Jesus In Front Da Governa
(Mark 15:1; Luke 23:1-2; John 18:28-32)
271Early morning time, all da main pries guys an da older leadas fo da peopo wen go figga out how dey goin kill Jesus. 2Dey tie him up, take him away, an wen give him to Pilate, da governa.
Judas Mahke
(Jesus Guys 1:18-19; Zekariah 11:12-13; Jeremiah 32:6-9)
3Now Judas, da guy dat wen set up Jesus, wen see wat wen happen. Afta he find out dat dey really goin kill Jesus fo real kine, he come sorry an start fo tink diffren. So, he take back all da thirty silva coins fo give um to da main pries guys an da older leadas dat wen give um to him befo. 4He tell um, “Eh, I wen do someting wrong! I wen set up one guy dat neva do notting!”
But dey tell him, “Eh, no bodda us wit dat! Dass yoa problem!” 5So Judas throw down da thirty silva coins right dea inside da temple, an wen go hang himself.
6Den da main pries guys take da thirty silva coins. Dey say, “No good we put dis money inside da place wea da peopo give money fo da temple, cuz dis wen pay fo somebody's blood.”
7So dey figga dis: “We go buy da land from da guy dat make clay pots, yeah? Den if somebody come from far away, an mahke, an nobody know who him, we can bury um ova dea inside dat field.” 8Dass why, dat field, dey call um “Da Blood Field” even till now.
9Dis wen happen jalike Jeremiah wen say befo time. He da guy dat wen talk fo God, an he wen say, “Had some Israel peopo dat wen say, ‘We give thirty silva coins fo dis guy.’ 10Dey talk wit da guy who make clay pots, an dey give him da coins fo his field, jalike da Boss wen tell me fo do.” Dass wat Jeremiah wen say.
Pilate Aks Jesus Plenny Stuff
(Mark 15:2-5; Luke 23:3-5; John 18:33-38)
11Same time Jesus was standing in front Pilate, da governa. Pilate aks him, “Eh, you da King fo da Jews, o wat?”
Jesus tell him, “You da one wen say dat.” 12Da main pries guys an da older leadas wen poin finga plenny at Jesus. But he still neva say notting.
13Pilate aks him, “You no hear all da stuff dey saying bout you?” 14An still yet Jesus neva say notting. So Pilate start fo try figga dis guy.
Dey Say Jesus Gotta Mahke
(Mark 15:6-15; Luke 23:13-25; John 18:39-19:16)
15Now, Governa Pilate, he let one prisona guy go every year, Passova time. Any guy da peopo pick, Pilate let um go. 16Had one guy name Barabbas dat stay inside da prison. All da peopo know bout him. 17So wen all da peopo come togedda, Pilate aks um, “Who you guys like me let go fo you? Barabbas, o Jesus da guy dey call da Christ guy, dat dey say God wen send um?” 18Now, Pilate know dat da leada guys wen give Jesus to him cuz dey so mad at Jesus, cuz everybody lissen to him, not dem.
19Pilate was still sitting on top da judge chair, an his wife wen send somebody by him fo say, “No bodda wit dat Jesus guy, cuz he neva do notting. I wen suffa plenny inside one dream cuz a him!”
20But da main pries guys an da older leadas wen presha da peopo fo say dis: “Kill Jesus awready! We like Barabbas!”
21Governa Pilate wen aks one mo time, “Get two guys ova hea. Which one you like me let go?”
Dey say, “Barabbas!”
22So Pilate aks um, “Den wat I goin do wit Jesus, da Christ guy, dat dey say God wen send?”
Dey all say, “Kill him on top one cross!”
23But Pilate say, “How come? Wat kine bad ting he wen do?”
But dey yell mo loud, “Kill him on top one cross!”
24Den Pilate know he no can make dem change dea minds, cuz da peopo was bussing up da place awready. So he take da water an wash his hands in front da peopo. He say, “You guys no can blame me fo wateva you guys do to dis guy! Dass you guys problem!”
25An all da peopo say, “Yeah, us guys an our kids goin be da one fo take da blame fo make um mahke!”
26Den Pilate tell da army guys fo let Barabbas go, an go whip Jesus, an den kill him on top one cross.
Da Army Guys Play Any Kine Stuff On Jesus
(Mark 15:16-20; John 19:2-3; Isaiah 50:6)
27Den da army guys dat work fo da governa wen take Jesus inside da palace, an dey tell all da odda army guys fo come by dem. 28Dey take off Jesus clotheses an put one long red king kine robe on top him. 29Dey make one crown from thorns, an put um on top his head. An dey put one stick in his right hand. An dey go down in front him an make fun a him. Dey say, “Ho! Check um out! Da King fo da Jews!” 30An dey spit on top him, an take da stick an wack him on top his head plenny times. 31Wen dey was pau play wit him, dey take off da red robe an put his own clotheses back on top him. Den dey wen take him outside fo kill him on top one cross.
