Lazarus Come Back Alive
(John 12:1-7)
111-2Had one guy, name Lazarus. He get two sistas, Mary an Marta, an dey all come from Betany town. Mary, she da wahine dat wen put da perfume on top da Boss Jesus feet, an wipe um wit her hair. Now, Lazarus wen come sick. 3So Lazarus sistas, dey send guys fo tell Jesus, “Boss, yoa good friend Lazarus, he stay sick.”
4Wen Jesus wen hear dat, he wen say, “Lazarus no goin mahke from dis sick. Dis wen happen so everybody goin know how awesome God stay. I God's Boy, an everybody goin find out from dis how awesome I stay too.”
5Now Jesus get love an aloha fo da sistas, Marta an Mary, an fo Lazarus too. 6Afta Jesus hear dat Lazarus stay sick, he still yet stay ova dea da odda side da Jordan River two mo days. 7Den he tell his guys, “Come on. We go back Judea side, wea Lazarus stay.”
8Da guys Jesus teaching wen tell him, “Eh, Teacha, ony litto wile befo dis da Jewish peopo wen like throw stones at you fo kill you. An you still like go back ova dea again?”
9Jesus tell dem, “No scared! God goin take care us guys, cuz he jalike da light. Day time get twelve hours, yeah? If you walk aroun day time, you no goin trip an fall down, cuz da light dat shine inside dis world let you see. 10But if you walk aroun nite time, you goin trip an fall down, cuz you no mo light.”
11Afta Jesus wen say dat, he tell dem, “Our friend Lazarus wen go sleep, but I going ova dea fo wake him up.”
12Jesus guys wen say, “Boss, if he sleeping, he goin come good.”
13Jesus mean he mahke die dead, but his guys tink he talking bout rest an sleep. 14Den Jesus tell um strait, “Lazarus mahke awready. 15I feel good inside fo you guys, cuz I neva stay ova dea wen he wen mahke. Cuz you guys goin trus me cuz a wat goin happen. An now, we going ova dea by him.”
16Den Thomas da Twin tell Jesus odda guys, “Eh, mo betta we go wit Jesus too, so we can mahke wit him.”
Jesus Make da Mahke Peopo Come Alive Fo Real Kine
17Den wen Jesus go Betany, he wen find out dat Lazarus wen stay inside da grave four days awready. 18Now, Betany stay not too far from Jerusalem, not even two miles. 19Plenny Jewish peopo wen come fo kokua Marta an Mary, cuz dea brudda wen mahke.
20Den Marta wen find out dat Jesus stay coming. She go outside da town an meet him. But Mary stay inside da house. 21Marta tell Jesus, “Boss, if you was hea, my brudda no wen mahke! 22But I know dat even now, God goin do wateva you aks him fo do.”
23Jesus tell her, “Yoa brudda goin come back alive again.”
24Marta tell him, “I know dat he goin come back alive, bumbye wen all da mahke guys goin come back alive, an dis world goin pau.”
25Jesus tell her, “I da Guy dat make peopo come back alive an stay live fo real kine. Whoeva trus me goin come alive, no matta dey mahke. 26Whoeva stay live fo real kine an trus me, dey no goin mahke inside, eva! You believe dat, Marta?”
27She tell him, “Yeah, Boss! I trus you, dat you da Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. You God's Boy, da Guy dey wen tell us goin come inside dis world.”
Jesus Cry
28Afta Marta wen say dat, she go back by her sista Mary. Dey talk wea nobody can hear wat dey say. She say, “Da Teacha wen come, an he like see you.” 29Mary wen hear dat. She get up quick an go outside wea Jesus stay. 30You know, Jesus neva come inside da town yet, but he stay da place wea Marta meet him. 31Da Jewish peopo dat stay inside da house wit Mary, fo kokua her, dey wen see her get up quick an go outside. So dey wen go too. Dey tink she going to da grave fo cry ova dea.
32Den Mary wen come wea Jesus stay, an see him. She go down in front his feet an say, “Boss, if you was hea, my brudda no wen mahke.”
33Wen Jesus see her crying, an da Jewish peopo who wen come wit her crying too, he come all bodda an funny kine inside. 34He say, “Wea you guys wen bury him?”
Dey say, “Boss, come see.”
35Jesus wen cry. 36Den da Jewish peopo say, “Look, how plenny love an aloha he get fo Lazarus!”
37But some a dem say, “Eh! Dis guy wen make da blind guys see. How come he no can make Lazarus come good, so he no mahke, aah?”
Lazarus Come Back Alive
38One mo time Jesus wen come all funny kine inside. He go to da cave wea dey wen bury Lazarus. An had one big stone dea dat cover da cave so nobody can go inside. 39Jesus say, “Take away da big stone.”
Marta, da mahke guy's sista, she say, “Auwe, Boss, he mahke four days awready! Goin get bad smell!
40Jesus tell her, “I wen tell you awready dat if you trus God, you goin find out how awesome he stay, yeah?” 41Den some guys wen take da stone away from da puka. Jesus look up to da sky an say, “Fadda, mahalo plenny dat you wen lissen to me. 42I know dat you everytime lissen to me. But I wen say dat so dey goin believe me, dat you wen send me hea.” 43Afta he say dat, he talk real loud, “Lazarus, come outa dea!” 44Da mahke guy wen come outside. He get bandage fo mahke guys aroun his hands an feet, an anodda bandage aroun his face. Jesus say, “Hemo da bandage from his face, an let him go.”
Dey Talk How Dey Goin Kill Jesus
(Matthew 26:1-5; Mark 14:1-2; Luke 22:1-2)
45Den plenny Jewish peopo dat wen come fo kokua Mary, an wen see all da awesome stuff Jesus wen do, dey wen trus him. 46But odda guys wen go by da Pharisee guys, an tell dem all da stuff Jesus wen do.
47Den da main pries guys an da Pharisee guys wen tell all da Jewish leadas fo come togedda. Dey say, “Dis guy Jesus doing all kine awesome stuff dat show who him! Wat we goin do? 48If we let him stay do dis kine stuff, everybody goin go trus him jalike he dea king! An cuz a dat, da Rome army guys goin come an wipe out our temple an our peopo.”
49One a dem, Kaiafas, da Head Priest guy dat year. He tell dem, “You guys donno notting! 50Mo betta fo you guys if one guy mahke fo all da peopo. If not, da Rome guys goin wipe out all da Jewish peopo!” 51Kaiafas neva say dat by himself, but he da Head Priest guy dat year, dass why he can talk lidat. He wen talk fo God wen he say dat Jesus goin mahke fo all da Jewish peopo. 52An he no goin mahke ony fo da Jewish peopo, but fo all God's kids dat stay all ova da world, fo bring dem all togedda fo come one peopo.
53Dass why, from dat time, da Jewish leada guys wen talk togedda how dey goin kill Jesus.
54So Jesus no go aroun no moa wea da Jewish leada guys can see him. He go one place near da boonies, Efraim town. An he wen stay ova dea wit da guys he teaching.
(Census 9:10)
55Now, almos time fo da Jewish Passova religious time. Plenny peopo from da boonies wen go Jerusalem befo da Passova, so dey can do all da stuff God's Rules say fo do fo make demself clean fo pray Passova time. 56Da peopo stay looking fo Jesus. Wen dey standing inside da temple yard, dey aks each odda, “Wat you guys tink? You tink Jesus goin come to da spesho religious time, o wat?” 57But da main pries guys an da Pharisee guys wen tell dat if anybody know wea Jesus stay, dey gotta tell dem, so dey can send da police guys fo bus Jesus.