Jesus Go Inside Jerusalem Jalike One King
(Matthew 21:1-11; Luke 19:28-40; John 12:12-19; Songs 118:25-26)
111Den Jesus dem come near Jerusalem an come by Betpage an Betany, on top Olive Ridge. Jesus send two guys he teaching. 2He tell um, “You guys see dat small town ova dea? Go inside dea, an you goin find one young donkey dat stay tie up. Nobody ride on um yet. Hemo da rope from da post, an bring um ova hea. 3If somebody aks you guys, ‘Eh, how come you guys stay doing dat?’ tell um, ‘Da Boss need um. Den he goin send somebody fo bring um right back.’-”
4Da guys go an find da young donkey outside in da street. He stay tie up by da door, so dey hemo da rope from da post. 5Get some guys standing aroun, an dey aks um, “Eh! Wat you guys doing? How come you hemo da rope from da post?”
6Dey tell um jalike Jesus wen say. Den da guys let um take um. 7Dey bring da young donkey by Jesus. Dey throw dea coats on top um, an Jesus wen sit on top um. 8Plenny peopo put dea coats down on top da road too, jalike fo one king. Odda guys cut branches from da palm trees in da fields, an put um down on top da road fo show respeck fo him. 9An plenny peopo stay walking in front an behind, yelling
“Hui! God goin take us outa da bad kine stuff we stay in!
God goin do plenny good kine stuff fo him.
Dis da guy who come fo da Boss Up Dea!
10God goin do good kine stuff fo us!
He goin give us one King jalike King David,
Our ancesta guy!
God in da sky,
He goin take us outa da bad kine stuff we stay in!”
11Den Jesus go inside Jerusalem, an go inside da temple yard. He look aroun at everyting. But late awready, dass why he go back Betany wit his twelve guys.
Da Fig Tree Dat No Mo Fruit
(Matthew 21:18-19)
12Da nex day, wen dey go way from Betany fo go Jerusalem one mo time, Jesus wen come real hungry. 13He spock one fig tree wit leafs, but kinda far. He go ova dea fo check out if get fruit. He come dea an find ony leafs, cuz not time yet fo fruit. 14So he tell da fig tree, “Nobody goin eat fruit from you no moa!” His guys wen hear wat he say.
Jesus Inside Da Temple Yard
(Matthew 21:12-17; Luke 19:45-48; John 2:13-22)
15Dey get to Jerusalem. Jesus wen go inside da temple yard, an he start fo throw out all da guys who was buying an selling stuff ova dea. He wen huli da tables wea dey sell da spesho kine temple money fo give to da temple, an da benches fo da guys who sell doves fo sacrifice. 16He no let nobody carry any kine stuff thru da temple yard. 17He teach um, “Da Bible say, ‘My temple goin be one house fo all da peopos all ova da world fo pray inside.’ But you guys stay make um jalike one hangout fo crooks!”
18But da main pries guys an da teachas who teach God's Rules hear dat. Dey try figga out how dey can kill him. Dey scared a him, cuz da tings he teach, blow da peopo's minds. 19Wen da sun go down, Jesus dem go outside da town.
Jesus Teach Um Bout Da Fig Tree
(Matthew 21:20-22)
20Early da nex morning dey pass by da fig tree, an see um all dry up from da root. 21Peter rememba, an tell Jesus, “Eh, Teacha! Look da kine! You wen put kahuna da fig tree, an now, all dry up!”
22Jesus tell um, “Gotta trus God! 23Az right! I like tell you guys dis too: You goin tell dis mountain ova hea, ‘Eh, get up! Throw yoaself inside da ocean.’ If you trus God fo make dat happen, an no trus um ony litto bit same time, den goin be lidat. 24Dass why I tell you guys, wen you pray, everyting you aks God fo do, trus him jalike you get um awready, an dat goin be. 25Everytime you guys stand up an pray, if you huhu wit somebody, you gotta let dem go, an no feel huhu wit dem. If you do dat, den yoa Fadda dat stay inside da sky, he goin let you guys go, an no feel huhu bout da bad kine stuff you guys wen do. 26[But if you guys no like let da odda guy go, an like stay huhu wit dem, den yoa Fadda in da sky, he no goin let you guys go, he goin stay huhu bout all da bad kine stuff you guys wen do.]”
Wat Right Jesus Get Fo Do Wat He Do?
(Matthew 21:23-27; Luke 20:1-8)
27Jesus dem come back Jerusalem. He walk inside da temple yard, an da main pries guys, da teachas who teach God's Rules, an da older leada guys wen go by him. 28Dey aks him, “Eh, wat right you get fo do dis kine stuff? Who wen say you can do um?”
29Jesus tell um, “I like aks you guys one ting. You tell me, an den I tell you guys wat right I get fo do dis kine stuff. 30Da guy John, wen he wen baptize, wea he wen get da right? God in da sky, he give um da right? O da peopo, dey give um da right? Try tell me dat.”
31Dey talking to demself. Dey say, “If we tell him, ‘God in da sky give um da right,’ he goin say, ‘How come you guys neva believe him den?’ 32But if we say, ‘Da peopo give um da right,’ no way! You know, us guys scared wat da peopo goin do, cuz everybody tink dat John wen talk fo God.” 33So dey tell him, “Eh, we donno.”
Den Jesus say, “Kay den, I no goin tell you guys from wea I get da right.”