Gotta Tell Everybody How Christ Wen Mahke On Top One Cross
21Eh bruddas an sistas! Wen I wen go by you guys first time, I wen tell you guys all da kine stuff from God dat nobody eva wen know befo time. But I neva ack like I mo betta den you guys. An wen I wen talk to you guys, I neva talk jus fo make me look smart. 2Wen I was wit you guys, I wen figga lidis: I ony know one ting, an dass Jesus Christ. He da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, but was him da peopo wen hang on top one cross fo kill um. An dass da ony ting I know fo shua.
3You know, da first time, wen I wen go ova dea by you guys, I wen feel like I not strong, an I was scared an shaky. 4No matta I was teaching, o I was talking to plenny guys, same ting, aah? I neva like talk jus fo make da peopo tink, “Eh, we can trus wat dis guy telling us, cuz he know how fo talk real good, yeah?” No ways, brah! But wen I wen talk, I wen show you guys dat I get da Spirit in charge a me, az why I get power. 5Cuz I figga, no good you guys go trus God jus cuz you hear smart kine stuff dat peopo tell. Mo betta you trus God cuz he get da power, an you see wat he can do.
Da Smart Kine Stuff God Teach Us
6Fo shua, wen us guys talk to da peopo who stay solid inside, we teach um smart kine stuff. But we no teach da same kine smart stuff da peopo inside da world stay teach nowdays, o da kine stuff da leada guys tink too. (Dem leada guys, dey all goin wipe out, you know.) 7Us guys, we teach ony da smart kine stuff dat come strait from God. Cuz God wen hide um from da peopo befo time, but from da start he wen figga he goin let us guys know um, so bumbye we goin come awesome. 8But da leada guys dat stay in charge nowdays, dey neva undastan. If dey wen undastan, fo shua dey no goin hang our awesome Boss on top da cross fo kill um.
9So da smart kine stuff from God stay hide from befo time, jalike da Bible wen tell,
“Get tings you neva see,
Get tings you neva hear bout,
You no can even tink how unreal dis ting goin be.
Dass da kine stuff God wen make ready
Fo us guys dat get love an aloha fo him.”
10But us guys, God show us all da stuff we neva know befo time, cuz God's Spirit stay in charge a us.
Da Spirit, he undastan everyting. He even check out how God stay, deep down inside him. 11Us guys, we all get our own spirit inside us. Dass how we know how we tink an ack. Same ting wit God -- no mo nobody know how God stay inside, but God's own Spirit, he know.
12You know, us guys, we get God's Spirit in charge a us. Dass why we no tink da same way da peopo dat get da spirit from inside dis world tink. Inside us, we get da Spirit dat come from God, az why. God like us know all da good kine stuff he wen give us guys.
13Dass da kine stuff us guys stay talk bout. Us guys teach da stuff God's Spirit teach us. We no need talk fancy kine, jalike how da smart guys like talk wen dey teach. But us guys, we put togedda da tings dat come from God's Spirit fo da peopo dat stay tight wit God's Spirit. 14Dass why, if get one guy dat no mo God's Spirit in charge a him, ony his own self, dat guy no goin like take da kine stuff dat come from God's Spirit. He goin tink, “Az wase time!” No way da guy goin undastan. Gotta stay tight wit God's Spirit fo check out if dat kine stuff az da trut. 15Da guy dat stay tight wit God's Spirit, he can check um out wateva. But same time, all da odda peopo, dey no can check out dat guy. 16Jalike da Bible wen say:
“Who can figga out wat God stay tinking, aah?
O who can teach God wat he suppose to do?
No mo nobody!”
But us guys, we know, cuz Christ help us guys tink jalike he tink.