How Fo Live Wen Stay Tight Wit Christ
121Bruddas an sistas, so den, wat? God, he give you guys plenny chance. Az why I like aks you guys, let God take ova you, jalike you giving one sacrifice, but alive. But you know wat God like you guys do? He like you guys go all out fo God. Fo make lidat, good you know, cuz dat fo show God love an respeck. 2Eh! No make like how da peopo nowdays telling you how fo do! Mo betta, you guys let God make you guys tink diffren inside, so you can tink new way bout everyting. Den you can go figga how God like you do. An da ting God like you do, stay good, an make God stay good inside, an everytime stay perfeck.
3An cuz God wen do plenny good tings fo me, az why I telling all you guys dis: No ack jalike you mo den wat you stay fo real! Mo betta you tink how you stay fo real kine, not how you no stay. Everybody gotta go figga how much God stay helping dem fo trus him. From dat, you goin figga how you stay inside fo real kine.
4Dass jalike our whole body get plenny diffren kine parts, an all da diffren kine parts get dea own kuleana. 5Same ting fo us guys dat stay tight wit Christ -- we stay plenny diffren peopo, but den we stay togedda jalike one body. All us guys get job, jalike da diffren parts inside da body get dea own kuleana.
6Dis wat I mean: God give all us guys da power fo do diffren kine tings, cuz he like do good tings fo us. So, if God give you power fo be one talka fo him, an you trus him plenny, go talk plenny fo him. 7If God give you power fo kokua odda peopo, den go kokua. If he give you power fo know how fo teach odda peopo, den go teach. 8If God give you power fo know how fo give good kine words to odda peopo, go do um. If God give you power so you can help oddas wit wat you get, den go use wat you get fo help um. Wen God give you power so you one leada fo oddas, make shua you do good job. Wen God give you pity fo somebody an you like help um, make shua you help um an stay good inside same time.
Da Way Christ Guys Live
9Wen you show peopo love an aloha, do um fo real kine, no ack. Hate all da bad kine stuff, stay tight wit da good kine stuff. 10Give da bruddas an sistas plenny love an aloha. Go fo broke fo show da oddas you get plenny respeck fo dem. 11Wen time fo work hard, no be lazy. Make shua yoa heart show dat you go all out! Work fo da Boss. 12You can stay good inside to da max, cuz you know wat God goin do fo you bumbye. Hang in dea wen you get any kine hard time. An make shua you pray all da time. 13Use wat you get fo kokua da peopo dat stay spesho fo God wen dey need help. Wen get peopo from odda places, make shua you show um aloha an take care dem.
14Aks God fo make good tings happen to da guys dat make you suffa. I mean good tings! No go aks God fo make bad ting happen to dem. 15Wen odda peopo feel good inside plenny, you guys feel good inside plenny wit um -- an wen dey cry, you go cry wit um.
16Live togedda wit plenny aloha fo each odda. No ack high makamaka. Mo betta you make friends wit da kine peopo dat odda peopo tink dat dey no rate. No go tink ony you da one dass smart.
17If get somebody dat make bad kine to you, no go make same kine to dem fo pay um back. Try fo tink how fo ack da way everybody know dass da bestes way fo do. 18Make shua you do everyting you can fo live good wit everybody wit aloha, an no go agains each odda. 19My good friends, no go afta da odda guy fo pay um back wen he hurt you. Mo betta you wait, an let God take care him, cuz God no take wat dat kine peopo do. Da Boss wen say dis befo time inside da Bible:
“I da One dat goin make bad to peopo, if dey do bad kine stuff,
I da One goin pay um back.”
Dass wat da Boss say. 20So mo betta, ack jalike da Bible wen say from befo time:
“Da guy dat hate you --
If he hungry, give um someting fo eat.
If he thirsty, give um someting fo drink.
You do dat, he goin come all shame.”
21Kay den. No let da bad kine stuff get power ova you. Mo betta do good kine tings. Den you da one dat get power ova da bad kine stuff.