Jesus Feed Five Tousand Peopo
(Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17)
61Afta dat Jesus dem wen go da odda side Galilee Lake. (Da peopo call um Tiberias Lake too.) 2Plenny peopo wen go wit him, cuz dey wen see all da awesome stuff he wen do fo show who him, wen he wen make plenny sick peopo come good. 3-4Now, almos time fo da Jewish Passova. Jesus wen go sit down on top one hill wit da guys he was teaching.
5Jesus look up an see plenny peopo coming by him. He tell Philip, “Eh, wea we can buy food fo feed all dese peopo?” 6You know, Jesus wen say dat jus fo check out Philip, cuz Jesus awready know wat he goin do.
7Philip tell him, “Somebody gotta work mo den two hundred days fo get nuff money fo buy bread fo give all dese peopo even litto bit.”
8Andrew, he Simon Peter's brudda. Andrew one a da guys Jesus stay teaching. He tell Jesus, 9“You know, get one boy hea dat get five small barley kine bread an two small fish. But how dat goin feed so plenny peopo? No can!”
10Had plenny grass dea. Jesus tell his guys, “Make da peopo sit down.” So dey sit um down. Had bout five tousand guys dea.
11Den Jesus take da breads, an tell God, “Mahalo plenny.” He give um to his guys, an dey give um to da peopo dat was sitting dea. Same ting wit da fish. An everybody eat how plenny dey like.
12Wen everybody get nuff fo eat, Jesus tell his guys, “Go get all da lefovas. No good waste um.” 13So dey go get da lefovas, an fill twelve big baskets wit da bread da peopo neva eat.
14Afta da peopo see dis awesome ting Jesus wen do fo show who him, dey say, “Fo shua dis da Guy who goin come inside da world fo talk fo God.” 15Jesus wen know dat da peopo goin come fo grab him fo make him come king. So he wen go way, an go up on top one hill wea nobody stay.
Jesus Walk On Top Da Water
(Matthew 14:22-27; Mark 6:45-52)
16Befo dark time come, Jesus guys wen go down to da lake. 17Dey go inside one boat, an start fo go da odda side da lake, Capernaum side. Now, dark time wen come awready, but still yet Jesus neva come by dem. 18Den one strong wind wen start fo blow, an da waves was coming mo big. 19Jesus guys wen row da boat three o four miles, an den dey spock Jesus walking on top da water. He was coming near da boat. An dey was real scared.
20But Jesus tell dem, “Dis me! No scared!” 21Den dey let him come inside da boat. Right den an dea dey wen come to da place wea dey was going.
Da Peopo Stay Looking Fo Jesus
22Da nex day, da peopo dat stay back dea, da odda side da lake, dey know dat had ony one boat dea befo. An dey know Jesus guys wen go way inside dat boat, but Jesus neva go wit dem. 23Dey know too dat odda boats from Tiberias side wen come land dat side, near da place wea da Boss Jesus wen tell God “Mahalo plenny” an dey wen eat da bread. 24So, wen da peopo wen see dat Jesus an his guys no stay, dey wen go inside da odda boats, an go Capernaum fo look fo him.
Da Bread Dat Make Us Come Alive
(Songs 78:24, 105:40)
25Dey find Jesus on da odda side da lake, an dey aks him, “Eh, Teacha! Wen you wen come ova hea?”
26Jesus tell dem, “Dass good you guys stay looking fo me. But I like tell you guys dis: You guys do um cuz I wen give you guys bread, an you guys wen come full. You guys no stay looking fo me cuz I wen do awesome stuff fo show who me. 27No go work ony fo da kine food dat bumbye come no good. Work fo da kine food dat stay long time an can make you guys live to da max foeva. I da Guy Dass Fo Real, an I can give you guys dat kine, cuz God da Fadda wen give me da right fo do dat.”
28Dey tell him, “Kay den! Wat us guys gotta do, fo do da kine stuff dat God like?”
29Jesus tell dem, “Dis wat God like you guys fo do: Trus me, cuz I da Guy God wen send.”
30Dey say, “Wat kine awesome ting you goin do fo show us who you, so us guys can trus you? Wat you goin do? 31Our ancesta guys wen eat da spesho manna kine bread inside da boonies, jalike da Bible say, ‘He wen give dem bread from da sky fo eat.’-”
32Jesus tell dem, “Dass right! An I tell you guys dis too: No was Moses dat wen give yoa ancesta guys da bread from da sky. Was my Fadda, an he da One dat give you guys da real kine bread from da sky still yet. 33Cuz da bread from God, dass me, da Guy dat come down from da sky. I make da peopo inside da world come alive fo real kine.”
34Dey tell him, “Mista, give us dis kine bread, an no stop eva!”
35Jesus tell dem, “I jalike da bread. I da One dat can make da peopo come alive fo real kine. Anybody come by me fo be my guy, dey no goin come hungry eva! Anybody trus me, dey no goin come thirsty eva!
