Paul An Da Fake Talka Guys
111Eh, I like you guys try take wat I say, no matta if I talk litto bit lolo kine. Try lissen! 2Jalike God stay jealous fo you guys, I stay jealous fo you guys too. I wen promise Christ dat he can take you guys in, an you guys not pilau inside, jalike one husban take da wahine dat neva sleep wit nobody yet. 3Now you guys like stick wit Christ fo real kine an stay clean inside yoa heart jalike him. But I stay scared dat you guys goin like go way from Christ, an tink diffren kine, jalike Eve wen go way befo time. Da snake wen bulai her, you know, cuz he one sly bugga! 4Everytime somebody show up by you guys an teach you guys bout one diffren kine Jesus, an not da same Jesus we wen tell you guys bout, how come you guys trus dat guy? You guys wen let God's Good an Spesho Spirit take ova you befo, so how come you guys wen take in one diffren kine spirit now? You wen go trus da Good Stuff From Christ befo, so how come you guys wen go trus one diffren kine teaching now? 5I no tink I no good. No matta dem odda guys say God wen send um, an dey get big head, dey not mo betta den me. 6No matta I no can talk fancy kine, but I know plenny tings, an everytime I wen show you guys everyting an every way.
7I neva aks you guys fo pay me wen I wen teach you guys da Good Stuff From God. I wen make myself notting so I can make you guys look good. You guys tink dass was wrong fo me fo do? 8Da peopo from odda churches inside da odda places wen give money fo kokua me fo help you guys. Dass jalike I take from dem guys so I can help you guys. 9Wen I wen stay wit you guys an I wen need someting, I neva bodda you guys fo aks fo notting. Da Macedonia bruddas wen come an kokua me. But everytime I neva bodda you guys notting, an I no goin bodda you guys eva. 10Wat Christ say stay true, an I know fo shua wat I say stay true too, cuz I stay tight wit Christ. An nobody ova dea Akaia side can shut me up fo talking big bout all dat stuff. 11How come I say dat? You guys tink I no mo love an aloha fo you guys? God know I get plenny love an aloha fo you guys.
12I goin still yet do all da stuff I doing, so dat da peopo who say dey same same jalike us guys, an talk big bout being same same like us, no goin get notting fo say. 13Dem guys say dat God wen send um, but dey all bulai. Dey trick da peopo. Dey try make demself look like talkas fo Christ, jalike dey his guys, but dey still fake. 14Dat no blow our minds, cuz da Devil, he go try ack jalike he one good angel messenja guy fo God. 15Dass no big ting if da Devil's worka guys go try ack jalike dey working fo da good an right stuffs too. Dat no blow our minds. Bumbye God goin pay dem back fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do.
Paul Suffa Wen He Tell Peopo Bout God
16I goin say dis one mo time: No let nobody tink I ack jalike one lolo head. But if you guys tink I one lolo head, den take me in jalike one lolo head. Den I can talk big litto bit too. 17Wat I telling you guys now, I sound jalike one lolo head talking, but da Boss Up Dea neva tell me fo say dat. 18Get plenny guys talking big jalike da peopo inside da world talk big, so I goin talk big too. 19You guys like make friends wit da lolo head guys. Gotta be okay, cuz you guys stay akamai plenny, aah? 20You guys let da odda guys go wen dey make any kine to you. Dey make you guys jalike dea slaves. Dey rip you guys off. Dey scam you guys. Dey ack jalike you guys notting, an dey importan. Dey slap yoa head. An still yet you guys let um ack lidat. 21Oh, auwe! I stay shame fo say we neva was strong nuff fo make any kine lidat to you guys too, jalike dem.
Watevas da odda guys talk big bout, I goin talk big lidat too. I talking jalike one lolo head, you know. 22Dem guys Hebrew guys? Yeah, yeah, me too. Dem guys Israel guys? Yeah, yeah, me too. Dem guys come from Abraham? Yeah, yeah, me too. 23Dem guys work fo Christ? Yeah, yeah, me too. I work mo hard mo plenny. I wen stay inside jail mo plenny. Da odda guys wen whip me mo hard. An plenny times I almos wen mahke. 24Eh, five times da Jewish guys wen whip me thirty nine times. 25Three times dey wen beat me wit hard sticks. One time dey wen throw big kine stones fo kill me. Three times I wen stay inside one bus up boat, an one nite an one day I wen stay inside da deep ocean. 26Everytime I go all ova da place. Plenny tings wen almos kill me: da big rivers, da robber guys, my peopo da Jewish guys, da guys dat not Jews, da ocean, da guys dat say dey our bruddas but dey not. All dat stuff wen almos kill me. I almos wen mahke inside da town an outside in da boonies. 27I get hard time, an I wen work hard. Plenny times I no can sleep nite time. I get hungry an thirsty, an had plenny times I no mo notting fo eat. I neva have clotheses, an I wen stay real cold. 28An dis too: every day I feel da presha fo tink hard bout all da bruddas an sistas dat come togedda fo God all ova da place. 29If get somebody dat feel jalike he no can handle, den I feel da same ting too. If get somebody dat do da bad kine ting, den I feel sore inside cuz a dat.
30If I gotta talk big, den I goin talk big bout da stuff dat show I no can handle. 31Jesus, he da Boss, an God, he Jesus Fadda. God, he know I no bulai. Everytime we tell everybody dat God stay good, foeva. 32You know, wen I wen stay inside Damascus, da governa unda King Aretas, he wen put police guys all ova da place fo bus me. 33I wen go inside one big basket, an my friends wen put me down wit one rope, from one window inside da big wall, fo go outside town. An I wen run away from da governa. Dat time, I no can handle fo shua!