Diffren Kine Tings Dat God's Spirit Let Peopo Do
(Isaiah 28:11-12)
141Go all out fo get love an aloha. An geev um so God's Spirit give you da power fo do all kine tings. But you know wat kine power you need da mos? Da main ting, you need da power fo talk fo God. 2Cuz you know, wen one guy talk diffren kine language, God's Spirit giving him da power fo tell stuff dat still yet stay secret. But da guy no stay talking to da peopo dea. He talking to God. No mo nobody dea undastan da guy. 3But da guy dat talk fo God, ho! he stay talking to da peopo dea. He making um mo strong inside, an he giving um good kine words, an he kokua dem. 4Da guy dat talking diffren kine language, he ony making himself mo strong inside. But da talka fo God, he make all da peopo dat come togedda fo church mo strong an solid inside.
5I wen like all you guys talk diffren kine language, you know. But mo betta, I like you talk fo God. Da guy dat talk fo God, he mo importan den da guy dat talk diffren kine language. But dass okay fo talk diffren kine language, if you get somebody fo tell wat da guy mean wen he talking lidat. Den all da odda peopo dat come togedda fo church goin come mo strong inside, cuz dey all undastan.
6Kay den, bruddas an sistas! Tink bout dis. If I come by you guys, an I stay talking diffren kine language, how dat goin help you guys, aah? Ony get one way I goin help you guys. Wen I talk to you guys, I gotta tell you guys someting God like you fo know, dat was secret befo time, o help you guys undastan someting, o tell you guys wat God say, o teach, yeah? 7Same ting, you know, wit da musical instrument. Dey not alive, but dey make sound. Da flute o da guitar o wateva, if dey no can change da note, how anybody goin figga wat song dey playing? No can. 8An if da bugle make funny kine noise, how da army guys goin know wen dey suppose to get ready fo fight, aah? No can. 9Fo you guys, same ting wen you stay talking diffren kine language -- if you no say stuff dass easy fo peopo fo undastan, you know, you ony talking to da air.
10Get plenny diffren kine languages hea inside da world, an every language let da peopo tell an undastan wat dey mean. 11But if I donno wat dea language mean, da peopo dat stay talking lidat, I goin know dat dey not from my peopo, an dey goin know dat I not from dea peopo.
12Same ting wit you guys -- you like so plenny fo get power from God's Spirit. Kay den. Mo betta go all out fo get da kine power dat goin help all da peopo dat come togedda fo church come mo strong inside! 13So den, da guy dat stay talking diffren kine language, he suppose to aks God fo da power fo tell wat he mean wen he stay talking da odda language.
14Me, if I stay talking diffren kine language wen I pray, I stay praying inside my heart, but I not tinking inside my head. 15So, wat I suppose to do, aah? I goin pray how I like pray inside my heart, plus, I goin tink inside my head how I goin pray, same time. I goin sing fo God how I like sing inside my heart, plus, I goin tink how I goin sing, same time. 16If you tell inside yoa heart how good God stay an you using diffren kine language, an get one guy inside da meeting dat no undastan wat you saying, how he goin say “Dass right!” wen you tell God, “Mahalo plenny!” wit da odda language? He no can, cuz he no undastan. 17Fo shua, you do good job wen you tell God “Mahalo plenny!” wit diffren kine language. But dat no help da odda guy fo come mo strong inside.
18You know, I talk diffren kine language mo plenny den all you guys, an I tank God fo dat. 19But wen I come togedda wit God's peopo fo church, mo betta I say ony litto bit dat peopo can undastan, so I can teach dem. Dass mo betta den if I say uku paila words, talking diffren kine language dat dey no can undastan, yeah?
20Eh, bruddas an sistas! No go tink jalike small kids! (Fo do da bad kine stuff, shua! Ack jalike babies! Cuz da babies, dey donno how fo do bad kine stuff.) But fo undastan wass da main ting, you gotta grow up! 21God say dis inside his Rules:
“I goin try talk to dese peopo
Wit peopo dat talk odda kine languages.