36“Jalike I wen tell you guys awready, you guys wen see me, but you guys still yet no trus me. 37Everybody da Fadda pick fo be my guys, dey goin come by me. No way I eva goin throw out da peopo dat come by me! 38I wen come down from da sky. I neva come fo do any kine how I like, but fo do wat my Fadda like. He da One who wen send me. 39Dis wat da Fadda like me fo do: Everybody he pick fo be my guys, he like me fo get dem all, an no leave nobody. An den, I goin make dem come back alive wen da world goin pau. 40Jalike I wen say: dis wat my Fadda like, da One who wen send me: Everybody dat see me his Boy, an trus me, dey goin get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva. An I goin make dem come back alive wen da world goin pau.”
41Dass why da Jewish guys wen start fo grumble bout him, cuz he wen say, “I jalike da bread dat can make da peopo live. I wen come down from da sky.”
42Dey tell each odda, “Eh, dis guy, he Jesus, yeah? He Joseph's boy! We know his fadda an mudda, yeah? So, how come he say now, ‘I wen come down from da sky’?”
43Jesus tell dem, “Eh! Stop grumbling to each odda! 44My Fadda wen send me hea. No mo nobody can come by me, if my Fadda no bring um. An I goin make dem guys come back alive from mahke wen da world goin pau. 45Da guys who wen talk fo God long time ago, dey wen write, ‘God goin teach all da peopo.’ Everybody who wen lissen to da Fadda, an learn da good kine stuff from him, dey goin come by me an be my guys. 46I Da guy dat come from God, an I da ony guy dat eva see da Fadda. No mo any odda guy who wen eva see him.
47“Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis too: Whoeva trus me, dey goin live to da max foeva. 48I jalike da bread, an I can make da peopo live to da max foeva. 49Yoa ancesta guys wen eat da manna kine bread in da boonies, but no matta, lata dey wen mahke die dead. 50But dis kine bread from me, dat come down from da sky, anybody can eat dis bread. Dat mean dey can trus me, an den, dey no goin stay cut off from God. 51I da real bread. I da one dat can make peopo come alive fo real kine. I wen come down from da sky. Anybody take dis bread, dey goin live to da max foeva. Dis da bread I goin give wen I mahke, my body. An dis goin make you live to da max foeva.
52Den da Jewish guys wen start fo argue mo hard wit each odda. Dey say, “Eh, wat dis guy talking bout? How he can give us his body fo eat?”
53Jesus tell dem, “Eh, you guys get um! An I like tell you guys dis too: I da Guy Dass Fo Real. If you guys no take wat I telling you guys bout why I goin mahke, no way you guys goin come alive fo real kine. If you guys take um, dass jalike you guys eat my body an drink my blood. 54Jalike I wen say: Whoeva eat my body an drink my blood, dey goin live to da max foeva, an I goin bring um back alive wen da world goin pau. 55Cuz my body, dass food fo real kine. An my blood, dass drink fo real kine. 56Whoeva eat my body an drink my blood lidat, dey stay tight wit me, an I stay tight wit dem. 57Da Fadda stay live fo real kine, an he wen send me hea. I stay live too, cuz he make me live fo real kine. Whoeva take me, same ting, dey goin live, cuz I goin make dem live fo real kine. 58Dis not jalike da manna kine bread dat yoa ancesta guys wen eat, an bumbye dey wen mahke. Dis da kine bread dat wen come from God in da sky. Whoeva eat dis kine bread goin live fo real kine.”
59Jesus say all dat wen he stay teaching inside da Jewish church, Capernaum side.
Da Good Kine Stuff from God Make Peopo Come Alive Foeva
60Den plenny guys dat go wit Jesus, wen dey wen hear all dat stuff, dey say, “Wow! Dis stuff too hard fo believe!” 61But Jesus wen know dat his guys stay squawking lidat. So he aks um, “Wat! Dis bodda you guys? 62Eh, wat if bumbye you guys see me, da Guy Dass Fo Real, going back up dea, to da place wea I wen stay befo? Den wat?
63“God's Spirit, dass who make da peopo live fo real kine. Da body no can. Wat I stay telling you guys, dass from God's Spirit, an dass wat make peopo live fo real kine. 64But get some a you guys dat no trus me.” Jesus wen say dat cuz he wen know from da start who no trus him, an who goin set up him. 65An he say, “Dass why I wen tell you guys, no mo nobody can come by me an be my guy. Ony if da Fadda like help um, den dey can come.”
66From dat time had plenny guys dat he wen teach befo, but some a dem wen go back, an neva like go wit him no moa. 67So Jesus aks his twelve guys, “Eh, you guys goin go way too, o wat?”
68Den Simon Peter tell him, “Boss, wea we goin go? No mo nobody can tell us how fo live to da max foeva. You da ony one. 69An us guys trus you, cuz we know dat you da Good An Spesho One from God.”
70Jesus tell um, “I wen pick all twelve a you guys, yeah? But still yet, one a you guys, he jalike one devil!” 71He mean Judas, Simon Iscariot's boy. He one a da twelve guys, but latas Judas goin set up Jesus.