Jesus Feed Four Tousand Guys
(Matthew 15:32-39)
81Dat time plenny peopo wen come aroun Jesus. Dey no mo food, so he tell his guys fo come by him. He say, 2“Eh, I feel pity fo da peopo. Dey stay hea wit me three days awready, an dey no mo notting fo eat. 3I no like send um away hungry. Bumbye dey goin pass out on da way home. You know, some peopo wen come from far away.”
4But his guys say, “Eh, we stay in da boonies, you know. An get plenny peopo. Wea we goin find nuff food fo feed um?”
5But Jesus say, “How much bread you guys get?”
Dey tell him, “Seven small breads.”
6So Jesus tell da peopo fo sit down on top da groun. An he take da seven breads, an tank God fo um. Den he broke um, an give um to his guys. An da guys give um to all da peopo. 7Had some small fish too. So Jesus tell God he good heart fo give um da food. He tell his guys fo give um to da peopo.
8Dey all wen eat an come full. An Jesus guys pick up da lefovas, seven big baskets full. 9Had bout four tousand guys dea who wen eat. Den he tell um, “Go home now.”
Show Us Proof!
(Matthew 16:1-4)
10Right den an dea he go inside one boat wit his guys. An dey go Dalmanuta side. 11Da Pharisee guys come fo make argue wit Jesus. Dey like poin finga him, so dey say, “Do someting awesome lidat, so us guys can see proof dat you come from God in da sky.”
12Jesus wen moan from deep inside, an say, “How come da peopo nowdays everytime like see someting awesome? Dass how dey stay, but I tell you guys, dey no goin see notting!” 13Den he wen go way from dem, go back inside da boat, an go da odda side da lake.
Wat Da Pharisee Guys An Herod Teach
(Matthew 16:5-12)
14Now, Jesus guys wen foget da bread. Ony had one bread dea inside da boat. 15Jesus tell um, “Watch out fo da yeast from da Pharisee guys an King Herod. Dey jalike da yeast dat make da bread mo bigga.”
16Jesus guys talking, an trying fo figga out wat he mean. Dey say, “He talking lidat cuz we neva bring bread.”
17Jesus wen know wat dey talking bout, an he say, “Wat you guys talking bout, no mo bread? You guys no undastan, still yet? You guys hard head, dass why. 18You guys get eyes but no can see, an ears but no can hear. You guys no rememba? 19Wen I wen broke da five breads fo da five tousand guys, how much big baskets lefovas you wen pick up afta?”
Dey say, “Twelve.”
20“An da seven breads dat wen feed four tousand guys, how much big baskets lefovas you wen pick up afta?”
Dey say, “Seven.”
21Jesus tell um, “You guys! You still yet no undastan who me!”
Jesus Make One Blind Guy Come Good Betsaida Side
22Jesus dem go Betsaida. Some peopo wen bring one blind guy, an beg Jesus fo touch him. 23He wen take da blind guy by da hand, an dey go outside dat small town. Jesus wen spit on da guy's eyes, an put his hands on top him, an tell him, “Wat you see now?”
24Da guy wen look up an say, “I can see peopo, but dey look jalike trees walking aroun!”
25Den Jesus put his hands on top da guy's eyes one mo time. Da guy wen open his eyes wide, his eyes wen come good, an he can see everyting real good. 26Den Jesus wen tell him, “Go home, but no go inside da town.”
Wat Peter Say Bout Jesus
(Matthew 16:13-20; Luke 9:18-21)
27Jesus dem go da small towns Cesarea side, da place King Philip wen build. Wen dey stay going, he tell um: “Eh, who da peopo say me?”
28Dey say, “Some peopo say you John Da Baptiza Guy. An get odda peopo dat say you Elijah. An get odda peopo dat say you jalike da odda guys who wen talk fo God long time ago.”
29Den Jesus say, “Kay den. Wat bout you guys? Who you guys say me?”
Peter say, “You da Christ Guy, Da Spesho Guy God Wen Send.”
30Den Jesus tell his guys, “No go tell nobody dat I da Christ Guy.”
Jesus Say He Goin Mahke An Come Back Alive
(Matthew 16:21-28; Luke 9:22-27)
31Den Jesus start fo teach his guys. He say, “I Da Guy Dass Fo Real, you know, an I gotta suffa plenny. All da older leadas, da main pries guys, an da teacha guys who teach God's Rules, dey goin figga I not fo real, an dey goin kill me fo dat. But I goin come back alive afta three days.” 32He wen talk real clear bout dis. Den Peter wen take him on da side an scold him. He say, “Eh! No way, Boss! No way dass goin happen to you!”
33But Jesus wen turn aroun, look at his guys, an he wen scold Peter. He say, “Get outa my way. You acking jalike da Devil! You tink jalike da peopo tink, not jalike God tink.”
34Den he tell all da peopo an his guys fo come by him. He say, “Whoeva like stick wit me, gotta make up dea mind, dat dey no goin be dea own boss no moa. Goin be hard, jalike dying on top one cross. An den dey can stick wit me. 35If bodda you dat you goin mahke, fo shua you goin mahke. But if you like do everyting you do fo me, an fo teach da Good Stuff From God, an no bodda you if you mahke fo dat, den you goin live fo real kine. 36Dis poho: one guy get everyting inside dis world, but da guy end up cut off from God, an no mo da real kine life inside. 37You tink you rich nuff fo buy back yoa life?
38“Da peopo nowdays in dis world, jalike dey stay fooling aroun behind God's back, an do all kine stuff dey not suppose to do. Anybody dat stay shame a me an da tings I say, kay den, wen I come back, I goin be shame a dem. I da Guy Dass Fo Real. I goin come back wit my spesho angel guys, an I goin be awesome, jalike my Fadda, he awesome.”