Kokua Da Bruddas An Sistas
(Smart Guys 11:24, 22:9; Songs 112:9)
91I no need write you guys fo tell how you goin kokua da peopo dat stay spesho fo God. 2Cuz I know how you guys really like help um, an I stay telling da Macedonia church peopo how plenny you guys like kokua dem. I wen tell um dat from last year you guys from Akaia side was ready fo give money, an da way you guys was ready fo go all out, wen make da odda peopo like give money too. 3But I goin send da bruddas fo show dat all da good stuff we wen say bout you guys stay fo real, an dat you guys goin be ready, jalike I wen say. 4You know, if some Macedonia guys come wit me an find you guys not ready wit da money, we goin get plenny shame, cuz we wen trus you guys plenny. An you guys goin get plenny shame too, you know. 5Dass why I wen tink, good if da bruddas go ova dea first, an make everyting ready, so you guys can give da money da way you wen say you goin give. Dat goin be someting you guys like give from da heart, not someting you no like give.
6But I tell you guys dis: “Da guy who plant litto bit seed, he goin get one small crop. Da guy dat plant plenny seed wit good heart, he goin get mo plenny crop, an he goin stay good inside.” 7Let every guy give how plenny money he wen tink fo give inside his heart. He no can have bad kine feeling wen he give um. Nobody suppose to make um give. Cuz God get plenny love an aloha fo da guy dat give from his heart an feel good inside. 8God can give you guys mo plenny stuffs den you need, so dat everytime you guys goin need someting, you guys goin get mo den nuff tings fo do every good ting. 9Da Bible wen say befo time,
“God give stuffs to da poor peopo
Wit good kine heart.
He everytime do da right ting,
An he stay lidat foeva.”
10God give seed to da farma guys who plant. God give us bread fo eat. Dat same God goin help you guys do da right ting mo an moa, jalike you was farma guys an he goin give you guys mo an mo seed fo plant. 11God goin give you guys mo choke tings den you guys goin need, so you guys can everytime kokua peopo wit good kine heart. Den wen we give God's peopo Jerusalem side da money from you guys, dey goin tell God “Mahalo plenny.” 12Da help you guys goin give da peopo ova dea dat stay spesho fo God, dat goin kokua dem plenny, an same time goin make plenny peopo tell God “Mahalo plenny!” 13Wen you guys kokua da peopo, dat goin show proof dat you guys fo real. Den peopo goin talk plenny good kine bout God, cuz dey goin see dat you guys really mean um wen you guys say you trus da Good Stuff From Christ, cuz you guys do wat you say. Wen all you guys give wit good kine heart fo dem an fo all da odda peopo, den dey goin talk plenny good kine bout God too. 14Da Christian peopo Jerusalem side goin pray fo you guys, an dey goin like see you guys mo an moa, cuz God do choke plenny good tings fo you guys. 15“Mahalo plenny” to God fo Jesus! He da awesome Gif God wen give us, dat stay worth mo plenny den anyting.