Paul Talk Fo Himself In Front King Agrippa
261King Agrippa tell Paul, “You can talk fo yoaself.” An Paul wen wave his hand an say,
2“Yoa Honor King Agrippa, I tink dass good fo me fo stand in front you today fo talk fo myself agains all da stuff da Jews wen say agains me. 3I know dat you know all da ways da Jewish peopo do stuff, an all da stuff dey make argue bout. Dass why I beg you fo try lissen to me till I pau talk.
4“All da Jewish peopo know how I wen make from small kid time, from my own country Tarsus side, an inside Jerusalem. 5Long time dey know me. I wen do all da stuff jalike one Pharisee guy. Dey can tell you, if dey like, dat I wen do even da small stuff an da hard stuff inside da Jewish Rules. 6An now I stay standing ova hea in front you cuz I trus an wait fo da stuff God wen promise our ancesta guys, az why. 7Dass da real stuff our twelve ohana stay waiting fo. Dey work fo God day an nite so dey can see um. Yoa Majesty, da Jewish guys stay poin finga at me cuz we trus an wait fo dis. 8God can make da mahke guys come alive again. How come you guys tink he no can?
9“Befo time, I wen tink dat I gotta do all da kine stuff fo stand up agains da guy name Jesus from Nazaret, jalike dem. 10An dass wat I wen do inside Jerusalem. Da main pries guys wen give me da power, an I wen throw plenny peopo dat stay spesho fo God inside jail. An I wen vote dat dey gotta mahke. 11Plenny times I wen go from one Jewish church to da odda fo punish um, an I wen try fo make um talk stink agains God. I wen come plenny huhu wit dem, an I even wen go da towns far away fo make um suffa.
Paul Say Dat He Wen Change
12“Dass why one time I stay going Damascus. Da main pries guys wen give me da power an wen tell me fo go afta da Christian peopo. 13Yoa Majesty, noon time I stay going on da road, an I wen spock one light from da sky. Da light stay mo bright den da sun. An wen flash all aroun me an my friends. 14We all wen fall down on top da groun, an I wen hear one voice dat wen talk in local talk, ‘Saul, Saul, why you make me suffa? You ony stay hurting yoaself.’ 15Den I say, ‘Who you, Boss?’ An da Boss wen say, ‘I Jesus, da one you stay make suffa. 16Now stand on yoa feet. I wen come fo pick you fo work fo me an fo tell odda peopo wat you wen see an wat I goin show you. 17I goin take you away from yoa own peopo an from da guys dat not Jews, so dey no kill you. I goin send you 18fo open dea eyes an fo turn um away from da dark kine stuff to da light; fo turn um away from da Devil's power an turn um to God. Den I goin let um go, an hemo dea shame fo all da bad kine stuff dey do, an dey can come togedda wit all da peopo dat trus me an come spesho an good fo me.’
Paul Tell Bout His Work
19So den, King Agrippa, I wen do wat God wen show me. 20First I wen go by da peopo inside Damascus, an den inside Jerusalem an all ova Judea. An I wen tell da peopo dat not Jews too dat dey gotta come sorry fo all da bad kine stuff dey do, an turn to God. An dey gotta show dat dey sorry fo real by da stuff dey do. 21Dass why da Jewish guys wen grab me inside da temple yard an wen try fo kill me. 22But God wen help me everytime till now. So I stand hea an tell da small peopo an da big peopo. I ony say da stuff da guys dat wen talk fo God an Moses wen say goin happen. I no say odda stuff. 23I tell um dat da Spesho Guy God Wen Send gotta suffa. An he da first Guy fo come back alive from mahke. An he goin tell his own peopo an da peopo dat not Jews bout God's light.”
24Den Festus wen butt in an wen yell, “Paul, you stay pupule! All da stuff you wen learn stay making you pupule!”
25Paul wen say, “Yoa Honor Festus, I not pupule. Wat I say stay true. You can undastan um. 26I know dat you, da king, know bout dis stuff, an I can talk strait to you. I know dat you know all bout dis stuff dat wen happen, cuz neva happen in one corner. 27King Agrippa, you trus wat da guys wen write down dat wen talk fo God? I know you trus um.”
28Den Agrippa wen tell Paul, “You tink dat in dis litto bit time you goin make me come one Christian?”
29Paul wen say, “Litto bit time o long time. I pray an aks God dat you an all da peopo dat stay listening to me now goin come jalike me -- but not tie up wit chains lidis.”
30Da king wen stand up, an da governa, an Queen Bernice, an da oddas sitting wit dem. 31Dey wen go outa da room, an wen tell each odda, “Dis guy neva do notting wrong dat say he gotta mahke o go jail.” 32An Agrippa wen tell Festus, “If dis guy neva aks fo stand in front da Big King Cesar, we wen let him go.”