Bodda Jonah Cuz Da Peopo Come Sorry
41Wen bodda Jonah plenny, cuz God wen change his mind. Jonah wen come real huhu wit God cuz a dat. 2Jonah wen pray to Yahweh lidis: “Auwe, Yahweh! You know, all dis wen happen jalike I wen say wen I wen stay my own country! Dass why quick I wen run away fo go Tarshish side, you know. I know dat you da kine God dat like do good tings fo peopo an show pity fo dem. Take long time befo you come huhu. You stay tight wit yoa peopo long time an give um chance. Dass why you change yoa mind an no punish da bad kine stuff peopo do. 3You, you Yahweh! Kill me now, cuz mo betta I mahke den stay alive!”
4But Yahweh tell Jonah, “So? You tink dass good fo you, fo stay huhu cuz da Nineveh peopo wen come sorry fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do, o wat?”
God Take Care Jonah
5So, afta Jonah tell da Nineveh peopo wat God tell him, Jonah go outside Nineveh town, an he stay ova dea da east side. He wen build one shack ova dea, so he get shade an wait fo find out wat goin happen wit da peopo inside da town. 6God Yahweh, he wen make one tall plant come up dea an make leaf go all ova Jonah's head fo make shade, so make um not too bad fo Jonah. An he stay plenny good inside cuz a da plant. 7But da nex day, wen still yet litto bit dark jus befo da sun come up, God wen make one army worm go up da plant. Da army worm wen go afta da bush an make um come all poho. 8Den, wen da sun come hot, God wen make one hot wind come from da east side. Da sun wen shine real strong on top Jonah's head, an he litto mo pass out. Jonah wen tell God, “Why you no jus let me mahke?! Mo betta fo me mahke den stay alive!”
9God, he tell Jonah, “So! You tink dass good you stay huhu cuz da plant gone awrede?!”
Jonah tell um, “Yeah! Good ting dat I stay so huhu dat I like mahke!”
God Show Pity
10But Yahweh wen tell Jonah: “Kay den. One nite dat plant wen come up, an anodda nite, da plant wen come poho. You, you neva work notting fo make da plant come up, an you neva do notting fo make um grow. Still yet, you neva like see notting bad happen to dat plant, yeah?
11“So now, tink bout me. You tink dass good, o no good, cuz I no like see notting bad happen to all da peopo inside dat big town Nineveh?! Get mo den hundred twenny tousan peopo inside dea, you know, plus all dea animals. An da peopo dea, dey donno notting bout wass right an wass wrong, jalike dey donno wass dea right hand an wass dea left hand! An den!”