Talk Fo God
Yahweh Tell Malakai Talk Fo Him
11Lissen! Dis wat Yahweh Up Dea Inside Da Sky tell. He tell dat me, Malakai, I da messenja guy dat suppose to tell da Israel peopo bout Yahweh.
Yahweh Get Love An Aloha Fo Da Israel Peopo
(Rome 9:13)
2Yahweh say dis to you guys: “I get love an aloha fo you guys.”
But you guys tell God, “Eh! How you can tell, you get love an aloha fo us guys?!”
Dis wat Yahweh tell: “You know Jacob, yoa ancesta? He get one brudda Esau, aah? But da peopo dat come from Jacob, dass da Israel peopo I get love an aloha fo! 3But da Esau peopo, I hate dem. I make dea mountains all bus up so nobody can live dea. I make dea land come one place fo ony da wild dogs live.
4“Da Esau peopo dat live inside da Edom land, tell: ‘Us guys stay all bus up, but we goin come back an build eryting dat wen get smash!’
“But me, Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies, I tell: Wateva dey goin build, I goin bus um up. Wen odda peopos talk bout dem, dey goin call da Esau land ‘da land wea peopo dat do bad kine stuff stay,’ an ‘dat Yahweh stay put kahuna on top dem, foeva’ 5An you Israel peopo goin see all dat happen wit yoa own eyes, an you goin say, ‘Eh! Yahweh get plenny mo powa den jus inside da Israel land!’-” An Yahweh tell, “Dass how I show I love you guys.”
Da Pries Guys, Dey Suppose To Respeck Yahweh
6Yahweh tell, “Eh, you pries guys dat talk stink bout me! Da kids, dey suppose to get respeck fo dea fadda guys, yeah? An da worka guys, dey suppose to get respeck fo dea boss guys. So den! I da fadda fo you guys, but you guys no mo respeck fo me. I da boss fo you guys, but you no scared fo no do wat I tell you. I Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies, an dass wat I telling you guys.”
But you pries guys tell, “Tell us, how us guys talk stink bout you?!”
7Yahweh tell: “You bring pilau kine food, erytime you bring food by da altar fo make sacrifice fo me. Same time, you guys aks me, ‘How we make pilau kine to you?’ I tell you how you make pilau kine to me. You talk like az okay fo make any kine sacrifice fo me, Yahweh. 8You make sacrifice wit da kine animal dat no can see. You tink az okay! You bring animals dat no can walk o dat stay sick, an you tink az right. You know you no can bring dat kine animal fo make gif fo da govna guy! You tink he goin stay good inside if you do dat?! You tink he goin like lissen to you?! No way! But no foget, I Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies dat telling you dis! 9But now, beg me fo make good to you guys, an maybe I give you guys chance, no matta you bring dat pilau kine sacrifice! How come you tinking, ‘Maybe Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies, goin do good kine tings fo us guys,’ aah?! 10Mo betta one a you guys shut da doors fo da sacrifice place. Den you no can go inside fo make da fire on top da altar, fo make one sacrifice fo me dat ony wase time. All da stuff you guys do, dat no make me feel good inside notting. Dass me dat say dis, Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies. No way I goin take da gifs you guys bring!
11“All ova, from wea da sun come up to wea da sun go down, all da peopos know my name importan. Dey bring stuff fo make sacrifice cuz dey know wat kine God me, an dey bring da kine gifs dat no mo notting wrong wit dem. Dass cuz da diffren peopos dat know who me, dey know I importan.” Dass wat Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies say.
12But I tell, you pries guys, you da one make my Boss altar pilau wea you stay eat togedda wit him. Da tings you guys tell, dass wat make um pilau. You guys make erybody tink, da food on top dat altar, no good.
13Yahweh, da God Ova All Da Armies, tell: “You guys tink, ‘Eh! Too much, dis!’ You guys ack jalike da sacrifices stink! Den you go bring da kine animals dat da wild animals rip up, an give um to me fo one sacrifice. Da kine no can walk, an sick. You tink I goin take um an stay good inside cuz you make lidat? I no tink so!” Dass wat Yahweh say.
14But I tell, one guy make one promise fo make one sacrifice to my Boss befo time. Da guy get one good sheep, boy kine, fo make da sacrifice. But da guy tink he can bulai God, so he ony bring one no good kine sheep fo my Boss. But you know wat? Yahweh goin put kahuna on top dat guy! Cuz Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies, tell: “I da big king. So wen all da diffren peopos find out wat kine God me, dey goin get real scared.”