Da Letta From Paul
Fo Da Rome Peopo
11Dis letta from me, Paul. I one worka fo Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. God wen tell me fo come be his guy, cuz he like send me all ova da place fo talk fo him. God wen make me one spesho talka fo tell peopo da Good Kine Stuff From Him.
2Befo time, God wen make his talka guys write his Good An Spesho Bible fo um. Dat time, God wen promise um dat bumbye he goin tell peopo da Good Kine Stuff 3bout his Boy. His Boy's blood come from King David. 4But how his spirit stay, an da way he stay good an spesho fo God, dass wat show dat he God's Boy. We know dat, cuz God wen use plenny power fo make um come back alive afta he wen mahke. You know, I stay talking bout Jesus Christ. He da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. He stay da Boss fo all us guys.
5Dass how Jesus stay, an dass why God like do good tings fo us guys. Dass why he stay sending us guys all ova da place, cuz he like all da peopos from diffren places fo trus um an make da way he tell um. An me, I like do dat so dey know who Christ.
6Same ting fo you Rome guys too. You guys come from all da diffren peopos from diffren places, an Jesus Christ tell you guys, “Eh come! Be my guys!” 7You Rome guys, dis letta fo you. Eh, God get love an aloha fo you guys. He tell you fo come his spesho guys. God, he our fadda, an Jesus, he da Boss, he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. I like dem two do plenny fo you guys, an make yoa hearts rest inside.
How Paul Pray Fo His Friends
8First ting fo start, I like tell God “Mahalo plenny!” everytime I tink bout you guys, cuz Jesus Christ, he stay make me feel lidat. I feel good inside cuz all ova da world get peopo talking bout da way you guys trus God.
9God know dat I telling da trut. He know I stay work fo him hundred percent wit my spirit. I make like dis fo tell da peopo all da Good Kine Stuff Bout His Boy. An God know dat I not goin give up tinking bout you guys. 10Everytime I go pray, I aks God lidis: “You know, if you like, I donno how you goin do dis, but been really long time I like go see dem guys Rome side.”
11I really like stay by you guys, cuz I like share da good kine stuff from God's Spirit wit you guys. Den you can stay mo strong an mo solid inside. 12Dis, az wat I mean: Bumbye wen I go stay wit you guys, I like you guys give me good kine words cuz you guys trus God, an same ting, I goin give you guys good kine words cuz I trus him too jalike you guys.
13Bruddas an sistas! I like you guys know dis: Plenny times I tink, “Maybe az now da time fo me fo go by da Rome peopo!” But den, dat time, no can. Ony now, I can go. Wen I go ova dea fo stay wit you guys, I like plenny peopo go trus Christ, an everyting come mo betta fo you guys, jalike wen happen wen I wen stay wit da odda peopos.
14No matta get guys Greek o no Greek, o guys who get smarts o guys dat no moa, I jus gotta take care all dem awready. 15Dass why I stay ready fo tell you guys all da Good Kine Stuff From God wen I go ova dea Rome side fo see you guys.
Da Good Kine Stuff From God, Get Plenny Power
(Habakkuk 2:4)
16I no shame notting bout da Good Kine Stuff From God. Dat stuff get plenny power from God, fo take peopo outa da bad kine stuff dey stay doing, wen dey trus him. Was da Jewish peopo dat wen find out bout um first, an afta dem, all da odda peopos from diffren places too. 17You tink bout all dis Good Kine Stuff From God, you goin undastan wat God wen do fo make peopo come right wit him. But gotta trus him from da start to da end. Da Bible wen say dis befo time:
“Gotta trus God.
Den you goin get um right wit him,
An you can live fo real kine.”
Everybody Make How Dey Not Suppose To
18One mo ting God wen let us undastan: Da peopo ack jalike God no matta, an dey do da kine tings dey not suppose to do. But God no take wat dey do. Az why he goin judge um from up dea in da sky. Inside dem, dey know wass true, but dey stay do da kine tings dey not suppose to do. Az how dey no let da odda peopo know wass true. 19Dey no mo excuse, cuz everyting dat peopo can know bout God, ony easy fo dem fo undastan, az why. God, he wen show dem awready. 20Dis wat I mean: From befo time wen God wen make da world, anybody dat try fo undastan da stuffs God wen make, dey can figga how God stay, no matta no can see God. You know, God get dis unreal power dat goin stay lidat foevas. By how he make, he stay God fo shua. An dey can undastan all dat, dose guys. Az why dey no mo excuse fo how dey make.
21Dey know bout God, but dey no like tell him, “Eh, you stay awesome, cuz you stay God!” Dey no like tell um “Mahalo plenny!” Dass why wat dey stay tinking, all poho awready. Cuz dey no undastan notting, jalike everyting come all dark inside dea heart.
22Dey tell, “Me, I one akamai guy dat everytime know wat fo do!” Dey ony tink dat, but you know, dey still yet stupid. 23Dey no like stick wit da God who everytime awesome an no goin come poho bumbye. But dese guys, dey tink lidis: “We no like dat kine God! Mo betta we stick wit one idol kine god dat look jalike one guy, no matta bumbye he goin come poho. O mo betta our god goin look jalike one bird o one lizard o one nodda animal.”
24Cuz da way dey acking, dass why God wen let um go do wat dey like. He let um do all da kine pilau kine stuff, cuz dass how dey like do inside dea hearts. Dass why dey no mo shame notting, how dey make any kine wit dea own bodies wit odda peopo. 25Dem guys, dey hear da true stuffs from God, but dey no like lissen. Dey tink lidis: “Mo betta we go do da odda stuff, no matta bulai!” Dey show respeck to all da stuffs God wen make, an dey do all da kine religious stuff fo um, but da One who make everyting, dey no like give love an respeck to him. I stay talking bout God. Eh, he all right! Can talk good bout him every time! Az right!
26An dass why God wen let dem guys do all dat, an dey ony go do how dey like do. An so dey all come all itchy, an no mo shame notting. Eh, you know, even da wahines, dey no like make like dey wahines, dey like change how dey stay. 27An same ting wit da guys. Dey no like make like dey suppose to wit da wahines. One guy stay all itchy fo one nodda guy. Dey no mo shame notting fo how dey make wit each odda. So fo dat, dey goin get it! Cuz dey stay far from da right way, an dey going get watevas fo how dey wen make.
28Dey tink, “Mo betta no go tink bout stick tight wit God fo real kine!” Az why God wen let um go do how dey like do. Az why dey ony can tink pilau kine stuff. So, no good how dey make.
29Dey not right kine peopo. Dey ony do pilau kine stuff. Dey greedy guys. Dey get pilau attitude. Dey all jealous. Dey like kill peopo. Dey like go beef everybody. Dey sneaky buggas. Dey ony tink bad kine stuff. Dey tell stuffs dey not suppose to bout da odda guys. 30Dey talk stink. Dey everytime stay huhu wit God. Dey tink dey so high makamaka, so dat peopo no can come by dem. Dey tink dey it. Dey talk big. Dey try figga how dey can make everyting hamajang. Dey no do wat dea mudda-fadda guys tell um fo do. 31Dey no like undastan notting. Dey make promise, but dey no keep um. Dey no mo love an aloha, an dey no give chance notting.
32God wen tell um how dey suppose to make, an dey wen hear all dat awready. Dey know dis too: if get anybody dat no make like wat God say, fo shua he goin mahke. But dese guys, dey go do all dat kine stuff, an dey tink good wen da odda guys go do lidat too.