One Brudda Take Anodda Brudda In Front Da Judge
61Wot! If one a you guys get one beef agains anodda brudda, you guys no mo shame fo go stand in front one judge dat no get um right wit God? Mo betta you go in front da peopo dat stay spesho fo God, fo handle yoa beef! 2You guys ack like you donno dat bumbye, da peopo dat stay spesho fo God goin be da judge fo all da peopo inside da whole world. So how come you guys no can figga out dis small kine stuff by yoaself? 3You know, all us guys goin even be da judge fo da angel guys. So den, gotta be you guys can handle fo judge da small kine stuff inside dis world. 4Plus, if you guys get one beef agains one nodda brudda bout small kine stuff, den, how come you guys go pick peopo fo be da judge dat get no mo respeck from da odda church guys? 5An now, I like say someting dat goin make you guys shame: No even get one smart guy ova dea dat can figga out da small kine stuff dat da bruddas an sistas get wit each odda, o wat? 6But one brudda go take anodda brudda in front da judge! Mo worse, da judge no even trus God!
7Someting wrong, aah? Jam up, if you guys take each odda in front da judge. Mo betta, you let da odda guy go if he wen do wrong to you! If he steal from you, mo betta, jus let um take da stuff! 8But you guys, you do bad kine stuff to each odda, an steal from each odda too, an dey yoa Christian bruddas an sistas, an den!
9You guys ack jalike you donno dis: Da peopo dat no like do da right ting, no way dey goin get God fo dea King. No let nobody bulai you guys fo make you do wrong! Da guys dat fool aroun da wahines, da peopo dat go pray to da idol kine gods, da peopo dat sleep wit da odda guy's wife o husban, da guys dat go fool aroun da odda guys fo money, da mahu kine guys, 10da steala guys, da greedy guys dat like hog everyting fo demself, da drunk guys, da peopo dat talk any kine to one nodda guy's face, da peopo dat con da odda guy -- fo all dese kine peopo, no way dey goin get God fo dea King!
11Dass how some a you guys wen do befo time. But God, he wen make you guys clean from all da bad kine stuff you wen do. He wen make you guys come spesho fo him. He wen make you guys get um right wit him. All dat wen happen cuz you guys stay tight wit da Boss Jesus, God's Spesho Guy, an wit our God's Spirit too.
If You Show Respeck Fo Yoa Body, Dat Show You Get Respeck Fo God
(Start 2:24; 1 Corint 3:16; 10:23; 2 Corint 6:16)
12Eh! Az okay fo me fo do all kine stuff. But, everyting I do, az not good fo me. Fo shua, okay fo me fo do all kine stuff, but I no goin let anyting make me me do stuff dass not good. 13Peopo say, “Da food fo da belly, an da belly fo da food.” But no matta -- God goin make all dat pau. But you know, yoa body not fo fool aroun wit da wahines o da guys. You get one body so you can work fo da Boss, an da Boss, he da One dat take care yoa body. 14God wen make da Boss Jesus come back alive afta he wen mahke, an he get da power fo make us guys come back alive too, afta we mahke.
15You guys donno dat yoa body stay fo Christ, jalike you guys was da parts a Christ's body. So now, wat? You guys tink I goin take da parts from Christ's body, an make um part a one wahine's body dat take money fo fool aroun? No way! Not even! 16You guys neva know dat wen one guy come togedda wit one wahine dat take money fo fool aroun, jalike togedda dey make one body. Da Bible say, “Dem two, togedda dey goin be one body.” 17But da guy dat stick wit da Boss, jalike togedda dey come one spirit.
18If you get chance fo fool aroun, run da odda way! All da odda bad kine stuff anybody do, no jam up dea body. But anybody dat go fool aroun, dey do bad kine stuff dat hurt dea own body. 19How come you guys ack jalike you donno dat yoa body jalike one temple fo God's Good an Spesho Spirit? God's Spirit live inside you guys. God da One wen give his Spirit to you guys. Dass how come you guys not da boss fo yoa own body. 20Christ wen pay high price fo you guys. So, show respeck fo yoa own body, da way you ack, an dass goin show dat you get respeck fo God.