Jesus Say Dey Goin Bus Up Da Temple
(Matthew 24:1-2; Luke 21:5-6)
131Jesus was goin outside da temple yard, an one guy he teaching say, “Eh, Teacha, check out dese buildings, da stone blocks! Awesome, yeah?”
2Jesus say, “You see all dese awesome buildings? Bumbye no goin get one stone on top da odda ova hea. Dey goin throw um all down.
Goin Get Trouble An Suffa
(Matthew 24:3-14; Luke 21:7-19)
3Lata on, Jesus go Olive Ridge, an sit down ova dea wea can see da temple da odda side da valley. Peter, James, John, an Andrew come by him wen no mo odda guys dea. Dey aks him, 4“Wat time all dat kine stuff goin happen? How we goin know wen da time come?” 5Jesus tell um, “Watch out! No let nobody fool you guys! 6Plenny guys goin show up an use my name. Dey goin say, ‘Eh, me, I dat Spesho Christ Guy from God!’ An dey goin fool plenny peopo lidat. 7No get all shook up. You guys goin hear, ‘Dey fighting, an get war all ova da place.’ Dat gotta happen, but dat no goin mean everyting goin pau yet. 8One country goin fight one nodda country. One king goin fight one nodda king. Plenny diffren places, da groun goin shake hard plenny. Plenny peopo goin get notting fo eat. Dey goin suffa plenny, but all dat ony fo start.
9Watch out! Dey goin take you guys to dea leadas. Dey goin punish you guys wit whips inside da Jewish churches. You guys goin stand in front da governas an kings, cuz you my guys. An you goin tell um bout me. 10But befo dis stuff happen, all da diffren peopos all ova da world gotta hear da Good Stuff From God. 11Every time dey bus you guys, an take you in front da judge, no worry wat you goin say. Ony say wat da Spirit tell you right den. Dat time goin be God's Spesho Spirit talking, not you. 12Bruddas goin sell out dea bruddas fo mahke, an da faddas goin sell out dea kids. Kids goin fight dea mudda an fadda, an set um up fo mahke. 13Everybody goin hate you cuz you my guys. But da guy dat hang in dea to da end, he goin come out okay.
Da Real Bad Ting
(Matthew 24:15-28; Luke 21:20-24; Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11)
14“Someting goin happen dat God hate plenny. Da bad ting goin stand wea not suppose to. Dat ting so bad, goin make everybody go way. (Whoeva read dis, dey gotta figga um out.) You know, wen you guys see dat happen, if you stay Judea side, run to da mountains. 15If you stay on top one house dat get flat roof, no go inside fo take yoa stuffs wit you. 16If you stay inside da fields, no go home fo get yoa clotheses.
17“Dat time goin get hard time fo da hapai wahines an da muddas dat stay nursing dea babies! 18Aks God fo no let dis stuff happen winta time. 19Cuz dat time everybody goin suffa to da max. Neva have notting lidat eva wen happen befo, not even from wen God wen make da world till now, an no goin get notting lidat eva goin happen again. 20If da Boss Up Dea neva make dat time mo short, nobody goin come out okay. But fo help da peopo da Boss wen pick, he goin make dat trouble mo short.
21“Dat time, if get one guy dat tell you guys, ‘Eh, look! Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, he stay ova hea! He stay ova dea!’ no go trus dat kine guy! 22Goin get plenny fake kine guys who say dey Christ, an goin get plenny fake kine guys who say dey talk fo God. Dey goin do unreal an awesome stuff fo try prove dat dey fo real, an dey goin even try fool da peopo dat God wen pick, if dey can. 23Watch out, eh! Befo all dat happen, I stay telling you guys everyting now awready.”
Da Guy Dass Fo Real Goin Come Back
(Matthew 24:29-31; Luke 21:25-28; Isaiah 13:10, 34:4; Joel 210, 31, 3:15; Daniel 7:13-14)
24“Right afta dat time fo suffa,
Da sun goin come black.
Da moon no goin shine.
25Da stars goin fall down from da sky.
An all da spirits inside da sky dat get power,
Dey goin come all kapakahi.
26“I da Guy Dass Fo Real. Dat time, da peopo goin see me coming inside da clouds wit all kine power, an I goin be awesome! 27Den I goin send my angel messenja guys fo bring togedda all da peopo God wen pick from all ova da world, every place dat get unda da sky.
Da Fig Tree Teach Us Someting
(Matthew 24:32-35; Luke 21:29-33)
28“Eh, you guys, try learn someting from da fig tree. Everytime da fig tree make new branch an get new leafs, you guys know dat summa time coming. 29Same ting, wen you guys see all dis stuff happen, den you goin know, I stay coming, an everyting stay ready, jalike I outside da door. 30Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis too: From da peopo dat stay hea right now, get guys dat no goin mahke befo all dis stuff goin happen. 31Da sky an da world goin pau, but da tings I say neva goin pau.
Nobody Know Da Day O Da Time
(Matthew 24:36-44, 25:13-14; Luke 12:36-38)
32“Nobody know wen all dat goin happen, not even da day, o da time. Da angel messenja guys inside da sky, even dem, dey donno. Even me, I God's Boy, an I donno da time. Ony my Fadda know da time! 33So watch out! Stay ready! Cuz you guys donno wat time yoa Boss goin come back. 34Jalike one guy goin on one trip. Befo he go, he tell his worka guys, ‘Come. Take care my house.’ Every guy get someting fo do. He tell da guard, ‘Stay ready!’ 35You guys gotta make lidat! Stay ready! Cuz you guys donno da time I goin come back. Might be afta da sun go down, o midnite, o real early in da morning wen da roosta make noise, o wen da sun stay coming up. 36If I come all of a sudden, you no goin like if I find you guys sleeping, yeah? 37I tell you guys an everybody dis: Stay ready an watch!”