Da Letta Numba Two From Paul
Fo Da Corint Peopo
11Aloha! Dis letta from me, Paul. God wen send me all ova fo tell peopo da Good Stuff From God's Spesho Guy, Jesus. Brudda Timoty, he stay hea an he say same ting.
I writing dis fo all da peopo dat come togedda fo church an stay spesho kine fo God, inside Corint town an all ova Akaia side. 2I like God our Fadda an Jesus Christ our Boss do plenny good tings fo you guys an make everyting come okay fo you guys.
Paul Tell God “Mahalo Plenny”
3We like everybody talk good bout God. He da God an Fadda fo our Boss Jesus Christ. He da Fadda dat pity us an give us plenny chance, an he da God dat everytime give us good kine words. 4He give us good kine words weneva we get hard time, an cuz a dat, we can give good kine words to da odda peopo dat get any kine hard time. We give dem good kine words jalike God wen give us. 5Christ, God's Spesho Guy, wen suffa plenny fo us guys. So, cuz Christ wen do dat, his Fadda give us choke good kine words wen we suffa. 6Weneva me an Timoty get hard time, God give us good kine words. Same time, good you guys figga God goin give you good kine words too, an take you outa da bad kine stuff you stay in. Weneva you guys suffa jalike us, God give you guys good kine words too, so den you guys know you can handle da whole ting. 7Az why we stay shua you guys goin come out okay. We know dat wen you guys suffa jalike us, God goin kokua you guys jalike he kokua us.
8Bruddas an sistas, we like you guys know da hard time we wen get ova hea Asia side. We had plenny presha, mo plenny den we can handle, dat we even wen give up an tink we goin mahke. 9We wen bum out plenny, jalike one crook guy feeling wen da judge say he gotta mahke. But all dat wen happen so dat we can learn fo trus God an no trus ourself. God, he get power fo even make da peopo alive again dat wen mahke. 10He wen take us outa da bad kine stuff, wen we almos wen mahke. An he goin take us outa da bad kine stuff nex time too. We still yet stay shua he goin take us outa da bad kine stuff ova an ova. 11If you guys stay pray fo us too, den dat goin help us guys cuz God goin do plenny stuffs fo us. He goin do dat cuz plenny peopo wen pray. Den plenny peopo goin tell God “Mahalo plenny” wen dey tink bout us guys.
Paul Change His Plan
12Dis how come we talk big. We know inside us dat da way we do stuff in dis world, we do wat God like us fo do, an we no move from dat, so everybody can see dat we fo real. We no do um wit da kine smarts da peopo inside dis world get, but wit da kine smarts dat God give us cuz he get good heart fo us. Az how we wen do um even mo plenny, dat time we wen stay wit you guys. 13Da ony stuff we write to you guys, you guys can read an can undastan um. Den da stuff you guys undastan litto bit awready, I stay shua dat bumbye you guys goin undastan um mo betta. 14Right now, you guys ony undastan litto bit bout us guys. But wen our Boss Jesus come back, I stay shua you guys goin undastan plenny. Den you guys goin talk big bout us, jalike we goin talk big bout you guys.
15Cuz I wen know dat, da first ting I wen tink fo do was go back by you guys, so you guys can get someting good two times. 16I wen tink I goin come see you guys wen I go Macedonia side, an one mo time wen I coming back, cuz I like you guys kokua me so I can go Judea side. 17Wen I wen tink fo come by you guys, you guys tink I change mind everytime? Nah! Wen I tink fo do someting, you guys tink I like do um ony my way, jalike all da odda peopo inside da world? You guys tink I saying “Oh yeah” an “No way” same time?
18Jalike we can trus God fo do wat he say, wat I tell you guys everytime not “Oh yeah” an “No way” same time. 19Me an Silas an Timoty wen teach you guys bout Jesus Christ, God's Boy. Jesus, he not one “Oh yeah” an “No way” same time kine guy. He everytime “Yeah!” 20Da stuff God wen promise fo do, you guys tink he can do um? Jesus say, “Yeah!” An us guys can say, “Dass right!” cuz we know wat Jesus Christ wen do. We say dat fo show how awesome God stay. 21God, he da One dat make us guys an you guys all be Christ's peopo, an no mo notting goin change dat. God wen pick us fo be his guys. 22God wen put his awesome Spirit in charge a us guys, fo show wat he goin do fo us bumbye. Dass jalike he wen put his mark on top us fo show he own us.
23Wen I say dis, I aks God fo back me up, cuz he know me inside. He know how come I no going Corint still yet. I no like make you guys shame, dass why I no going dea still yet. 24We no ack like boss an try fo tell you guys who you gotta trus. We work wit you guys so you can stay good inside. Cuz you know you guys can be strong wen you trus God.