Da Food Dey Give To Da Idol Kine Gods
(Rules 4:35, 39, 6:4)
81Now, I like talk bout da meat dat peopo give fo make sacrifice fo da idol kine gods. We all know dat all us guys know plenny bout dis. But you know, if somebody know plenny, dat ony goin make dem tink dey mo smart den anybody. Mo betta get love an aloha fo da odda peopo. Dass wat goin make everybody come mo strong an mo solid inside.
2Plus, if peopo dat tink dey know someting awready, dey still donno um da way dey suppose to. 3But if anybody get love an aloha fo God, God know dem, an dass wass importan.
4So den. Even if da peopo make sacrifice to da idol kine gods, an den somebody go eat dat food, we all know dat da idol kine gods inside dis world not da real God. Jalike da Bible say, “Ony get one God dass fo real, an all da odda gods no mean notting.” 5Get plenny kine tings inside da sky an inside da world, dat da peopo say dey gods o dey bosses.
6But fo us guys, ony get one God,
He our Fadda.
Everyting come from him,
An us guys do everyting fo him.
An ony get one Boss,
Dass Jesus Christ.
Wen God wen make everyting,
Jesus da One wen do um,
An us guys stay live cuz Jesus wen give us life.
7But you know, get peopo dat donno dat. Some peopo, dey still yet tinking everytime bout da idol kine gods, jalike dey wen tink befo time. Dass why, everytime dey eat da meat dat da odda peopo wen use fo make sacrifice fo da idol kine gods, dey tink, “Eh, dis food was one sacrifice fo da idol kine god, you know!” Dey tink, “If I eat dis stuff, I stay doing bad kine stuff!” An dat make dem feel all pilau inside so dey no can pray, cuz dey not strong inside. 8Ho! No mo food dat can make us guys come mo close to God, you know. If we no eat um, dat no make us mo worse. An if we eat um, dat no make us mo betta.
9But watch out! Jus cuz you get da right fo do someting, dat no mean, dass good dat you do um. If bumbye one brudda o one sista dat no stay strong inside see you do um, an dat goin mess dem up -- den az no good lidat! 10You, you know dat all dis stuff okay. But if one brudda dat no stay strong inside see you sitting an eating ova dea inside one temple fo one idol kine god, wat you tink he stay tinking? Fo shua, da guy goin tink dass okay fo him fo eat da food too, from da sacrifice dey wen kill fo da idol kine god. 11You know plenny, but you goin make da guy dat no stay strong inside wipe out if you do dat. An dat guy, he one Christian brudda, an God's Spesho Guy wen go mahke fo him, an den! 12You know wat? If dass how you guys stay do bad kine ting agains yoa bruddas an sistas, you hurt dem wen dey no stay strong inside. Eh! dass jalike you guys wen do bad kine ting agains God's Spesho Guy Christ! 13So den, if I go eat dat stuff, an dat make my Christian brudda o sista jam up, mo betta I no goin eat dat kine meat, eva! Cuz I no like dem come all jam up inside.