Mary Put Perfume On Top Jesus Feet
(Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9)
121Den six days befo da Passova religious time, Jesus wen go to Betany. Dass wea Lazarus wen stay, da guy Jesus wen make come back alive from mahke. 2So dey wen make one dinna fo Jesus. Marta wen bring da food to da peopo, an Lazarus stay sit by Jesus at da table. 3Den Mary wen take one pint nard kine perfume dat cost plenny, pour um on top Jesus feet, an den wipe um wit her hair. Den wen smell real good all ova inside da house.
4But Judas Iscariot, one a Jesus guys, da guy dat lata goin set him up fo mahke, he wen say, 5“Eh, how come dey neva sell dis perfume fo three hundred silva coins, an give da money to da peopo dat no mo notting?” 6Da guy, he no mo aloha fo da peopo dat no mo notting, he ony talk lidat cuz he one steala guy. He stay in charge a da money bag fo Jesus dem, an he cockaroach um.
7But Jesus say, “Eh, no bodda her! She wen stash dis perfume fo use um wen dey goin make me ready fo bury.” 8You guys everytime get peopo dat no mo notting wit you. But you guys no goin get me wit you everytime.
Da Main Priest Guys Talk How Dey Can Kill Lazarus
9Dat time plenny Jewish peopo wen find out dat Jesus was dea inside Betany town, an dey wen come fo see him. An not ony him, but Lazarus too. Cuz dey wen hear dat Jesus wen make Lazarus come back alive from mahke. 10So da main pries guys wen talk togedda how dey goin kill Lazarus too. 11Cuz plenny Jewish peopo wen hear bout Lazarus, an see him. Az why dey wen bag dea leadas, an trus Jesus.
Jesus Go Inside Jerusalem Jalike One King
(Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-40; Songs 118:25-26; Zekariah 9:9)
12Da nex day, plenny peopo dat wen come Jerusalem fo da Passova wen hear dat Jesus stay coming dea. 13Dey wen cut branches from da palm trees fo wave cuz dey like cheer Jesus, an dey wen go fo meet Jesus. Dey yelling,
“Hui! God goin take us outa da bad kine stuff we stay in!
Dis da King fo da Israel peopo.
God goin do plenny good kine stuff fo him.
He da guy dat come fo da Boss!
14Jesus wen find one young donkey an sit down on top um, jalike da Bible say,
15“No scared, you peopo from Jerusalem town!
Look! Yoa King stay coming!
He sitting on top one young donkey.”
16Dat time, Jesus guys no can figga all da stuff dat stay happen. But latas, Jesus wen come back alive from mahke an God wen make um come awesome. Den, dey wen rememba dat da Bible wen say all dis tings bout him. An dey wen rememba dat da peopo wen make lidat to him.
17Now, all da peopo dat wen stay wit Jesus, da time he wen make Lazarus come back alive from mahke, dey wen tell wat dey wen see. 18Dass why plenny peopo wen go outside Jerusalem fo meet Jesus, cuz dey wen hear bout da awesome ting he wen do dat wen show who him. 19Den da Pharisee guys tell each odda, “Look! Everybody in da whole world stay going wit Jesus! An us guys no can do notting fo stop um!”
Had Greek Guys Dat Like See Jesus
20Had some Greek guys dat wen go Jerusalem wit da odda peopo fo da Passova religious time, fo go down an show God love an respeck dea. 21Dey come by Philip, da guy who come from Betsaida town, Galilee side, an dey tell him, “Eh Mista, us guys, we like meet Jesus.”
22Philip, he go tell Andrew. Den Andrew an Philip, dey go togedda an tell Jesus. 23Jesus tell dem, “Time awready fo me, da Guy Dass Fo Real. Now God goin make me come awesome fo real kine! But befo I come awesome, I gotta mahke. 24An I like tell you guys dis too: I jalike da wheat seed dat gotta fall down inside da groun an mahke, an den can grow, fo make plenny mo seeds. If da seed no mahke, stay ony one seed. 25Whoeva like hang on to dea life, dey goin lose um. But whoeva give up dea life in dis world, goin hang on to um, an stay live to da max foeva. 26Whoeva like be my helpa gotta go wit me an be my guy. Wea I stay, my helpa guy goin stay dea too. An my Fadda goin show respeck to dat helpa guy.”
