Jesus Send Out Seventy-Two Guys
101Afta dat da Boss Jesus wen pick seventy-two odda guys dat he like send out two by two, so dey can go befo him, every town an place wea he goin go lata on. 2He tell um, “Get plenny peopo, dey jalike da crops, but ony get litto bit guys fo bring um in. So, aks da Boss Up Dea dat own da crops fo send out guys fo bring um in. 3Go! I send you guys out jalike baby sheeps wea da wild wolfs stay.
4“No take yoa money bag o odda bag o extra slippas, an no stop fo talk story wen you go down da road. 5Wen you go inside one house, first say, ‘I come fo aks God fo make you guys heart rest inside, fo all you guys inside dis house.’ 6If one guy wit good heart stay dea, you goin make him stay good inside. If his heart not good, wat you say goin come back to you. 7Stay inside dat house, an eat an drink wateva dey give you. Cuz dass good dey give you someting fo da work you do. No move aroun from one house to anodda.
8“Weneva you come to one town an da peopo like you stay ova dea wit dem, eat da food dey give you. 9Make da sick peopo dat stay dea come good, an tell um, ‘God stay King hea wit you guys now.’
10“But wen you go inside one town an da peopo no like you stay dea, go down da streets an say, 11‘Da dust from yoa town dat stick on our feet, we wipe um off fo show you guys dat God no like, cuz you guys no lissen. But you betta know dis fo shua: God stay King hea now.’ 12I telling you guys dis: Wen everybody stand in front God da Judge, he goin punish da peopo from Sodom town cuz dey wen do plenny bad kine stuff befo time. But goin be mo easy fo dem, den fo da peopo inside da town dat no like hear wat you guys say!”
Da Peopo Inside Some Towns No Trus
(Matthew 11:20-24; Isaiah 14:13,15)
13Jesus say, “Auwe you guys from Korazin town! You goin get it, cuz you neva lissen! Auwe you guys from Betsaida town! You goin get it too, cuz you neva lissen! If I wen do da kine awesome stuff fo show my power to da peopo from Tyre an Sidon towns, jalike I wen do fo you guys, long time awready da peopo ova dea wen show dey shame fo all da bad kine stuff dey wen do, an like pau do um. An dey wen sit down an put on one gunny bag, an put ash on top dea head fo show dey sorry. 14Bumbye goin be mo easy fo da peopo from Tyre an Sidon towns wen dey stand in front God da Judge, den fo you guys. 15An you guys from Capernaum town, you tink God goin take you up in da sky wit him, o wat? No way! Mo like he goin throw you guys down inside Hell, cuz you guys neva lissen!”
16Jesus tell his guys, “Whoeva hear you, dey hear me too. Whoeva no take you, dey no take me too. Whoeva no take me, dey no take da One dat wen send me.”
Da Seventy-Two Guys Come Back
17Da seventy-two guys come back, an dey stay real good inside. Dey say, “Boss, even da bad kine spirits do wat we say, cuz we yoa guys, an we use yoa name.”
18Jesus tell um, “I wen see da Devil, dat time God wen throw um down from da sky jalike da lightning. 19Lissen! I wen give you guys da power so you can walk on top da snakes an da scorpions, an you guys get da power fo win ova da guy dat stay agains us, da Devil. You guys get plenny mo power den da Devil get. An notting goin hurt you guys. 20But no stay good inside jus cuz da bad spirits do wat you tell um. Stay good inside cuz God get you guys names inside his book inside da sky.”
Jesus Stay Good Inside
(Matthew 11:25-27; 13:16-17)
21Dat time God's Spesho Spirit wen make Jesus stay real good inside. An he say, “Fadda, you da Boss all ova da sky an da world. Mahalo plenny, cuz you wen hide all dis stuff from da smart guys an da guys dat know plenny stuff, an you wen show um to da small kids. Dass wat you like do.”
22Jesus tell, “My Fadda give me everyting, you know. Nobody know me like my Fadda know me. An nobody know my Fadda fo real kine, ony me, I know him, an da peopo I like show him, dey know him too.”
23Den Jesus wen turn aroun to his guys an tell um (but he neva tell da odda peopo), “You guys stay good inside cuz you see da stuff you see! 24I telling you, Plenny kings an plenny guys dat wen talk fo God wen like see an hear da stuff you guys see an hear, but dey neva.”
Da Good Guy From Samaria
(Rules 6:5; Prieses 19:18)
25One teacha dat teach God's Rules wen stand up fo aks Jesus one question fo trick him. He say, “Teacha, wat I gotta do fo get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva?”
26Jesus say, “Tell me, wat God's Rules say inside da Bible?”
27He say, “Get love an aloha fo da Boss yoa God wit all yoa heart, an wit everyting inside you, an wit how you tink, an wit all yoa power. An get love an aloha fo everybody jalike you get love fo yoaself.”
28Jesus say, “Dass right! Do dat an you goin live fo real kine.”
29But da guy like make himself look good, so he aks, “Wat you mean, love an aloha fo everybody?”
30Jesus say, “Had one guy. He wen go Jericho town from Jerusalem. Den had some guys dat wen jump him, rip him off, bus him up, an leave him dea fo mahke. 31Bumbye one Jewish pries guy come dat same road. He spock da guy, an go da odda side. 32Same ting, one guy from da Levi ohana dat help da prieses, he spock him, an go da odda side too. 33Den one guy from Samaria going dat road wen come wea da guy stay, spock him, an get pity fo him. 34He go by him, put olive oil an wine on top his cuts, an wrap um up. He put da guy on top his own donkey, an bring him by da hotel, an take care him. 35Da nex day he take out two silva coins an give um to da boss fo da hotel, an say, ‘Take care him, an wen I come back I give you wateva you wen pay.’
36“Now, wat you tink? From da three guys dat wen pass, who wen get mo love an aloha fo da guy dose guys wen bus up?”
37Da teacha guy say, “Da guy dat wen show pity fo him.”
Jesus say, “Go, make lidat.”
Jesus Go See Marta An Mary
38Jesus an da guys he teach wen go down one road, an dey come to one small town. One wahine name Marta stay dea. She wen tell um fo come inside her house. 39She get one sista name Mary, an Mary wen sit down by Jesus feet an lissen to wat he say. 40But wen bodda Marta cuz ony her was doing all da work, an she come an tell, “Boss, you no care dat my sista wen leave me all by myself fo do everyting? Tell her fo come help me!”
41Da Boss wen tell Marta, “Marta! You bum out, an you worry bout plenny stuff, 42but you ony need one ting. Mary wen pick da mo betta ting, an nobody can take dat away from her.”