Watch Out Wat You Guys Stay Doing
(Rules 19:15)
131Dis da numba three time I going ova dea fo see you guys. Da Bible say, “If one guy goin poin finga one nodda guy, gotta get one o two odda guys poining finga too fo da same ting, o no mean notting.” 2Wen I wen stay wit you guys da numba two time, I awready wen tell you guys, an now I telling you one mo time: Wen I come ova dea I not goin let go da guys dat wen do da bad kine stuff befo. Dass fo any odda guys dat stay doing bad kine stuff too, you know. 3Plus, you guys like me show proof dat Christ stay talking wen I stay talking. Christ no stay jalike he no mo power wen he do tings fo you guys, but he get plenny power. 4Christ neva have power wen dey wen kill him on top da cross. An us guys neva have power jalike Christ get power. But God wen give Christ da power fo live now, an he wen give us da power fo live too wit Christ an work fo you guys.
5Look inside yoaself fo find out if fo real kine you guys trus Christ. Check yoaself out real good. You guys neva know dat Jesus Christ stay tight wit you guys, o wat? If he no stay tight wit you guys, den you not his guys. 6I trus you guys goin check us out real good, an goin see dat we stay fo real fo Christ. 7Now I stay aks our Fadda dat you guys no goin do notting wrong. Us guys no worry bout wat odda peopo tink, if dey tink we doing okay o not. But we like you guys do wat stay right, no matta we look like we not fo real -- no bodda us. 8We no can do notting dat stay going agains da true stuff, but we can do ony wat stay fo da true stuff. 9Wen you guys get power, an us guys no mo power, we feel plenny good inside. Wat we aks God fo do, is fo help you guys come mo an mo betta everytime. 10Dass why I write dis stuff wen I no stay ova dea wit you guys, so dat wen I come ova dea, I no need talk heavy an give you guys hard time. God wen tell me fo make you guys strong inside, not fo wipe you guys out.
11Aloha no, bruddas an sistas. Do everyting right. Lissen to wat I say. Tink da same way wit each odda. Be good to each odda. God get plenny love an aloha fo you guys. He goin stay wit you guys all da time an help you guys stay good wit each odda.
12Give each odda one hug an kiss wit love an aloha. 13All da peopo dat stay spesho fo God ova hea tell you guys “Aloha.” 14I like da Boss Jesus Christ do plenny good tings fo you guys. I like God show you guys his love an aloha. An I like God's Spesho Spirit come tight wit all you guys.