Jesus Wash His Guys Feet
131Was jus befo da Passova time. Jesus wen know dat was time fo him fo go outa dis world, an go by his Fadda. He everytime get love an aloha fo his peopo dat stay inside da world, an he get love an aloha fo dem all da way.
2Jesus dem was eating da Passova dinna. An da Devil wen awready make Judas, Simon Iscariot's boy, tink dat he like set Jesus up.
3Jesus know dat his Fadda wen give him all da power ova everyting. He know he wen come from God an now he going back to God. 4So Jesus wen stand up from da table, take off his robe, an put one towel aroun his waist. 5Den he wen pour water inside one small wash tub, an wen start fo wash his guys feet, first one guy, den da odda. An den he dry um wit da towel he wen get aroun his waist. 6Den he wen go by Simon Peter. An Peter wen aks him, “Eh, Boss! Wat you doing? You goin wash my feet?”
7Jesus tell him, “You no undastan how come I doing dis now, but bumbye you goin undastan um.”
8Peter tell him, “No way you eva goin wash my feet!”
Den Jesus tell him, “If I no wash you, den you no can be my guy.”
9Den Simon Peter tell him, “Kay den, Boss. No wash ony my feet. Wash my hands an my head too!”
10Jesus tell him, “Whoeva wen bafe, dey ony need wash dea feet. Dea body stay clean awready. You guys stay clean inside, but not all you guys.” 11(Cuz Jesus know awready who goin set him up. Dass why he say, “All you guys not clean.”)
12Afta Jesus wen wash dea feet, he put on his robe an go back to da table. Den he aks um, “Eh, you guys undastan how come I wen wash you guys feet? 13You guys call me ‘Teacha’ an ‘Boss.’ Dass good, cuz dass who me. 14I you guys Boss an Teacha, yeah? an I wen wash you guys feet. Kay den. You guys suppose to wash each odda's feet too. 15I wen show you guys wat fo do, cuz jalike I wen do fo you guys, you guys suppose to do too. 16Dass right! An I tell you guys dis too: Da slave guy not mo importan den his boss. An da messenja guy not mo importan den da guy dat wen send him. 17You guys know all dis stuffs. So, if you guys do um, you guys goin stay good inside.
18“I not talking bout all you guys. I know da guys I wen pick. But gotta happen jalike da Bible say from befo time, ‘One guy dat wen eat wit me, like go agains me.’ 19I stay telling you guys dis now, befo he do um, so wen he do um, you guys goin know fo shua dat I God's Spesho Guy. 20Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis too: Whoeva stick wit da guy I send, dey stick wit me too. An whoeva stick wit me, dey stick wit da One who wen send me too.”
Dey Goin Set Up Jesus fo Mahke
(Matthew 26:20-25; Mark 14:17-21; Luke 22:21-23)
21Afta Jesus wen say dat, he come all funny kine inside. He tell da guys he teaching, “Dis fo shua wat I telling you guys: One a you guys goin set me up fo mahke.”
22His guys wen look at each odda, an dey no can figga who he talking bout. 23Had one a Jesus guys was sitting by him at da table. Jesus get plenny love an aloha fo him. 24So Simon Peter nod da head at da guy an say, “Eh! Try find out who he talking bout.”
25So da guy wen move mo close an aks Jesus, “Eh, Boss! Who da guy?”
26Jesus say, “I goin take one piece bread, dip um inside da sauce, an give um to da guy.” So he take da bread, dip um inside, an give um to Judas, Simon Iscariot's boy. 27Judas wen take da bread, an right den an dea, da Devil take ova him. Den Jesus say, “Hurry up an go do wat you goin do!” 28But da odda guys sitting dea neva undastan how come Jesus wen tell him dat. 29Some a Jesus guys was tinking dat Jesus telling Judas, ‘Go get wat we need fo da Passova,’ o ‘Go give someting to da peopo dat no mo notting.’ Dey tinking lidat cuz Judas stay in charge a da money fo all da guys.
30So afta Judas take da bread, he go outside quick. Was nite time.
Da New Ting Dey Gotta Do
31Afta Judas go way, Jesus say, “I da Guy Dass Fo Real. Now everybody goin see how awesome I stay. An from dat, dey goin find out how awesome God stay. 32I goin show how awesome God stay, an he goin make me awesome too, cuz I stay tight wit him. An he goin do um right away. 33Eh guys! I get plenny love an aloha fo you guys! But I goin stay wit you guys ony litto wile moa. Den you guys goin look fo me, but jalike I wen tell da Jewish leada guys, I telling you guys now, ‘Da place wea I going, you guys no can go dea.’
34“I give you guys one new ting you gotta do: Show love an aloha fo each odda. Jus like I get love an aloha fo you guys, dass how you guys gotta get love an aloha fo each odda. 35If all you guys get love an aloha fo each odda, den everybody goin know you my guys.”
Bumbye Peter Goin Say He Donno Jesus
(Matthew 26:31-35; Mark 14:27-31; Luke 22:31-34)
36Simon Peter aks him, “Eh, Boss, wea you going?”
Jesus tell him, “Da place I going, you no can go dea now, but bumbye you going dea.”
37Peter tell him, “Eh, Boss, how come I no can go wit you now? I stay ready fo mahke fo you!”
38Jesus tell him, “Fo real? You tink you stay ready fo mahke fo me? Dass right! But I tell you dis too: Befo da roosta make noise early today, you goin say three times dat you donno who me!”