Gotta Lissen Da Guys In Charge A Da Law
131Everybody gotta lissen da guys dat stay in charge a da law. Dey get da power fo tell da odda peopo wat fo do, you know. But da power dey get, God wen give um dat. Da guys dat stay get power right now, dey da ones dat stay in charge cuz God wen make um lidat. 2Dat mean, if get somebody dat go agains da kine peopo dat get dat kine power, az jalike dey going agains da way how God wen go make one govermen fo us. If get anybody dat make lidat, dey goin get it from God da Judge.
3If you do da right tings how suppose to, no need be scared a da guys dat stay in charge a da law. But den, if you do da bad kine stuff dass no good, you bes be scared! So, if you no like stay scared a da peopo dat get power, make shua you go do ony da good kine stuff. Den wen you do da good kine stuff, az wen dey goin tell you dat you stay okay. 4Cuz da guys dat stay in charge a da law, dey da ones dat God wen pick fo help you. But, if you stay doing da bad kine stuff, eh, you bes be scared! Dey da ones dat get da right fo make shua you get it, an dey going do dat fo real kine, you know. Dose guys, az jalike dey da helpa guys fo God, fo punish da peopo dat doing da bad kine stuff. Cuz da bad kine stuff dat peopo do, God no goin take um.
5Dass why you guys gotta lissen to da govermen guys. Not ony cuz you know inside yoa heart, az how suppose to be, but cuz you know awready, God no goin take notting from you if you no do da right ting.
6Same ting, dass how come you guys gotta pay tax too. Cuz da govermen guys, wen dey stay working hard fo do good job, dey stay working fo God. 7So pay everybody wat you suppose to. Pay da tax guys all da diffren kine taxes dat you suppose to. Make shua you get respeck fo all da peopo dat suppose to get respeck. All da peopo dat stay doing good tings, go tell odda peopo dat dey doing good tings.
Love An Aloha Fo Da Bruddas An Sistas
8No good you owe money to odda peopo. Ony get one ting dass good fo owe peopo -- dass love an aloha. Wen you go show dem love an aloha, dat mean you lissen to everyting da Rules say awready. 9Da Rules say, “No go fool aroun, no go kill nobody, no go steal, no go do any kine fo ony get wat you like,” an plenny odda kine stuffs too. Fo do all da tings da Rules say, ony gotta lissen dis Rule: “Get love an aloha fo da odda guy jalike you get love an aloha fo yoaself.” 10Eh, you show love an aloha fo da odda guy, you no goin do notting fo make bad kine to him! So den, wen you show um love an aloha everytime, dass how you goin do everyting da Rules from God tell you fo do.
Pretty Soon, Christ Goin Come Back
11God goin hemo us guys from da bad kine stuff, an da time dat goin happen, dat time mo close now den befo, wen we wen go trus Jesus Christ. Dass why you guys gotta get love an aloha, cuz you know how everyting stay nowdays. Jalike us guys was sleeping, but now, time fo us wake up awready! 12Litto mo pau da nite time, almos day time awready! So, good we pau da bad kine stuff we was doing. Dass jalike how peopo do dark time, wen nobody no can see wat dey stay doing. Now, jalike we goin put on da kine stuff da army guys use fo fight fo wat stay good, an do da good tings peopo do wen get light! 13All us guys gotta live da right way, so everybody goin see an know dat we doing good kine tings. No good we go party up all da time an get drunk all da time. No good we go sleep wit everybody. No good we like go beef everybody. An no good bodda us every time we tink get somebody mo betta den us guys. 14But you know wat? Mo betta you go change yoa heart an come jalike our Boss Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send! No go make um so stay easy fo you fo go do any kine, jus cuz you feel like you like do any kine.