Jonah Go Do Wat Da Boss Tell Um
31One mo time Yahweh talk to Jonah. He tell Jonah dis: 2“No wait! Go Nineveh town, da main town Assyria side. Tell da peopo ova dea all da tings I stay telling you now.” 3So Jonah, right den an dea he wen go Nineveh, jalike Yahweh wen tell um fo do.
Niniveh, dass one mangus town, you know. Need three days fo walk all ova da town. 4Wen Jonah get dea, he start fo go hea an dea inside da town. He walk fo one whole day. He talk so erybody can hear: “Ony get forty days mo from now, God goin wipe out Nineveh town!”
5Da Nineveh peopo, dey believe wat God wen say. Dey tell everybody, “Auwe! All us guys betta no eat food so we can pray!” Da importan peopo an da regula kine peopo, everybody wen put on burm bag kine clotheses fo show dey stay sorry inside.
6Den da king fo Nineveh, he wen hear bout wat Jonah stay tell too. He stand up from his throne, take off his fancy king kine robe, an put on burm bag kine clotheses an go sit down on top da ashes, fo show he stay sorry inside. 7Da king wen send guys all ova Nineveh town fo tell da peopo fo come togedda. Den he tell everybody: “Da king an da ali`i guys, we all say dis: Nobody eat notting now -- da peopo an all da animals, da cows, da sheeps, everybody gotta no eat food so we can pray! Da animals no can eat grass o drink watta. 8Erybody gotta put on burm bag kine clotheses, all da peopo an da animals, fo show dey stay sorry inside, same same. Erybody gotta go all out fo yell fo help to God. Erybody gotta pau do bad kine tings! Erybody gotta stop hurting odda peopo! 9Nobody know if God goin change his mind bumbye. He no take da kine tings us guys stay doing, but maybe he goin show pity an change his mind so us guys no goin wipe out bumbye!”
10God, wen he see wat dey stay doing, an see dat dey wen change how dey ack an pau do bad kine tings, he wen change his mind bout doing bad tings to dem, da way he wen say befo time dat he was goin do. Cuz a dat, he neva do notting bad to dem.