91An Jesus tell um, “Dass right! An I like tell you dis too: Some peopo standing hea no goin mahke befo dey see God da King come wit power.”
Jesus Look Diffren On Top Da Mountain
(Matthew 17:1-13; Luke 9:28-36)
2Afta six days, Jesus wen take Peter, James, an John wit him up on top one big mountain wea neva have nobody. Den, da same time dey stay looking at him, Jesus wen start fo look diffren in front dem.
3His clotheses wen come shiny white -- mo white den anybody in da world can wash um. 4An you know wat? Right den an dea Elijah an Moses from long time ago wen come outa no wea, an dey stay talking wit Jesus. 5Den Peter tell Jesus, “You know wat, Boss? Good we stay ova hea! If you like, I make shacks ova hea, one fo you, one fo Moses, one fo Elijah.” 6He neva know wat fo say, cuz dey was real scared.
7Den had one cloud go ova dem, an one voice from inside da cloud say, “Dis my boy. I get plenny love an aloha fo him. Eh, lissen to him!” 8Right den an dea dey look up, but dey see ony Jesus.
9Afta dat Jesus guys stay going down da mountain, an Jesus tell um, “No tell nobody wat you guys wen see. I da Guy Dass Fo Real. I goin mahke, an I goin come back alive afta I mahke. Den you guys can tell peopo wat you guys wen see.”
10So dey neva tell nobody, but dey aksing each odda wat he mean wen he say, “I goin mahke, den I goin come back alive.” 11Dey aks him, “Eh, da teacha guys who teach da Rules from God, how come dey say Elijah gotta come back first befo God's Spesho Guy goin show up?”
12Jesus say, “Dass right. Elijah gotta come back first an make everyting ready fo God's Spesho Guy. So how come da Bible say dat da Guy Dass Fo Real gotta suffa plenny, an da peopo goin make him like he notting? 13But I telling you guys, one guy jalike Elijah wen come awready, an da peopo wen make him any kine, jalike da Bible say bout him.”
Jesus Throw Out Da Bad Kine Spirit From One Boy
(Matthew 17:14-20; Luke 9:37-43a)
14Jesus an his three guys come by his odda guys, an dey see plenny peopo dea. Some teacha guys who teach God's Rules stay make argue wit Jesus guys. 15Right den an dea da peopo wen spock Jesus, an dea jaws wen drop. Dey wen run by him. Dey stay good inside cuz he wen come. 16He tell um, “Eh, wat you guys stay make argue bout?”
17One guy say, “Teacha, I wen bring my boy to you. He get one spirit dat no let um talk. 18Everytime da spirit grab da boy, he throw um to da groun. Den da foam come out his mout, an he grind his teet, an come stiff jalike one board. I wen bring him ova hea by da guys you stay teaching fo dem make da spirit let go da boy, but dey no can.”
19Jesus say, “You guys! Nowdays nobody stay trus God! How long moa, I gotta be wit you guys an put up wit you guys? Bring da boy ova hea!”
20So dey bring um. Wen da spirit spock Jesus, right den an dea he make da boy start fo shake plenny, an he fall down on top da groun, an roll all ova, an da foam come outa his mout. 21Jesus aks da fadda, “How long he make lidat?”
He say, “From small kid time. 22Plenny times da spirit go throw da boy inside da fire o da water fo try kill him. If you can do someting, try pity us! Try help us!”
23Jesus say, “Wat you mean, ‘if can’? Jus gotta trus, den all kine stuff can do.”
24Right away da fadda say, “Eh, I trus! Try help me fo trus mo betta!”
25Den plenny peopo wen come running. Jesus spock um, an he scold da bad kine spirit. He say, “Eh, you bad spirit, you! You no let da boy talk o hear notting. I tell you, beat it! Let go him an no come back eva!”
26Den da spirit wen yell an throw da boy all ova da place, den he let um go. Da boy wen look jalike he mahke. Plenny peopo say, “Auwe! He mahke!” 27But Jesus wen take da boy's hand, an pull um up. An da boy wen stand on his own two feet.
28Wen Jesus go inside da house, an ony have Jesus an his guys dea, dey aks um, “How come we no can throw um out?”
29He say, “If you no pray, you no can make dat kine spirit let go nobody.”
Jesus Say One Mo Time He Gotta Mahke An Come Back Alive
(Matthew 17:22-23; Luke 9:43b-45)
30Jesus dem wen go way from dat place an go thru Galilee. Jesus no like nobody know wea he stay, 31cuz he teaching his guys stuff. He tell um, “I da Guy Dass Fo Real. Da peopo goin set me up, an take me. Dey goin kill me, an on day numba three I goin come back alive.” 32But da guys no undastan wat he wen say, an dey scared fo aks him wat dat mean.
Who Da Numba One Guy?
(Matthew 18:1-5; Luke 9:46-48)
33Den dey wen go Capernaum. Wen dey inside da house, Jesus aks um, “Eh, wat you guys stay make argue bout on da road?”
34But da guys, dey neva like say notting, cuz dey stay make argue bout who da numba one guy. 35Jesus sit down an call da twelve guys. He say, “You know, whoeva like be first, he gotta be last, an he gotta help da odda guys.” 36Den he take one small kid an put um in front dem. He put his arms aroun da kid an say, 37“Whoeva take in one kid an make him jalike ohana cuz da kid my guy, he take me in an make me jalike ohana too. An dat mean he take in da One who wen send me too, an make him jalike ohana too.”
Da Guy Dat Not Agains Us, He Fo Us
(Luke 9:49-50)
38John wen say, “Eh, teacha! We wen spock one guy throwing out da bad kine spirits. He tell da spirits, ‘I get Jesus power fo make you guys let go da peopo!’ We wen tell um fo no do dat, cuz he no come from us guys.”
39Jesus wen tell um, “No try make um stop, cuz anybody who do da kine awesome stuff an say, ‘I get Jesus power fo do um,’ he no goin talk stink bout me right afta dat! 40Cuz whoeva not agains us, dat guy fo us. 41Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis too: Anybody give you guys water fo drink cuz you my guys an I da Christ guy dat God wen send, garans God goin have plenny good kine stuff bumbye in da sky fo dem cuz dey wen do dat.”
Somebody Make Um Do Bad kine Stuff
(Matthew 18:6-9; Luke 17:1-2)
42“Dese small kids hea, dey trus me! Somebody make um pau trus me an do bad kine stuff, mo betta take one big stone from da mill, an tie um aroun da guy's neck, den throw him inside da ocean fo drown! 43-44If yoa hand make you do bad kine stuff, cut um off! Mo betta you live to da max foeva, no matta no mo hand, den you get two hands an go Hell, wea da fire no pio, an da worm no mahke, eva! 45-46If yoa foot make you do bad kine stuff, cut um off! Mo betta you live to da max foeva, no matta no mo foot, den you get two feet an go Hell, wea da fire no pio, an da worm no mahke, eva! 47-48If yoa eye make you do bad kine stuff, pull um out! Mo betta you get God fo yoa King, no matta no mo eye, den you get two eyes an go Hell, wea da fire no pio, an da worm no mahke, eva!
49“Da pries guys wen burn da sacrifice an sprinkle um wit salt fo make um come clean fo God. Same ting, everybody goin suffa so dey can come clean inside. 50Da salt good stuff. But if da salt no mo taste, how you goin make um work like salt again? You guys gotta be fo real, jalike da salt! No fight no moa, an try stay good wit each odda.”