Dey Hang Jesus On Top One Cross Fo Mahke
(Mark 15:21-32; Luke 23:26-43; John 19:17-27; Songs 22:7,8,18, 69:21, 109:25; Isaiah 53:12; Sad Song 2:15)
32Wen dey going out from Jerusalem, dey meet one guy name Simon from Cyrene town. Dey tell um he gotta carry Jesus cross. 33Dey come by da place dey call “Golgota,” dat mean “Da Skull Place.” 34Dey try give Jesus wine wit bitta stuff inside, but wen he taste da wine, he no like.
35Dey hang him on top da cross, an den dey throw dice, fo see wat guy goin get which clotheses from Jesus. 36Den dey sit down an guard him. 37Dey make one sign an put um ova his head, fo tell everybody wat he wen do wrong. Da sign say, “Dis Jesus, Da King Fo Da Jews.”
38Dey hang two prisona guys on top two crosses near him, one on da right side an da odda one on da left side. 39Had some guys walking ova dea dat shake dea fingas at him an say, “Oh, fo shame! 40You wen say dat you goin broke down da temple an goin build um up again befo three days pau! So, we like see you get yoaself outa dis! If you God's Boy, come down from da cross now!”
41Da main pries guys, da guys dat teach God's Rules, an da older leadas wen make fun too, jalike da odda guys. Dey tell, 42“He wen get da odda guys outa da stuff dey stay in, but he no can get himself outa dis! If he da King fo da Israel peopo, kay den, let him come down from da cross now! Den we goin trus him! 43He stay trussing God. So, let God get him outa dis stuff now, if God like him! Cuz he wen say, ‘I God's Boy.’-” 44An da prisona guys dat stay hanging dea near him, dey making fun a him too, jalike da odda guys.
Jesus Mahke
(Mark 15:33-41; Luke 23:44-49; John 19:28-40; Amos 8:9; Songs 22:1, 69:21; Outa Egypt 26:31-35; Hebrews 10:20; Ezekiel 37:12)
45Noon time, wen get real dark all ova da place, fo three hours. 46Three clock Jesus wen yell real loud an say, “Eli, eli, lema sabaktani!” Aramaic language, dat mean, “My God, my God, how come you go way an leave me ova hea?”
47Some odda guys dat stay ova dea wen hear him, an tell, “Dis guy stay yelling fo Elijah fo come!” 48One guy wen run an put one sponge inside da sour wine, an put um on top one bamboo, an try give um to Jesus fo drink.
49But da odda guys say, “Try wait! We go see if Elijah goin come fo get him outa dis.” 50Den Jesus yell again real loud, an den he let go his spirit.
51Right den an dea da big curtain inside da temple broke in two from da top to da bottom. An da groun wen shake, an da rocks wen split up, 52-53an da graves wen open. (An you know wat? Plenny mahke guys who was all out fo God long time ago, dea bodies wen come alive again, afta Jesus wen come back alive from mahke. Dey wen come outa dea graves, an dey go inside Jerusalem, da town dat stay spesho fo God, an plenny peopo wen spock um, you know.)
54So da captain fo da army guys an da odda guys dat was guarding Jesus too, dey wen see da groun shaking, an everyting dat stay happening, an dey come real scared, an dey say, “Fo real kine, dis was God's Boy!”
55Had plenny wahines standing far, watching everyting. Befo time, dey wen go wit Jesus from Galilee side, fo take care him. 56Had Mary from Magdala, an one nodda Mary dat get two boys, James an Joseph, an Zebedee's wife dat get two boys, an had odda wahines.
Dey Go Bury Jesus
(Mark 15:42-47; Luke 23:50-56; John 19:38-42; Rules 21:22-23; Jesus Guys 13:29)
57Had one rich guy from Arimatea, name Joseph. He wen stick wit Jesus. 58He go in front Pilate befo da sun go down, an aks Pilate if he can take Jesus body. So Pilate tell his guys fo give him da body. 59Joseph take down da body from da cross, an wrap um up inside one clean cloth, 60an put um inside his own new tomb, da one dat was awready cut inside da rock. Dey push one big rock in front da hole fo close um. An dey go way. 61Mary from Magdala an da odda Mary stay sitting ova dea on da odda side. Dass wea dey can see da tomb.
Da Police Guards By Da Tomb
62Da nex day, afta da Make Ready Day fo da Passova time, da main pries guys an da Pharisee guys come togedda in front Pilate. 63Dey say, “Eh Governa, us guys rememba, wen dat fake guy still alive, he tell, ‘Afta three days I goin come back alive again.’ 64So us guys tinking, try put some guards in front da tomb fo three days, so dat his guys no can come an steal his body. Cuz if dey do dat, den dey goin tell da peopo, ‘Try look! He wen come back alive from mahke.’ An den dis fake ting goin be mo worse den da first fake ting, wen he wen tell he da Christ guy.”
65So Pilate tell um, “Use yoa own police guys. Send um fo guard um, jalike you guys wen say.” 66Den dey wen go an put one seal on top da big rock da close da tomb, an leave some police guards ova dea fo guard um.