But no matta wat I do, dey no goin lissen.
Dass wat da Boss say.” 22An dat mean, wen peopo talk diffren kine language, dass jalike one sign fo da peopo dat no trus God, so dey know wat God can do. Dat kine talk, not fo help da peopo dat trus God awready. But wen God make peopo talk fo him, dass fo help da peopo dat trus God, not fo da peopo dat no trus him.
23So, wat? If all you guys come togedda fo church, an you all talking diffren kine language, an get some peopo dat come inside dea dat no mo da power fo undastan dat kine talk, o some peopo dat no trus God, wat dey goin say? Dey goin say, “Dese peopo hea, get some spirit dat wen take ova dem, an dey pupule, fo shua!”
24But if all you guys stay talking fo God, an one guy dat no trus God come inside dea, o one guy dat no mo da power fo undastan da diffren kine language, dat guy goin lissen to da tings everybody telling. Wat da talka guys say goin make proof to him dat he wen do bad kine stuffs, jalike dey was all judges an know everyting bout him awready. 25Cuz da secret kine tings dat da guy no like nobody know, he try hide um inside his heart, but no can, cuz dat stuff goin come outside an everybody goin know. Den he goin go down on his face an give God love an respeck, an tell everybody, “Fo shua, God stay wit you guys!”
Do Everyting Da Right Way
26Kay den, bruddas an sistas. Wen you guys come togedda, everybody get someting -- one song bout God, o someting fo teach, o fo tell someting dat God like tell dat was secret befo time, o someting fo say talking diffren kine language, o dey can tell wat da odda peopo wen mean wen dey wen talk diffren kine language. Everyting dey do, gotta be fo make each odda come mo strong inside. 27If somebody like talk diffren kine language, dass all right, but ony two o three lidat an no moa. One guy no can start till da odda guy pau, an gotta get somebody fo tell wat dey mean wen dey talk diffren kine language lidat. 28An if no mo nobody fo tell wat dey mean, den dey not suppose to talk diffren kine language in front da church peopo. Dey ony suppose to talk diffren kine language inside dea own heart, an dey can talk to God lidat too.
29Da peopo dat like talk fo God, same ting: two o three guys can talk fo God, an da odda peopo gotta check out how fo do wat dey saying fo demself. 30But if get one nodda guy dat stay sitting dea, an God show dat guy someting dat was secret befo, an now da guy like tell wat God show um, den da guy dat stay talking fo God suppose to stop. 31All you guys can talk fo God, first one guy den one nodda, you know. Dat way, all you guys goin learn someting, an all you guys goin get good kine words fo feel mo betta. 32Da guys dat talk fo God, wen dey get da power from da Spirit fo talk fo God lidat, dey still stay in charge a wat dey say. 33Cuz God, he no make us jam up everybody. He make everyting run smooth.
All ova da place, weaeva da peopo dat stay spesho fo God come togedda fo church, get dis custom: 34Da wahines suppose to stay quiet wen everybody come togedda fo church. Dey not suppose to talk. Dey suppose to show respeck fo da leada guy. God's Rules say da same ting, yeah? 35Wen dey get questions, dey can aks dea husbans wen dey go home. Shame, aah? if da wahines stay talking wen God's peopo come togedda fo church!
36Wot! If you guys no like, try tink bout dis: Who was da guys dat wen start fo tell wat God say, first time? Was you guys? Nah! O you guys tink you da ony peopo dat eva hear wat God say? Get real!
37Anybody figga dey one talka fo God, o day stay tight wit da Spirit, dey gotta know dis: Da stuff I writing to you guys, dass da stuff dat da Boss wen tell us guys we gotta do. 38Anybody no lissen to dat, den you guys, no lissen to dem.
39Bruddas an sistas, all dis mean: -- go all out fo talk fo God! An no go tell peopo dey no can talk diffren kine languages. 40But wen you guys come togedda, gotta do one ting first, an afta, da nex ting. Gotta do everyting da right way.