Jesus Tell How He Goin Mahke
27Den Jesus tell, “Right now I feel all funny kine inside. Wat I goin say? ‘Fadda, no let me mahke right now’? No way I goin say dat! Dass why I wen come hea, so I can mahke. 28I say dis: ‘Fadda, let um happen, so everybody can know how awesome you stay.’-”
Den one voice from da sky wen say, “I wen show dem I stay awesome awready, an I goin show um one mo time.”
29Da peopo dat wen stand dea an hear um, wen say, “Eh! Get thunder!”
Da odda peopo wen say, “Nah, az was one angel messenja guy from da Boss dat wen talk to him.”
30Jesus tell dem, “Dis voice not fo me, but fo you guys. 31Now da peopo inside dis world goin stand in front God da Judge, an God goin throw out da Bad Guy dat stay in charge a da peopo all ova da world. 32Wen dey lift me up from da groun fo kill me, den I goin bring everybody by me.” 33(He wen say dat fo show dem how he goin mahke.)
34Da peopo tell him, “We wen hear from God's Rules dat da Christ Guy goin live foeva. Den how come you say, ‘Dey goin take me, da Guy Dass Fo Real, an lift me up from da groun fo kill me’? Who dis Guy Dass Fo Real dat you talking bout?”
35Jesus wen tell dem, “Me, I jalike da light fo you guys. Ony litto wile mo da light goin stay hea wit you guys. Live da right way now wen get light still yet, cuz no good da dark pio da light you get inside you. Whoeva walk aroun inside da dark, dey donno wea dey going. 36Right now, I stay hea wit you guys. I jalike da light fo you guys. So go trus me. Den you guys can come da kine peopo dat know wea dey going cuz dey get da light inside.”
Jesus say dat. Den he go way from da peopo so he can stay by himself.
Da Jewish Peopo No Trus Jesus
(Matthew 13:15; Mark 4:12; Rome 10:16; Isaiah 6:1,10, 53:1)
37No matta Jesus wen do plenny awesome stuff in front da peopo fo show who him, dey still yet no trus him. 38Jalike da guy Isaiah wen say, dat wen talk fo God long time ago,
“Eh Boss! No mo nobody wen trus wat us guys wen say!
Wen you wen show yoa power, nobody see notting!”
39Az why da Jewish peopo no can trus God nowdays, jalike Isaiah wen say one nodda time,
40“God wen make um so dey no can see,
An make um hard head,
So dey no like see wit dea eyes,
No like undastan wit dea head,
No like change an come by me,
Cuz dey no like fo me fo make um come good.”
41Isaiah wen say dat cuz he wen see how awesome Jesus stay, an he wen tell wat goin happen wit Jesus.
42Plenny Jewish main leada guys wen trus Jesus, but dey no like tell everybody, cuz dey scared da Pharisee guys goin throw um outa da Jewish church. 43Cuz da leada guys, dey like da peopo talk good bout dem, mo den dey like God talk good bout um.
Wat Jesus Say Show Wat Kine Peopo Dem
44Jesus wen talk loud an say, “Whoeva trus me, he no trus ony me, but he trus da One dat wen send me hea too. 45Whoeva see me, he see da One dat wen send me hea too. 46I wen come jalike da light inside da world, so dat whoeva trus me, dey no goin stay dark inside. 47Whoeva hear wat I say an no do um, I no goin punish dem. I neva come fo punish da peopo inside da world. Me, I wen come fo take um outa da bad kine stuff dey doing. 48Whoeva no take me an wat I say, dat guy goin get one nodda judge. In da end time wen da world goin pau, all da stuff I wen say goin show how dat guy stay. 49Cuz I neva talk by myself, but my Fadda who wen send me wen tell me everyting he like me fo say. 50I know dat wat da Fadda tell us fo do show everybody how dey can come alive foeva fo real kine. So everyting I say, dass jalike my Fadda wen tell me.”