Live Wit Love An Aloha
51So den, make like God, wateva you guys doing, cuz you guys his kids, an he get plenny love an aloha fo you guys. 2An stay live wit plenny love an aloha fo everybody. Dass jalike Christ wen get plenny love an aloha fo us guys. He wen give himself up fo mahke fo us guys, jalike he one sacrifice fo God, da kine sacrifice dat make God stay good inside.
3But you guys, no go fool aroun notting, no go do pilau kine stuff, no try fo get everyting fo yoaself. No even tink bout doing dat kine stuff. Cuz you guys da peopo dat stay spesho fo God awready, an dat kine stuff not da way da peopo dat stay spesho fo God suppose to ack. 4No go talk pilau kine o stupid kine. No make pilau kine joke. Cuz dat kine talk not right, you know. Mo betta tell da tings God wen do fo you guys, dat make you guys like tell God “Mahalo plenny!” 5You guys gotta know dis fo shua: Anybody go fool aroun, o do da kine stuff dat make um so dey no can pray, o like get everyting ony fo demself, no way dey get da right fo Christ an God come dea king. Cuz wen you like get everyting ony fo yoa own self, jalike da stuff you like get wen come da idol kine god fo you awready.
Live Like da Peopo Dat Stick Wit da Light
(Isaiah 26:19, 51:17, 52:1, 60:1)
6Get guys dat try bulai you guys wit talk dat no mean notting! Eh! Neva mind dem! God no take da kine stuff dem guys do, cuz dey no like do wat God tell um. He goin punish dem fo talk lidat. 7So, no go in wit dat kine peopo.
8Befo time, you guys neva know God. Jalike was all dark inside you guys heart. But now, you guys stay tight wit da Boss, jalike you guys get da light inside yoa heart. Now, go live how suppose to, jalike da guys dat get da light inside dem. 9Cuz dose peopo dat get dat kine light from God inside dem stay doing da good kine stuff, an da right kine stuff, an dey stick wit da trut. 10So, go check out wat kine stuff you guys gotta do fo make da Boss stay good inside.
11No go do bad kine stuff wit da peopo dat donno God, cuz jalike dey stay dark inside dea heart, an da kine stuff dey do, no good. Mo betta, go show everybody how bad dat kine stuff stay. 12Cuz da kine stuff dem guys do an nobody know, shame fo even talk bout dat kine. 13But God show all da tings dat stay wrong, jalike how da light show how everyting stay. 14Cuz God make da bad kine stuff come good, jalike da light make da dark kine stuff come jalike da light too. Dass how come get song lidis:
“Eh, you dat stay sleeping, wake up!
Come back alive from mahke!
Christ goin be da light fo you.”
Let God's Spirit Take Charge A You
15So den, watch out how you guys live. Be shua you everytime know wat fo do. No make jalike peopo dat donno notting. 16Every time you guys get chance fo do good kine stuff, do um. Cuz nowdays, any kine bad kine stuff stay happening. 17Az why you guys betta tink befo you do stuff. Try fo undastan wat da Boss like you guys do.
18No go get drunk, cuz den you goin go wild an no mo shame notting. But, let God's Spirit take charge a you. 19Den you goin talk to each odda wit songs from da Bible, an songs bout God, an da kine songs dat God's Spirit give you. An you goin sing an play fo da Boss from yoa heart. 20An everytime you goin tell God our Fadda “Mahalo plenny” fo everyting, cuz you stay tight wit our Boss Jesus Christ. 21An you goin show respeck fo each odda an lissen to each odda, cuz you get choke respeck fo Christ.
Da Wife Get Respeck Fo Da husban
(Start 2:24)
22Dat mean, you wifes, lissen to yoa own husbans, jalike you lissen to da Boss. 23Cuz da husban, jalike he da head fo his wife. Same ting jalike Christ, he da head fo God's peopo, da church guys, an dey jalike his body. Cuz da head tell da body wat fo do. An Christ, he da One dat take his peopo outa da bad kine stuff. 24Jalike God's peopo, da church guys, show plenny respeck fo Christ an lissen to him, same ting, da wifes gotta everytime show plenny respeck an lissen dea husbans bout everyting.
Da husban Get Respeck Fo Da Wife
25An same ting you husbans, get plenny love an aloha fo yoa wife, jalike Christ get plenny love an aloha fo da church peopo. Dass why he wen give himself fo mahke fo dem. 26Christ wen do all dat fo make dem good an spesho fo God, cuz jalike he wen wash um up clean inside wit water. Da stuff Christ tell um, dass wat make um come clean inside. 27Jalike one groom dat take his beautiful bride, Christ like take his peopo, his church guys, jalike dey beautiful, an no mo notting pilau o wateva. Dey stay good an spesho fo Christ, an no mo nobody can poin finga dem.
28Dass how husbans gotta get love an aloha fo dea own wife, jalike dey get love fo dea own self. Da guy dat get love an aloha fo his wife show dat he get love fo himself. 29Cuz you know, no mo nobody eva stay go agains his own self, but he feed himself an take care himself, jalike Christ take care his peopo, da church guys. 30Cuz you know, jalike all us guys, we jalike da parts fo Christ's body.
31Da Bible say, “Dass how come one guy goin leave his fadda an mudda an come tight wit his wife. An da guy an da wahine goin be togedda jalike one body.”
32How da husban an da wife get love fo each odda, dass one real importan picha, you know. Was one secret befo time, but now us guys undastan wat mean da stuff bout Christ an his church peopo. 33So, every husban gotta get love an aloha fo his wife, jalike he get love fo himself, an every wife gotta show respeck fo her husban.