Paul Talk Bout Wat He Do Fo God
(Jeremiah 9:24)
101Dis yoa brudda Paul talking. You guys tink I shame fo talk strait out wen I stay wit you guys, but I no mo shame fo talk strait out wen I stay one far place? Eh, I telling you guys fo lissen to me, cuz Christ get good heart fo you guys, an he give you guys chance. 2Get guys ova dea dat say dat us guys stay ack jalike da odda peopo inside dis world ack. So wen I come ova dea, I tink I gotta talk strait to dem guys. I telling you guys fo try lissen to wat I saying now, so den wen I come ova dea, I no need talk strong to dem guys. 3Wen we get beef wit odda peopo, we no fight like da peopo inside da world dat donno God, no matta we live inside da world too. 4We no use da same kine tings fo beef, jalike da peopo inside dis world use. Wen we beef agains da hard head kine peopo dat try fo make argue, we get God's power fo show dat dea hard head tinking all hamajang. 5Everyting dey do fo make demself mo importan, an fo stand agains anybody dat like know God, we goin teach um fo tink diffren kine, da way Christ like us tink. 6Afta you guys start fo do everyting Christ say, we goin stay ready fo handle anybody dat still yet do wat Christ say no do.
7You guys ony like look at da tings on da outside. If one guy tink he Christ's guy, he gotta tink bout dis, dat we Christ's guys too, jalike him. 8I no mo shame fo tell everybody dat da Boss wen give us guys da right fo make you guys strong inside, an no wipe you guys out. 9I no like make like I try fo scare you guys wit da lettas I write. 10Some guys say, “Da lettas from dis Paul guy, dey talk strong an dey get plenny power, but wen he stay ova hea, he no ack lidat, an wat he say, good fo notting.” 11Try let dem guys figga dis: Da lettas we write wen we no stay dea, an how we ack wen we come dea, same ting.
12Get peopo dat tell everybody dat dey real good peopo. We no make ourself jalike dem. We no like say we jalike dem. Dose guys, dey ony look at odda guys jalike demself, an dey figga dey stay good jalike dem. Wen dey make lidat, dey no undastan notting. 13We no goin talk big bout someting we neva do. We ony goin talk big bout da job God wen give us fo do. Wat we wen do fo you guys, God wen tell us fo do dat. 14We no stay ova-do um wen we talk big bout you guys. Cuz we da guys wen come an tell you guys da Good Stuff From Christ, an you guys wen lissen. If God neva send us by you guys, an we still yet wen talk big bout you guys, den dass not right. 15We no talk big bout da stuff odda peopo wen do. You guys stay trus God mo an mo now, an we stay waiting an trus dat we goin help you guys mo an moa, jalike God wen tell us fo do. 16Den we can tell da Good Stuff From Christ inside da places da odda side a you guys, wea nobody stay working. No good we talk big bout wat odda guys wen do inside dea kuleana like we was da guys wen do um. 17You know, da Bible say, “Da guy who talk big, let um talk big bout God da Boss.” 18Anybody talk good bout demself, dat no goin make da Boss say, “Dis guy okay.” So den, who okay? Da guy da Boss talk good bout, he okay.