Peter An Cornelius
101Had one guy Cesarea side name Cornelius. He one captain fo six hundred Rome army guys from Italy. 2Him an his ohana, dey not Jewish, but dey all pray an get respeck fo God. He wen give plenny money fo da poor peopo, an everytime he pray to God. 3One time, three clock in da aftanoon, he wen see someting jalike one dream. He see one angel messenja guy from God dat wen come by him an say, “Eh, Cornelius!” 4Cornelius wen look at um real good, an wen come real scared. He say, “Yeah, Boss?”
Da angel guy say, “God hear wat you wen aks him fo do, an he rememba all da money you wen give fo da poor peopo. 5Now send some guys Joppa side fo bring back one guy name Simon, da same guy dey wen call Peter. 6He stay in da odda Simon's house by da sea, da guy dat work wit da leather.” 7Wen da angel guy go way, Cornelius wen call two a his worka guys an one army helpa. Da helpa guy pray an get respeck fo God too. 8Cornelius wen tell dem all da stuff dat wen happen, an wen send da three guys Joppa side.
9Da nex day, noon time, dey stay coming near Joppa. Dat time Peter wen go up on top da flat roof fo pray. 10He wen come hungry an like eat. Dey stay making da food ready, an he see someting jalike one dream. 11He see da sky open up, an one ting jalike one big sheet, dat come down on top da groun by da four corners. 12Inside had all kine animals, da kine dat get four feet, an snakes an lizards from da groun, an birds from da sky. 13Den one voice wen tell him, “Eh Peter! Stand up! Kill um an eat um!”
14But Peter wen say, “No way, Boss! I neva eat anyting dat stay kapu an not suppose to eat um!”
15One mo time da voice wen tell um, “No say dat da kine stay kapu dat God wen make okay.” 16An dat wen happen three times, an right den an dea da sheet wen go back up to da sky.
17Peter was tinking wat da dream mean. Right den an dea da guys dat Cornelius wen send, wen find out da house wea Simon da leather guy stay, an dey stop in front da gate fo da house. 18Dey yell, “Eh, get one guy name Simon Peter ova hea?”
19Peter still trying fo figga out wat da dream mean, an God's Spirit wen tell him, “Simon, get three guys dat not Jewish, stay downstairs looking fo you. 20So stand up an go down dea. Go wit dem an no worry, cuz was me wen bring um.” 21Peter wen go down an wen tell um, “I da guy you stay looking fo. How come you hea?”
22Da guys say, “Captain Cornelius wen send us. He one good guy dat get respeck fo God, an all da Jewish peopo get respeck fo Captain Cornelius. One spesho angel guy from God wen tell him fo bring you by his house so he can hear wat you get fo say.” 23Den Peter wen tell da guys fo come inside an make house.
Da nex day Peter wen go wit da guys, an some a da bruddas from Joppa wen go too. 24Da nex day dey wen come Cesarea. Cornelius stay wait fo dem, an he tell his ohana an his good friends fo come his house. 25Wen Peter go inside da house, Cornelius go in front him, an go down on his knees, cuz he get plenny respeck fo him. 26But Peter tell um, “Stand up. I ony one guy, you know.” 27Peter stay talking to him, an dey go inside da house. He see plenny peopo ova dea. 28He tell um, “You guys know dat our Jewish Rules say dat one Jewish guy no can stay togedda wit one guy dat not Jewish, an da Jewish guy no can go inside da odda guy's house. But God wen show me dat I no can say one guy stay kapu. 29So wen da guys wen tell me fo come ova hea, I wen come lidat, an I neva say I no can. So try tell me why you wen tell me fo come.”
30Cornelius say, “Three days ago I stay praying inside my house, same time like now, three clock in da aftanoon. An right den an dea one guy in da shiny kine clotheses wen stand in front me. 31An he say, ‘Cornelius, God wen hear wat you pray, an he know bout all da money you wen give fo da poor peopo. 32Send some guys Joppa side fo find Simon, da same guy dey call Peter. He stay inside Simon's house by da sea, da guy dat work wit da leather.’ 33So right den an dea I wen send dem fo bring you, an you get good heart fo come my house. Now we all stay hea in front God, an we like hear all da stuff God wen tell you fo tell us.”
Wat Peter Say
34Den Peter wen start fo talk. He tell um, “Now I know dat stay true dat God tink an do da same ting fo everybody. 35He take everybody in from all da peopos dat get respeck fo him an do da right ting. 36Dis da Good Stuff dat God wen send peopo fo tell da Israel peopo: ‘Eh! Us guys can come God's friends an feel good inside, cuz a wat Jesus Christ wen do. He da Boss fo everyting an everybody.’ 37You guys know wat wen happen all ova Judea. First da guy John wen tell da peopo in Galilee fo get baptize. 38An God wen give Jesus from Nazaret his Spesho Spirit an power. Jesus wen go all ova da place, an do da good kine stuff. Da Devil wen take charge a plenny sick peopo wit his power, but Jesus wen even make dem all come good. Jesus wen do dat cuz God wen stay wit him. 39Us guys wen see all dis stuff happen. He wen do all dat in da Jewish countryside an inside Jerusalem. Dey wen kill him on top one cross. 40Afta three days God wen make him come back alive, an wen let some peopo see him. 41All da peopo neva see um, but us guys dat God wen pick fo tell bout him, we wen see um. We wen eat an drink wit him afta he wen come back alive. 42He tell us fo teach da peopo an fo tell dem dat we know he da One dat God Wen Send fo judge da peopo dat stay alive an da peopo dat stay mahke. 43All da guys dat wen talk fo God long time ago wen talk bout him. Dey say dat whoeva trus him, God goin let um go an hemo dea shame fo all da bad kine stuff dey wen do. God goin do dat cuz a wat Jesus wen do.”
Da Peopo Dat Not Jews Get God's Spesho Spirit
44Wen Peter still talking lidat, God's Spesho Spirit wen take charge a all da peopo dat wen hear da Good Stuff From God. 45Da Jewish guys dat trus Jesus an wen come wit Peter, wen blow dea minds, cuz God's Spesho Spirit wen take charge a even da peopo dat not Jews. 46Cuz dey hear um talking in odda languages an saying good stuff bout God. 47Den Peter say, “Dese guys, dey can get baptize wit water, yeah? Dey get God's Spesho Spirit, jalike da time wen we wen get um.” 48So he wen tell um fo get baptize cuz a da One name Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. An dey tell Peter fo stay dea wit dem some moa.