Da Letta Numba One From Paul
Fo Da Corint Peopo
11Dis letta from Paul. God wen tell me fo be his guy, cuz he like send me all ova da place fo tell peopo bout Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy he wen send. An Brudda Sostenes, he helping me write dis. 2Dis letta fo you church peopo dat come togedda fo God inside Corint town. God wen make you guys spesho fo him cuz you stay tight wit Jesus Christ. He wen tell you guys fo come be his spesho peopo. Dass jalike all da odda peopo all ova da world dat talk to da Boss Up Dea wen dey need help. Jesus Christ, he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, an he da Boss fo dem guys an fo us guys. 3God, he our Fadda, an Jesus Christ, he our Boss. I like dem do plenny good kine stuffs fo you guys, an make yoa hearts rest inside.
Mahalo Plenny!
4Everytime I tink bout you guys, I tell God “Mahalo plenny fo dem Corint peopo!” God get good heart, so he do plenny good stuffs fo you guys, cuz you guys stay tight wit his Spesho Guy Jesus Christ. 5An he make you guys rich inside wit all kine good tings, cuz you guys stay tight wit Christ. Cuz a dat, you guys know da importan kine stuff you guys need fo know, an da bestes way fo tell um. 6All da good kine stuff us guys wen tell you guys bout Christ, stay solid awready inside you guys. Dass how come you guys stay shua dat Christ stay fo real. 7So, you guys awready get all da good tings God give his peopo. You guys stay ready an waiting fo da time wen God goin show everybody our Boss Jesus Christ. 8Christ da One dat goin make you guys strong an solid all da way, till da time wen our Boss, Jesus Christ, goin come back to dis world. Dat way you guys no goin jam up, an nobody can poin finga at you guys. 9God, he da One dat wen tell you guys fo come tight wit his Boy, our Boss Jesus Christ, an God everytime do wat he say.
Get Church Peopo Dat Like Split Up
10Eh, bruddas an sistas! I talking fo our Boss Jesus Christ wen I beg you guys fo tink da same way, an no split up. Gotta stick togedda, so you guys know how fo tink da same way, an can figga out tings da same way!
11Some peopo from Sista Cloe's house wen tell me dat some a you guys stay make argue wit each odda. 12Dis how I figga. Sound like you guys stay talking lidis: One guy say dis, “Me, I stick wit Paul!” One nodda guy say, “Me, I stick wit Apollos!” An anodda guy say, “Me, I stick wit Peter!” An dis odda guy go say, “Me, I stick wit Christ!”
13So, wat? No can split up Christ ohana, you know! Eh! You guys tink was me dat wen go mahke on top da cross fo you guys? No way! You guys tink wen dey baptize you, dat make you guys my guys, o wat? Not even! 14I tank God dat I neva baptize nobody ova dea by you guys. Ony da guys Crispus an Gaius. 15Dass why nobody ova dea can say dat dey wen get baptize fo come Paul's guys. 16-- Oh yeah, I rememba dis, I wen baptize some peopo in Stephen's house too. But I no can rememba if I wen baptize odda peopo ova dea by you guys.
17Eh, you know, wen Christ wen send me, no was ony fo baptize! Da main ting he wen send me fo, was fo tell all da Good Kine Stuff Bout Him! An he neva like me talk bout him jus fo sound smart. Cuz if I wen jus talk smart kine da way peopo tink, dat goin take away da power from wat wen happen wen Christ wen go mahke on top da cross.
Christ Get Power From God
(Isaiah 29:14)
18All da stuff we telling bout how Christ wen mahke on top da cross, dat stuff sound stupid to da peopo dat stay going wipe out fo real kine. But fo us guys, he taking us outa all da bad kine stuff we stay in. So den, da stuff bout Christ an da cross get plenny power from God fo help us guys. 19Dass jalike wat Isaiah wen write inside da Bible befo time:
God say,
“All dis stuff da smart guys know,
I goin make um come jalike notting.
No matta how smart dey stay,
I goin make everyting dey know jalike no good.”
20So wat den? Wat goin happen to da smart guys? An to da teacha guys dat teach da Rules? An to da guys dat nowdays can talk good an make you tink anodda way? Eh! God wen make all dem guys look stupid! He wen make all da smarts dat come from dis world come jalike notting!
21You know God, he so smart, he neva let da peopo inside dis world figga how dey can know him fo real kine. Cuz da kine smarts dey get inside dis world, not nuff. God, he figga lidis: mo betta send some guys aroun fo tell da peopo bout him, no matta get peopo dat tink da guys he send kinda crazy fo talk lidat. But God figga dat from da stuff his peopo tell, odda peopo can go trus him, an dass how he goin take um outa da bad kine stuff dey stay doing.
22You know, da Jewish peopo, dey everytime like us guys fo do someting awesome fo show proof dat we get God's power. An da Greek peopo, dey ony like hear da smart kine stuff dat dey tink az da trut. 23But us guys dat talk fo God, we stay tell peopo all ova da place how God wen send dis Spesho Guy Christ ova hea, an how odda guys wen hang um on top one cross an kill um. Da Jewish peopo, wen dey hear dat, dey no can handle, cuz dey tink God's Spesho Guy no goin mahke eva. An da Greek peopo, wen dey hear um, dey tink, “Dass stupid!” 24But get odda peopo, some a dem Jewish peopo an some a dem Greek peopo, dey da ones God wen tell fo come be his peopo. Fo dem, Christ show um dat God get plenny power an he stay real smart. 25Cuz no matta da peopo tink God stupid, he still mo smart den dem. No matta dey tink God not strong, he still mo strong den dem.
26Eh, bruddas an sistas! Fo undastan wat I mean, tink bout wat wen happen wit you guys wen God wen tell all you guys fo come be his spesho peopo. If you tink da way da peopo inside da world tink, no mo plenny guys wit you guys dat get plenny smarts, o get da kine power fo make odda peopo do wat dey like. No mo plenny guys wit you guys dat come from one ohana wit big name. 27But God wen pick da peopo dat odda peopo from dis world tink lolo. Cuz he goin make da smart peopo look shame, dass why. An da peopo dat look like dey not strong hea inside dis world, God wen pick dem, cuz he goin make da strong kine peopo look shame too. 28He wen pick da peopo dat no mo big name hea inside dis world, an da kine dey make fun of, an dose dat no mean notting to nobody. God goin use dem fo make da peopo who tink dey it, come jalike notting. 29So dat nobody can talk big wen dey stand in front God.
30You guys know how come you guys stay tight wit Jesus Christ? Cuz God like, dass why! God, he wen make Jesus da One dat can give us guys all his smarts. An Jesus make us guys get um right wit God, an come peopo dat stay spesho fo God, an he cut us guys loose from da power da bad kine stuff get ova us! 31So den, jalike da Bible wen say befo time: “Anybody like talk big, mo betta dey ony talk big bout da Boss, an not bout demself!”