Da Grape Farm Worka Guys
201“I like tell you guys one story bout how stay wen God in da sky stay King. Dass jalike one boss guy dat own one grape farm. Da first ting in da morning da owna go out fo look fo guys dat like work fo him on top his grape farm. 2He find some guys who say, ‘Yeah, we work fo you fo one day fo one silva denarius coin.’
He tell um, ‘Kay den, go inside my grape farm an work.’
3“Den he wen go out bout nine clock in da morning. He spock odda guys standing aroun inside da open market, an ony do notting. 4He tell um, ‘Go work inside my grape farm too, an I pay you guys wateva stay right.’ So dey wen go. 5Den he go out bout noon time an again bout three clock, an do da same ting.
6“Bout five clock he go out one mo time, an spock odda guys standing aroun, doing notting. He tell um, ‘How come you guys stay hea all day an ony do notting?’
7“Dey wen say, ‘Cuz nobody like give us job.’ An he tell um, ‘Den you guys go work inside my grape farm too.’
8“Wen da sun wen go down, da grape farm owna guy tell da luna, ‘Tell da worka guys fo come, an pay um dea money. Start wit da last guys, all da way to da first guys.’ 9So da guys come first who wen start bout five clock, an da luna pay each guy one silva denarius coin. 10Wen da first guys dat start early come, dey wen tink dey goin get mo money. But each guy wen get one silva denarius coin too.
11“Wen dey get dea pay, dey start fo grumble to da boss owna guy. 12Dey say, ‘Eh, dis not right! Da last guys wen work ony fo one hour, but den you give dem da same pay, jalike you give us. We wen work hard all day, even inside da hot sun!’
13“But he tell one guy, ‘Eh my friend, I not cheating you. You wen say you goin work fo one day fo one silva denarius coin, yeah? 14Kay den, take wat you wen work fo, an go home. I like give da last guys da same pay I wen give you. 15I can do wat I like wit my own money, you know. You jealous cuz I good to dem, o wat?’-”
16Den Jesus tell, “Da guys who come last, goin come first, an da guys who come first, goin come last.”
One Mo Time Jesus Tell He Goin Mahke
(Mark 10:32-34; Luke 18:31-34)
17Wen Jesus dem was going Jerusalem town, he wen take his twelve guys by da side a da road by demself, an tell um, 18“Eh, lissen, we going Jerusalem. I da Guy Dass fo Real, you know. One guy goin turn me ova to da main pries guys an da teachas who teach God's Rules. Den dey goin say I gotta mahke. 19Dey goin turn me ova to da guys dat not Jews. Dey goin play any kine stuff on me, whip me, an den kill me on top one cross. Day numba three afta I mahke, God goin make me come back alive.”
One Mudda Aks Jesus Fo Do Someting Fo Her Boys
(Mark 10:35-45)
20Den Zebedee boys an dea mudda wen come by Jesus. She go down in front him, cuz she like aks him fo do someting fo her.
21He tell her, “Wat you like?”
She tell him, “Bumbye wen you come King, try let my two boys sit by you, one by yoa right side, an one by yoa left side.”
22Jesus say, “You donno wat you aksing fo. You tink you guys can suffa jalike I goin suffa?”
Dey say, “Yeah, we can handle.”
23He tell um, “Fo shua you guys goin suffa jalike me. But fo sit by my right side an by my left side bumbye wen I come King, dass not mines fo say. My Fadda, he da One who can say dat, an he awready stay make da spesho places ready fo da guys dat suppose to sit ova dea.”
24Wen da odda ten guys hear dat, dey come all huhu wit da two bruddas. 25But Jesus say, “Eh, all you guys! Come ova hea an lissen! You know, da leadas fo da peopos dat donno God, dey get any kine power ova dem. Dea main guys get da rights fo tell dem wat fo do. 26But you guys, no goin be lidat wit you. Wit you guys, whoeva like be da leada, he gotta take care you guys. 27Wit you guys, whoeva like be numba one, he gotta do wat you guys tell him. 28I da Guy Dass Fo Real. I neva come so peopo can take care me. I wen come fo take care dem. I wen come fo give up my life an mahke, fo cut loose plenny peopo from da power dat da bad kine stuff get ova dem.”
Jesus Make Two Guys Dat No Can See, Come Good
(Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43)
29Lata, Jesus dem wen go away from Jericho town, an plenny peopo wen go wit dem. 30An you know wat? Get two blind guys sitting by da road side. Dey hear dat Jesus going by dem. So dey yell, “Eh, Boss! You da guy dat suppose to show up from King David ohana! Try pity us!” 31Had choke peopo ova dea dat wen scold dem an tell um fo shut dea mout. But dey wen yell even mo loud, “Eh, Boss, you da guy from King David ohana! Try pity us!”
32Jesus stop an tell um, “Come ova hea! Wat you guys like me do fo you?” 33Dey say, “Boss! We like see!” 34Jesus wen feel pity fo dem down deep inside, an he wen touch dea eyes. Right den an dea, dey can see, an dey wen go wit him.