Jesus Come Back Alive
(Matthew 28:1-8; Luke 24:1-12; John 20:1-10)
161Afta da Rest Day pau, Mary from Magdala, James mudda Mary, an Salome, dey go buy perfume so dey can put um on top Jesus body. 2Was da first day in da week. Ony get litto bit light inside da sky, an dey wen go da tomb. 3Dey aksing each odda, “Eh, who goin push da big stone away from da opening part in da tomb fo us?” 4But wen dey look up, dey see dat somebody wen push da big stone away awready. 5Dey go inside. Dey spock one young guy wit one long white robe on. He stay sitting on da right side. An dey real scared.
6He tell um, “Eh, no scared! I know you guys looking fo Jesus, da guy from Nazaret, yeah? Dey wen kill him on top one cross. Eh, he wen come back alive! He no stay hea. Try look da place dey wen put him. 7Den, go tell his guys an Peter, ‘Jesus going Galilee side befo you guys. Dass da place wea you guys goin see him, jalike he wen tell you guys.’-”
8Da wahines stay shaking an all mix up, an dey run from da tomb. Dey no say notting to nobody, cuz dey so scared.
Jesus Come by Mary from Magdala
(Matthew 28:9-10; John 20:11-18)
9[Afta da first day in da week, wen Jesus come back alive, he show up first by Mary from Magdala. You know, befo time Jesus wen make seven bad kine spirits let go her. 10So she go tell da peopo who was wit him befo, dat stay sad an crying, “Eh! I wen see da Boss Jesus! He not mahke no moa!”. 11Wen dey hear wat she wen say, dey no believe her.
Jesus Show Up By Two Guys
(Luke 24:13-35)
12Afta dat Jesus show up by two a his guys dat stay walking in da countryside. An he look diffren. 13Da two guys go back, an tell da odda peopo. But still yet da odda peopo no believe wat dey tell um.
Jesus Show Up By Da Eleven Guys
(Matthew 28:16-20; Luke 24:36-49; John 20:19-23; Jesus Guys 1:6-8)
14Lata Jesus show up by da eleven guys wen dey eating. He scold um, cuz dey neva trus him an dey so hard head, an dey neva like believe da odda peopo who wen see him afta he wen come back alive. 15He tell um, “Go all ova da world, an teach da Good Stuff Bout Me to everybody. God wen make um all. 16Whoeva trus da Good Stuff Bout Me an get baptize, God goin take dem outa da bad kine stuff dey doing. But whoeva no trus da Good Stuff, God goin say dey gotta take da blame fo all da bad kine stuff dey wen do. 17Da peopo dat trus me, dey goin do awesome stuff. Cuz dey my guys, dey goin use my power fo make da bad kine spirits let go da peopo. Dey goin talk diffren kine languages. 18Dey even goin pick up snakes wit dea hands. If dey drink poison, no goin hurt dem. Dey goin put dea hands on top da sick peopo, an da sick peopo goin come good.”
Jesus Go Up Inside Da Sky
(Luke 24:50-53; Jesus Guys 1:9-11)
19Afta Jesus da Boss pau talk to dem, God take him up inside da sky, an he sit down in da mos importan place by God's right side. 20Den all his guys go all ova da place an teach. An da Boss Up Dea stay working wit dem, an doing awesome kine stuff fo show dat wat he wen say stay fo real.]