“Yahweh wen say dis too:
‘Da places on top da hills wea da Isaac ohana peopo go
Fo make sex an den pray,
I goin broke um down.
Da places da Israel peopo build fo be spesho fo me,
Goin come one rock pile.
Da peopo from da King Jeroboam ohana,
I goin send army guys fo go afta dem wit swords!’-”
Bad Tings Goin Happen
10One time, had one a da main pries guys dat live Bethel side, name Amaziah. He wen send somebody by Jeroboam, da king fo da Israel peopo, fo tell um dis: “Amos, he live right hea wit us Israel peopo, but he making plan fo throw you out. Eh! Da tings dis guy stay tell, no good fo da peopo inside our land fo hear! 11Dis Amos guy, dis wat he stay tell peopo: ‘King Jeroboam, somebody goin kill him wit sword, an fo shua, dose peopo goin take all da Israel peopo far away from dea land.’-” Dass wat Amaziah tell Jeroboam.
12Amaziah wen go talk to Amos too. He tell Amos: “Eh, talka fo God! Good you run away from hea. Go back Judah side. Be one talka fo God ova dea, an let da peopo dea pay you fo talk fo God. 13But no stay talk mo fo God ova hea, Bethel side, cuz dis da spesho place wea King Jeroboam come fo pray, an get our National Temple ova hea.”
14Amos, he tell Amaziah: “You know, I not one regula kine talka fo God. I not one a da guys talk fo God fo get money. I jus one guy dat take care da sheeps, an take care da sycamore kine fig trees too. 15Was Yahweh dat wen tell me fo leave da sheeps. Was Yahweh dat wen tell me, ‘Go! Talk fo me. Tell my peopo, da Israel peopo, wat I say.’
16“Eh Amaziah! Now, you gotta lissen to wat Yahweh say. You tell me, ‘No talk fo God about da Israel ohana! No stay teach agains da Isaac ohana!’ 17But cuz you talking lidat, dis wat Yahweh say:
‘Yoa wife, she goin come one wahine
Dat fool aroun fo money, right hea inside yoa home town.
Yoa boys an yoa girls, da army guys goin kill dem wit da swords.
Yoa land, da army guys goin measure um fo broke um up an sell um.
An you, you goin mahke one nodda land wea nobody know God,
Cuz da army guys goin drag you Israel peopo away from yoa own land.’-”