Paul Tell Da Rome Bruddas An Sistas “Aloha!”
161I like tell you guys some good tings bout our sista Febe. She one helpa fo da church peopo Kenkrea side. 2I like you guys take her in, jalike da peopo dat stay spesho fo God suppose to do, cuz she stay tight wit da Boss Up Dea. Kokua her wit wateva she need, cuz she wen help me an plenny odda peopo from befo time.
3Priscilla an Aquila, give um my aloha fo me. Me an dem, we wen work togedda plenny cuz we stay tight wit Jesus Christ. 4Dem two, dey almos wen mahke fo save my life. But you know wat? I not da ony guy dat like tell um “Mahalo plenny!” Get peopo from all ova da place from odda churches dat not Jewish, dat like tell um da same ting too. 5An give my aloha to all da peopo dat go church dea house too. An my good friend, Epenetus, tell him da same ting. He da first guy dat wen go trus Christ Akaia side, you know. 6Give my aloha to Mary. She wen work plenny hard fo you guys. 7Same ting fo Andronicus an Junias. Dey Jewish jalike me, an dey wen go trus Christ befo me. Dey was inside jail same time wit me. From all da guys dat God wen send all ova, dey da ones everybody know. 8Give my aloha to Ampliatus too. I get plenny love an aloha fo him, cuz him an me stay tight wit da Boss. 9Same ting fo Urbanus, dat wen work togedda wit us cuz he stay tight wit Christ. An same ting fo Stakys. I get love an aloha fo him. 10Give my aloha to Apelles. Da tings dat wen happen to him, dass jalike one test fo make proof dat he stay tight wit Christ fo real kine. Give my aloha to Aristobulus ohana. 11Give my aloha to Herodion too. He Jewish jalike me. Same ting fo all da peopo from Narcissus ohana dat stay tight wit da Boss. 12Same ting fo Tryfena an Tryfosa. Dey two wahines dat work hard fo da Boss. An my friend Persis too. She wen work plenny fo da Boss. 13Give my aloha to Rufus. He one guy da Boss wen pick fo shua. Same ting fo his mudda. She wen make jalike she my mudda too. 14Give my aloha to Asyncritus, Flegon, Hermes, Patrobas, Hermas, an all da bruddas an sistas dat stay wit dem. 15Same ting fo Filologus, Julia, Nereus, an his sista, an Olympas, an all da peopo dat stay spesho fo God dat stay ova dea wit dem. 16Go give each odda one hug an kiss from da Boss Up Dea. Everybody from all da churches dat trus Christ all ova da place, dey like say give dea aloha to you guys.
17Bruddas an sistas, I like tell you guys dis: Watch out fo da kine peopo dat try make you guys go agains each odda an try fo make you guys do da bad kine ting! Da stuff dey tell you guys go agains da tings us guys wen teach you. So, no hang aroun dat kine peopo! 18Dey no work fo our Boss Jesus Christ. Dey ony working fo get tings dat dey like fo demself. Dey talk nice kine to da peopo dat donno wat stay good an wat stay bad still yet. Dey tell dose peopo da kine stuff dey like hear, so dey can bulai dem.
19Everybody wen hear how you guys everytime do wat God tell you guys fo do. Az why I stay real good inside cuz a you guys. But I like you guys be akamai bout da good kine stuff, an no go even try do da bad kine stuff. 20God, he da One dat like make our hearts rest inside. He da One dat goin wipe out da Devil's power an show proof dat you guys get power ova da Devil too. Pretty soon dat goin happen. I like da Boss Jesus do plenny good kine stuff fo you guys.
21Timoty, he stay working wit me, an he like give you guys his aloha too. An Lucius, Jason, an Sosipater, dey Jewish guys jalike me. Dey say da same ting. 22(Dis me, Tertius. I da one dat stay writing wat Paul tell me fo write. I give you guys my aloha, cuz I da Boss's guy too.) 23Gaius, he wen go let me make house his place. An he let all da church peopo go come togedda dea. He give you guys his aloha too. Erastus, dat take care da money fo da big town, an Brudda Quartus, dey like tell you guys da same ting too. 24[I like our Boss Jesus Christ do plenny good kine stuff fo all you guys. Dass it!]
God, He Awesome!
25God get da power fo make you guys stand strong. Dass wat da Good Kine Stuff From God say, an dass wat I teach, wen I tell peopo bout Jesus Christ. God wen show all us guys all da stuff bout Christ dat da peopo from befo time neva know, cuz was secret. 26But now, da tings dat da guys dat wen talk fo God befo time wen write down inside da Bible, make everyting clear. Da God dat no goin mahke eva, he wen make um so dat now, all da diffren peopos can know da tings dat was secret befo time. Dass how dey goin trus him an do wat he tell um fo do. 27He da ony God dat stay, an he know everyting. I like everybody tell how awesome he stay foeva, cuz a wat Jesus Christ wen do! Dass it!