God Give Chance To Da Israel Peopo
111So den, I like aks dis: God wen no like his peopo no moa, o wat? Not even! Me, I from dat same Israel peopo! I get da same blood jalike Abraham, an I get da same blood jalike Benjamin, cuz Abraham Benjamin's great granfadda. 2No, God neva say he no like his peopo no moa. Dey da ones he wen pick from befo time. You no rememba wat da Bible wen say bout Elijah? Da guy Elijah, he was aksing real hard fo God fo do someting agains da Israel peopo. 3He tell:
“Eh Boss! Da guys you wen send fo talk fo you,
Dese da peopo dey wen kill!
Da altar wea dey make sacrifice fo you,
Dey wen go bus um up.
Me, I da ony guy dat talk fo you
Dat stay alive still yet.
But den, dey still yet stay trying fo kill me too!”
4An wat God wen say to him? He say dis: “I still get 7,000 guys dat stay my guys. Dey no go down in front da idol kine god Baal!”
5Nowdays, same ting -- get some peopo dat God wen pick jus cuz he like do someting good fo um an give um chance. 6Fo shua, he like give um chance, an dass why he wen pick um. No was cuz dey wen go do someting good, an dass why he gotta pick um, you know. If he gotta pick um cuz a da good tings dey wen do, den he no give um chance fo real kine, an he gotta pick um, az why. 7So wat, den? Da Israel peopo wen like get um right wit God, but dey no can do dat. Ony da peopo God wen pick wen get um right wit him. Da oddas, dey ony wen come mo hard head still yet an dey no lissen to God. 8Dis wat da Bible wen say befo time:
“God wen make um come
Jalike dey no can tink o feel notting.
Dea eyes no can see notting,
Dea ears no can hear notting,
Right up till now.”
9David wen say dis inside da Bible:
“No matta dey party up at dea own table --
I like God make dat party jalike one trap
Fo catch um an pay um back!
10I like God make dea eyes close so dey no can see notting!
I like he bend um down to size!”
God Goin Make Da Peopo Dat Not Jews Come Okay
11So den, I like aks dis: How come da Jewish peopo wen go mess up? Was fo make um wipe out, o wat? No way! But afta dey wen go do da way dey not suppose to an no trus God, dat wen mean, now all da odda peopo dat not Jews can get outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in. An dat make da Israel peopo come jealous. 12Fo shua, da Israel peopo wen make like dey not suppose to. An cuz dey wen do dat, dat wen mean, da odda peopo all ova da world get all kine good tings from God. Da Israel peopo, dey wen lose everyting, an cuz a dat, all da peopo dat not Jews wen come jalike dey rich! Kay den -- bumbye, all da Jewish peopo goin come strait wit God, an den, everyting goin come mo betta still yet!
13Now fo you guys dat not Jews, I like say dis one ting: God wen send me all ova da place by da odda peopos dat not Jews, fo talk fo him. Dis job God give me stay real importan! 14You know, might be, if I do good job, I can go make my own kine peopo come jealous, an den, dass how I can help some a dem come outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in. 15Wen God neva take his own peopo befo, dat wen mean dat da odda peopos all ova da world wen get chance fo go da same side wit God. Bumbye, wen God take back his own peopo, goin be jalike dey was mahke befo, but now dey wen come alive fo real kine!
16Eh, you know, if you take litto bit bread, an give um to God, den da whole bread stay spesho fo him too. If you give da root from one tree to God, da whole tree stay spesho fo him too.
17Jalike da Jewish peopo was one olive tree, an God wen hemo some branches from dat tree, an den he wen plant odda branches on top dat tree. You guys dat not Jews, you jalike one nodda kine olive tree dat grow wild outside one olive tree farm, but God plant you on top one good tree inside da farm. Jalike da odda branches, you get da same kine good tings from God, jalike da Jewish peopo. 18You know, you betta not get big head an tink dat you mo betta den da odda branches dat God wen hemo! If you get big head, rememba dis -- you not da one dat make da tree strong, cuz you ony one branch. Dass da root dat make you strong!
