Us, Da Helpa Guys Fo God's New Deal
31If you guys tink we starting fo talk big bout ourself some moa, we not! If you guys tink we need lettas to you guys o from you guys, fo tell dat we good guys, jalike da odda guys need, we no need um! 2We get one letta awready, an dass you guys, you know. Da stuff we know bout you guys, stay inside our heart awready. Everybody know you guys, jalike dey reading one letta. 3Stay clear dat you guys, you stay jalike one letta dat Christ wen write, an dat he wen give to us guys fo bring ova hea. Christ neva use ink fo write um, he wen use da Spesho Spirit from da God dat stay alive fo real kine. Christ neva write um on top one flat stone da way da Boss Up Dea wen do um fo Moses -- da ting Christ wen write on top, dass someting dass alive, I mean jalike he write um inside da peopo's hearts so dey know um.
4We know we can trus God dat all dis stuff stay true, cuz Christ wen show us. 5Our own self, we no can say dat we get da power fo do anyting. Da ony power us guys get, come from God. 6God da One wen make us da kine workas dat can tell peopo bout God's New Deal. Dat New Deal not bout sticking wit some rules, but sticking wit God's Spirit. If you ony stick wit da Rules, jalike you mahke inside, you no get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva. But if you stick wit God's Spirit, you live fo real kine.
7Da time God wen carve da Rules on top da flat stone, was awesome, you know. (But no matta you do wat dose Rules say, still yet you goin cut yoaself off from God.) Den, afta Moses wen get da Rules, his face wen shine so plenny, was so awesome, dat da Israel peopo no can stay look at um. But den da shine wen go way. 8So den, wat God's Spirit do inside our hearts stay plenny mo awesome den dat! 9You know, cuz a da Rules we mahke, but still yet da Rules stay awesome. God's Spirit help us get um right wit God, an dat even mo awesome. 10Da Rules dat everybody wen tink stay awesome, jalike dey not awesome now, cuz get someting dat stay even mo awesome. 11You know, da Rule kine stuff stay awesome. Dey awesome jalike Moses face an den da shine wen go way. Still yet, dey stay awesome. But dose tings dat stay foeva, dat kine stuff stay mo awesome still yet.
(Outa Egypt 34:34)
12All us guys know fo shua dat God's New Deal goin stay foeva, dass why we no mo shame fo talk strait out. 13We no need ack jalike Moses. He wen cover up his face so da Israel peopo no can see da shine go way. 14Da Israel peopo, God wen make um hard head so dey no can tink good. Even right now wen dey read inside da Bible bout da Deal from befo time dat God wen make, jalike dey get cover ova dea head, cuz dey no like lissen, an no can undastan. No mo nobody can make um lissen an undastan, ony Christ can. 15Even now still yet, weneva da Jewish peopo read wat Moses wen write, dey lissen, but dey no undastan, cuz dey no lissen inside dea hearts, jalike dey get cover ova dea hearts. 16But weneva somebody start fo trus da Boss, Christ help um undastan inside dea hearts. Jalike da Bible wen tell bout Moses, “He take away da ting dat cover his face.” 17Inside da Bible, wen Moses wen talk bout “Da Boss,” he mean God's Spirit, same ting. Wen we get da Spirit from da Boss Up Dea, we can talk to God any time we like. 18Az how he change us fo come awesome jalike him, mo an moa. An our faces no stay cover up, an now we can stay tinking plenny bout how awesome da Boss stay. Da Spirit from da Boss Up Dea, dass how he help us.