101Bruddas an sistas, you know wat I like happen fo da Israel peopo? I aks God plenny fo dem dem, so dat da Israel peopo goin let God hemo dem from da bad kine stuff dey stay doing. Wen dat happen, dass wen I goin feel real good inside my heart!
2You know, I can tell you dis bout dese peopo: Dey like go all out fo God, an dey try make lidat, but den, dey donno da main stuff dat dey suppose to know first. 3Dey donno wat God wen do awready fo all us guys get um right wit him. So dey go try fo get um right wit God how dey like, an dass why dey no like lissen to him.
4Christ wen do everyting fo us get um right wit God. Wit ony da Rules, no can do dat. Now, whoeva go trus Christ, dey da ones dat goin get um right wit God.
God Like Take Everybody Outa Da Bad Kine Stuff Dey Stay Doing
(Prieses 18:5; Rules 30:11-14; Isaiah 28:16)
5Now Moses, he wen go write inside da Bible how fo get um right wit God if da peopo do everyting wat da Rules say. Dis wat Moses wen say: “Whoeva go do everyting da Rules say, cuz dey do dat, dey goin get life fo real kine.”
6Da Bible say someting diffren den dat too, bout how you get um right wit God cuz you trus him. Da Bible say: “No good you go tink inside yoa head, ‘Eh, who going up dea inside da sky?’-” Eh, dass jalike da guy going up dea fo tell da Spesho Guy God Wen Send dat we like him come back down hea by us guys. 7Same ting, da Bible say: “No good you tink inside yoa head, ‘Who goin go way down inside da groun by da Deep Dark Hole wea da mahke peopo stay?’-” Eh dass jalike da guy going down dea fo bring Christ back from mahke.
8But you know, da Bible say, “Da main ting God wen say, stay right dea. Awready stay inside yoa mout an inside yoa heart.” Dass da same ting us guys stay teaching: Eh, gotta trus Christ! 9Dat mean, if you talk strait wit yoa own mout, “Jesus, he my Boss,” an you trus deep inside yoa heart dat God wen bring Christ back alive afta he wen mahke, den God goin hemo you from da bad kine stuff you stay doing. 10Cuz az wit yoa heart dat you trus God, an den he make you get um right wit him. An az wit yoa mout dat you talk strait everybody dat Jesus stay yoa Boss, an den God goin hemo you from da bad kine stuff. 11Jalike da Bible say, “Whoeva trus God, no way dey goin come shame, cuz God goin do everyting wat he say.” 12Da Jewish peopo an all da odda peopos, dey all same same. No mo diffrence. Cuz get da one Boss, an he da Boss fo everybody. He goin do plenny fo everybody dat aks him fo kokua dem. 13Cuz da Bible say, “Everybody dat aks da Boss fo help um, he goin take um outa da bad kine stuff dey doing.”
14But eh! How dey goin aks him fo help um if dey no trus him? An how dey goin trus him if dey neva hear notting bout him? An how dey goin hear bout him if nobody eva go tell um notting bout him? 15An how dey goin tell peopo if nobody send um fo go teach? Jalike da Bible say, “Wen peopo go fo tell da Good Stuff From God, eh! dass so awesome!”
16But you know, wen get Israel peopo dat neva like lissen to da Good Kine Stuff From God. Jalike Isaiah wen say inside da Bible:
“Eh Boss! No mo nobody dat like go trus
Da tings dat dey wen hear from us guys!”
17So den: Fo trus God, gotta lissen to da tings he say. An fo lissen to wat God say, first gotta hear bout Christ.
18Try let me aks dis: You guys tink da Israel peopo neva hear notting, o wat? Fo shua dey wen hear! Jalike da Bible wen say befo time:
“All ova da world, get peopo dat wen hear da Good Stuff.
Da tings dey say, wen go all ova da place wea get peopo.”
19An I aks one nodda ting: “Da Israel peopo, you tink dey neva undastan notting?” Moses da first one dat wen go tell inside da Bible, dat God wen say dis:
“I goin do someting fo some odda peopos
Dat not jalike you guys,
An dat goin make you guys jealous.
An I goin do someting fo peopo dat you guys tink stupid,
An dat goin make you guys come huhu.”
20Isaiah wen come strong fo tell um strait inside da Bible dat God wen say,
“Da peopo dat no look fo me,
Dey da ones dat wen find me.
I even wen show myself
To da peopo dat neva aks fo see me.”
21But da Israel peopo, dis wat he wen say bout dem:
“All day I wen put out my hands,
Waiting fo da Israel peopo fo come by me,
But dey no like lissen.
Dey ony like go do someting else.”