God Wen Pick Da Israel Peopo
(Start 18:10, 14; 21:12; 25:23; Malakai 1:2-3; Rules 32:4; Outa Egypt 33:19, 9:16)
91Eh, I no bulai you guys, I ony tell da trut cuz I stay tight wit Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. Same ting my heart tell me, you know, an God's Spirit stay in charge a my heart. 2I tell you guys dis: Inside, my heart stay plenny sore, an no can stop hurting. My heart stay lidat, cuz I feel fo my own peopo. 3I like my own peopo, da Jews, come tight wit Christ too. Fo dem, I like even go aks God fo punish me, an not dem, an cut me loose from Christ, so dat my peopo can come tight wit Christ. 4Dey da Israel peopo. God wen make dem his own kids from befo time. He wen show dem how awesome he stay. He wen make all kine deals wit dem. He wen give um his Rules. Dey da ones dat know how fo go down in front him an show him respeck how suppose to. God wen promise fo do plenny good kine stuffs fo dem. 5Da Jewish peopo wen come from our ancesta guys, da main fadda guys Abraham, Isaac, an Jacob (dass Israel, you know). An Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, he wen born from da same fadda guys too. Christ, he da One az God, an he da One dat stay in charge a everyting. He da kine Guy dat peopo like talk good bout him foeva! Dass right!
6Now, I not saying dat wat God wen say no goin happen. Cuz da peopo dat wen born from our ancesta guy Israel, inside, all dem guys not da fo real kine Israel peopo, you know. 7Same ting, get plenny peopo dat wen born from our ancesta guy Abraham, but not all dem Abraham's kids fo real kine. Cuz God wen tell Abraham, “Da ony peopo dat I goin call yoa kids fo real kine, goin be da ones dat goin born from yoa boy Isaac.”
8Dat mean, from befo time, from all da kids dat wen ony born from our ancesta guy Abraham till now, not all dem God's kids, but ony da kids dat God wen promise fo born from Abraham, dey da ones dat God call his kids fo real kine. 9Dis wat God wen say wen he wen make da promise: “Same time nex year I goin come back, an Sarah goin born her baby boy.”
10An dass not all, you know. Our ancesta guy Isaac an his wife Rebecca, dey wen get twin boys. Dey both Isaac's kids. 11-12But you know, befo Rebecca wen born her twin boys, an no matta her twin boys neva do notting good o bad yet, God wen tell Rebecca, “Da twin boy dat goin born first, he da one dat goin work fo da boy dat goin come out afta.” He wen tell her dat fo show dat wen God pick somebody, he pick um cuz he know wat he goin do wit dat guy. God jus wen tell um fo come be his guy. He no need wait till he find out how dat guy goin ack, cuz God know awready. 13Jalike God wen say inside da Bible, “I wen pick Jacob, but I neva take Esau.”
14So den, wat we goin say? Dat God no treat everybody same same? Not even! 15Cuz God wen tell Moses,
“I goin give chance to da ones I give chance to,
An I goin show pity fo da ones I pity.”
16Dass why, no matta wat one guy do, o wat he like happen, ony one ting matta -- dat God da One dat give um chance. 17Da Bible tell wat God wen say to da King Pharaoh inside Egypt. He say, “I wen make you King, cuz I wen like use you fo show how strong I stay, an fo make peopo all ova da world tell wat kine God me!”
18So den, if God like give one guy chance, dass wat he do. An if he like make one guy hard head, az wat he do too.
God, He Give Chance, But Den, He No Take Any Kine
(Start 19; Outa Egypt 9:16, 33:19; Isaiah 1:9, 10:22-23, 29:16, 45:9; Jeremiah 18:6; Hosea 1:10, 2:23)
19Now, somebody goin aks me dis: “Eh! If dass how stay, how come God still yet poin finga peopo? Cuz no mo nobody can go agains wat God like fo happen, you know.” 20Eh, who you tink you? How come you talk back lidat to God, brudda? Jalike da Bible wen tell: “If get one guy dat making one ting, da ting no can tell da guy, ‘Eh! How come you wen make me lidis?’-” 21Da guy dat make pots, he get da right fo use da clay fo make spesho kine pots. O if he like, he goin use da same kine clay fo make pots fo put junk kine stuff inside.
22Same ting wit God. He like show everybody dat he no take any kine stuff da peopo like do. He like make shua everybody know he get plenny power. Fo show dat, fo long time he put up wit any kine stuff from da peopo dat do da kine stuff he no take. But dose peopo dat make lidat, ony ready fo get wipe out. 23An he wen do dat cuz he like show dat he goin give chance to some peopo. Dey da ones dat he wen make ready fo come awesome. He like make shua everybody know dat he stay awesome to da max. 24An you know wat? Us guys, we da peopo he wen tell dis: “Eh! Come wit me! Be my guys!” Some a us guys come from da Jewish kine peopo, an he wen tell us fo come. Odda guys, dey come from da odda kine peopos. 25Jalike God wen say befo time inside Hosea's book inside da Bible,
“Get peopo dat not my peopo,
But still yet I goin call um ‘my peopo.’
Goin get one nation dat I neva have love fo,
But den, I goin call um ‘da nation I get love fo.’-”
26Hosea wen say dis too:
“Right dea,
Da same place wea God wen tell um befo time,
‘You guys, you not my peopo no moa!’
Dass da same place wea da God dat stay alive goin tell um bumbye,
‘You guys, you my kids now!’-”
Cuz he wen give um chance, az why.
27Befo time, Isaiah wen talk fo God inside da Bible. He say,
“Get choke peopo dat get Israel fo dea ancesta.
Da ohana big, jalike da sands on top da beach,
No matta God goin take ony litto bit peopo
Outa da bad kine stuff dey stay doing.
28Cuz da Boss goin pau do everyting he wen say he goin do,
All ova da world.
He no goin wase time notting!”
29Befo time, Isaiah wen say dis too:
“Good ting, God, da Boss Fo All Da Armies,
Wen let some a our kids stay alive.
If he neva do dat, our blood pau,
Jalike da peopo from Sodom town an Gomorrah town.”
Da Israel Peopo An Da Good Kine Stuff From God
(Isaiah 8:14, 28:16)
30So den, wat? Wat we goin say? Get all kine peopos from diffren place dat not Jews, dey neva was trying fo get um right wit God befo time. Now, dey get um right wit him, cuz dey stay trus um. 31But da Israel peopo was trying fo ony do wat God's Rules say, fo get um right wit God, but dey no can do um.
32-33How come dey neva get um right wit God? Cuz dey wen ony try get um by da stuff dey wen do, but dey neva have trus fo God. Da Bible wen talk bout one “rock dat make peopo trip ova an fall down.” Dis wat Isaiah wen say inside da Bible:
“Eh! Right hea inside Zion Town,
I goin put one Guy.
He goin be jalike one rock
Dat goin make peopo trip ova an fall down.
But whoeva go trus dat Guy,
Dey no need come shame.”
An jalike da Israel peopo wen trip ova dat rock an fall down!