19Den might be you goin say, “Eh, God wen go hemo one branch so I can go stay same place wea dat branch was.” 20Yeah but, God wen hemo dose branches cuz dey no trus God, az why. An you, you stay dea cuz you trus God. Eh, no get big head! Mo betta you be scared! 21Da Jewish peopo, dey jalike da branches dat wen grow dea first -- but God neva let um stay dea. An you? You tink he goin let you stay ova dea if you no stay trus him? Not even!
22So, tink bout dis: God get good heart -- but same time, he can punish hard. He goin punish hard da guys dat no get um strait wit him. But wit you guys dat not Jews, God get good heart fo you guys if you stick wit God an let him be good to you. But if you no let him get good heart fo you, he goin hemo you from da tree too. 23Same ting wit da Jewish peopo, if dey change dea heart, an start fo trus God, God goin plant dem togedda on top da main olive tree one mo time. God can go plant um back, jalike dey was befo time. 24You know, you peopo dat not Jewish, you jalike one branch dat wen get hemo from one olive tree dat wen grow wild outside da farm. God wen plant you inside da good olive tree, no matta dass not da tree wea you wen grow first time. Mo betta still yet, da Jewish peopo, God goin plant um back, inside da same tree wea dey wen grow first time.
Da Israel Peopo Goin Get Um Strait Wit God
(Isaiah 27:9, 59:20-21)
25Bruddas, dis someting you guys gotta know, dat was secret befo time. If you undastan um, den you no going get big head cuz you tink you smart. Dis da ting dat was secret: Da Israel peopo, dey wen come hard head an neva like trus God now, but den, dey no goin stay lidat foeva. Bumbye wen all da peopo dat not Jews goin trus God, den da Jewish peopo, dey goin go trus um too. 26Dass how dat time, all da Israel peopo, God goin take um outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in, jalike God wen say inside da Bible befo time:
“Goin get one guy dat goin take us outa da bad kine stuff,
He goin come from Jerusalem, Zion side.
He goin make da peopo dat come from Jacob tink diffren kine,
Dem guys, dey ack jalike God no matta,
Bumbye, dey no goin tink lidat no moa.
27An I goin hemo dea shame fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do.
I goin make one spesho deal wit dem”
28So, da way da Israel peopo ack weneva dey hear da Good Kine Stuff From God, jalike dey stay agains God everytime. An cuz dey making lidat, dat give you guys chance! No matta, God still yet get love an aloha fo dem, cuz he wen love dea ancesta guys an pick dem fo come his peopo. 29You know, wen God give you someting, he no take um back. Wen he tell you, “Eh! Come wit me! Be my guy!” -- he no goin change his mind.
30Befo time, you guys dat not Jewish neva like do wat God wen tell you fo do. But now, you guys get chance, cuz da Jewish peopo da ones dat no like do wat God tell um. 31Right now, da Jewish peopo no like do wat God tell um fo do. Cuz a dat, God stay give you guys chance. Same ting lidat, God goin give da Jewish peopo chance too. 32Right now, God make everybody same same, so dey no can do wat he tell um, jalike dey stuck. He do dat, fo give chance to everybody, same same.
God, He So Good!
(Isaiah 40:13; Job 41:11)
33Ho, da smart God stay!
God, he know how fo use all his smarts!
He get choken plenny fo help us guys!
No mo nobody dat can figga how God tink
Fo do da tings how he like!
No mo nobody can undastan
Why God do da stuff he do!
Jalike da Bible wen say befo time:
34“No mo nobody dat know wat da Boss tinking!
No mo nobody dat can tell um how fo make!
35An no mo nobody dat give God tings
Dat goin make God pay him back!”
36Eh, everyting come from God!
Everyting happen cuz God make um happen!
Everyting us guys do,
We do um fo him!
Everytime we like say,
He da greates,
An he goin stay da greates foeva! Az right!