Da Nazaret Peopo, Dey No Mo Respeck Fo Jesus
(Matthew 13:53-58; Luke 4:16-30)
61Jesus go way from dea, an go back his own place Nazaret, an his guys go too. 2Wen da Rest Day come, he go inside da Jewish church an teach. Plenny peopo wen say, “Wow! Wea he get all dis stuff from? How come he know all dis? Wea he get power fo do all dis awesome stuff? 3Dass da carpenta, yeah? His mudda Mary, an his bruddas James, Joseph, Judas, an Simon. His sistas, dey stay hea wit us too.” Dis wen bodda dem, how he stay ack.
4But Jesus tell um, “One guy who talk fo God get plenny respeck. But he no mo respeck notting inside his own town an his own ohana.”
5-6An Jesus wen tink, “Eh, how come dey no trus me?” Az why he neva do awesome stuff ova dea fo show his power. He put his hands on top litto bit peopo, an make dem come good.
Da Twelve Guys Jesus Send
(Matthew 10:1,5-15; Luke 9:1-6)
So Jesus wen go odda small towns, teaching odda peopo. 7He call his twelve guys togedda, an send um out two by two. He give um da power fo make da bad kine spirits let go da peopo. 8Dis wat he wen tell his guys: “Ony take litto bit fo da trip, ony yoa walking stick. No take bread. No even take one bag, o money in yoa belt. 9Take yoa slippas, but no take two coats. 10Wen you guys go inside one guy's house, stay dea till you go way from da town. 11An if da peopo in da place no like you come an no like lissen to you, wen you go outa dat town, dust yoa feet, fo show dat you no mo dust from dat no good place.
12Afta dat Jesus guys all wen go out an tell da peopo, “You gotta be sorry fo all da bad kine stuff you wen do, an no do um no moa.” 13An dey wen make plenny bad kine spirits let go da peopo, an put olive oil on top plenny sick peopo, an make um come good.
John Da Baptiza Guy Wen Mahke
(Matthew 14:1-12; Luke 9:7-9)
14-29Dat time, King Herod, he wen steal his brudda Philip's wife Herodias, an marry her. But John Da Baptiza Guy stay telling him, “You not suppose to steal yoa brudda's wife.” So Herod wen bus John an throw him in jail.
Herodias stay nuha wit John, an wen like kill him, but she no can. Herod, he scared John, az why. He know dat John one guy who everytime do da right ting, cuz he all out fo God. Dass why Herod no let nobody hurt John. Wen Herod wen lissen to John, he come all mix up, but still yet he like lissen to him.
An den, Herod's birfday time wen come. Herod wen go throw one big lu`au. He wen tell all da high makamaka guys from his palace, da army officers, an all da leada guys from Galilee fo come. Herodias's girl wen come inside da place an dance, an Herod an all da odda guys wen like da dance.
So King Herod tell da girl, “Eh, wateva you like, I swear to God I goin give um to you. I even give you half a everyting I get cuz I da king!”
She wen go out an aks her mudda, “Wat I goin aks fo?”
An da mudda wen tell her, “Go aks fo John Da Baptiza Guy's head!”
So da girl wen go inside real fast by da king an tell him, “I like you give me John Da Baptiza Guy's head on top one big plate right now!”
Da king wen come real sorry. But cuz he wen swear to God in front all his friends, he neva like say no. So right den an dea he tell da guard fo go cut off John's head an bring um. Da guy wen go cut off his head inside da jail, an bring um on top da big plate, an give um to da girl. An she wen give um to her mudda. Den da guys John wen teach, dey hear bout dat, an dey come, an take his body an put um inside one tomb.
Latas King Herod hear bout all da stuff Jesus stay doing, cuz everybody wen hear bout him. Some peopo was saying, “John Da Baptiza Guy wen come back alive. Dass why dis guy Jesus get power inside him fo do all dis awesome kine stuff.”
Some odda peopo wen say, “Nah, he Elijah.”
An odda peopo wen say, “He one nodda talka fo God, jalike da guys who wen talk fo God long time ago.”
But wen King Herod hear dat, he say, “Eh, I wen tell my guys fo go chop off John's head. But now he stay come back alive!”
Jesus Feed Five Tousand Guys
(Matthew 14:13-21; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-14)
30Afta dat, da guys Jesus wen send all ova da place wen come back an come aroun Jesus. Dey wen tell him all da stuff dey wen do an teach da peopo. 31But get so plenny peopo coming an going, Jesus dem neva have chance fo eat. So he tell his guys, “Eh, come! We go one place wea nobody stay, so we can rest ova dea litto bit.”
32So dey wen go ova dea by demself inside da boat.
33But plenny peopo wen see um going, an dey know who Jesus, so dey wen run from da towns an get dea befo da guys in da boat get dea. 34Wen Jesus get outa da boat, he see all da peopo. He get pity fo dem, cuz dey jalike da sheeps dat neva had one sheep farma fo take care dem. So right den an dea he start teaching um plenny stuff. 35Wen da sun go down, Jesus guys come by him an say, “Wow! Pau hana time awready! An ova hea no mo notting. 36Tell da peopo, ‘Go to da towns, an buy someting fo eat!’-”
37But Jesus tell um, “Nah! Dey no need go way. You guys, you give um someting fo eat.”
Dey say, “We gotta work eight months fo make da money fo buy nuff bread fo feed all dese peopo! You like us guys go buy um?”
38Jesus tell dem, “Go see how plenny bread you get.”
Dey go, an come back, an say, “Get five bread an two fish.”
39He say, “Tell all da peopo fo sit down on top da green grass, 40hundred peopo hea, fifty peopo dea.” So dey sit down. 41Den Jesus take da five bread an da two fish. He look up to da sky, an tell God he good heart fo give da peopo food. Den he broke da bread an give um to his guys, an da guys give um to da peopo. An he wen broke da two fish fo everybody. 42Dey all eat an wen come full. 43His guys pick up twelve big baskets full wit all da lefovas. 44Had five tousand guys dea dat eat da bread.
Jesus Walk On Top Da Water
(Matthew 14:22-33; John 6:15-21)
45-46Right den an dea Jesus tell his guys fo go inside da boat, an go Betsaida town ahead a him. He send all da peopo home. Wen all da peopo wen go way, he go up da mountain fo pray. 47Wen dark time wen come, he still dea by himself on da land. Da boat stay going in da middle a da lake. 48He spock his guys trying fo row da boat, but dey no can, cuz da wind stay blowing hard. Real early in da morning Jesus come by dem, walking on top da water. He ack like he goin pass by dem. 49-50Wen dey spock him walking on top da water, dey tink he one ghost. Dey yelling, cuz dey real scared!
Right den an dea he tell um, “Eh, no scared! Dis ony me! Make strong!” 51Den he climb inside da boat wit dem, an da wind wen pau. Da guys, wen really blow dea minds. 52Dey neva undastan how he wen feed all da peopo bread, cuz dey real hard head.
Jesus Make Da Sick Peopo Come Good Gennesaret Side
(Matthew 14:34-36)
53Den Jesus dem all go da odda side da lake, an dey throw da anchor out by Gennesaret town. 54Dey climb outa da boat, an da peopo ova dea know who Jesus. 55So dey run all ova da place fo bring da sick peopo on top dea mats to wea dey hear Jesus stay. 56Wea eva Jesus go, in da big an small towns, an da country side, dey wen take da sick peopo by da open market place. An dey wen beg him come jus so da sick peopo can touch his clotheses. An all da peopo who wen touch him wen come good.