Get Da Same Kine Heart An Head
21You know, cuz us guys stay tight wit God's Spesho Guy Christ, he give us plenny good kine words. He show love an aloha fo us guys, so we no need stay sore inside. God's Spirit help us all come togedda. An we all feel aloha an pity fo each odda deep inside. 2Dass how stay, yeah? So! You know how you guys can make me feel real good inside? All you guys, try tink bout tings da same way. Try get da same kine love an aloha fo each odda, an da same kine heart an head. 3No go do stuff cuz you tink you mo betta den da odda guys, o cuz you like make big show. Mo betta, figga peopo lidis: da odda peopo get tings dey can do mo betta den you. No get big head. 4No good you ony tink bout da tings you tink stay importan -- make shua you tink bout da tings da odda peopo tink dat stay importan too.
One Song Bout Christ
5All you guys, tink lidis, jalike Jesus Christ.
6Jesus, he everytime stay jalike God.
But no matta,
he neva tink he gotta go hang on to dat.
7He let um all go,
so he can make himself one poor worka guy,
an come jalike peopo.
Wen da peopo see him,
dey figga he jus one guy.
8He wen make himself jalike he no stay importan.
He wen do everyting God say,
even if he gotta go mahke.
An not jus regula kine mahke, you know.
Was mo worse, on top one cross.
9Dass why God make Jesus da main Guy.
He wen give him one spesho name,
Fo tell wat kine guy him.
Cuz he mo importan den all da big name guys!
10So everybody, wen dey find out wat kine guy Jesus,
dey goin go down on dea knees in front him.
Everybody up dea inside da sky,
An all ova da world,
An undaneat da groun!
11Wit dea mout, everybody goin tell,
“Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send,
He da Boss!”
Cuz a dat, peopo goin say,
“God da Fadda, he awesome fo shua!”
Us Guys Shine Jalike Da Stars, Hea Inside Da World
12So den, my good friends, you guys everytime stay doing wat God wen tell you guys. Wen I wen stay wit you guys, you guys wen make lidat. An now, wen I no stay wit you guys, you guys stay doing um even mo plenny. Do everyting you guys gotta do, cuz God stay taking you guys outa da bad kine stuff, an do um jalike you guys stay scared an shaking in front God. 13God, you know, he da One making you guys so you like do da tings dat he like, an helping you guys fo go do um.
14Everyting you guys do, no grumble, no make argue. 15Den nobody can poin finga you guys, cuz you guys ony do good kine stuff. Afta all, you guys God's kids! Everybody all aroun you guys stay crooked an all mess up. But you guys, you diffren. You everytime do wass right, hea inside da world. Dass jalike da stars dat shine no matta stay dark all ova. 16You guys tell everybody da tings God wen tell you, dat can make peopo come alive inside fo real kine. Dat goin make me so proud a you guys bumbye wen Jesus goin come back! Wen dat happen, den I goin know dat da hard work I wen do, no was fo notting! An da race I wen run, no was wase time! 17Da way you guys trus God, he like. Dass jalike you making one spesho sacrifice fo him. Same ting wit me -- even if da odda peopo make me bleed an mahke, dass jalike pouring wine on top da sacrifice you guys stay making. I feel real good inside bout dat, an bout wass happening wit you guys too! 18Same ting wit you guys. You guys can feel good bout wass happening to me.
19Pretty soon I like send Timoty by you guys, if dass wat da Boss Jesus like. I like find out how you guys stay, an wat you guys doing. Dat goin make me feel good inside. 20Timoty, he da ony guy ova hea by me dat tink bout tings jalike me. Fo real kine, he goin tink plenny how fo kokua you guys. 21You know, all da odda peopo ova hea, dey all figga dea own stuff mo importan -- dey no tink dat doing stuff fo Jesus Christ da mos importan. 22An you guys know wat kine guy Timoty -- you know he get da stuff fo do da job. Him an me, we work togedda fo tell da Good Kine Stuff From God. Jalike he my boy, an I his fadda. 23Dass why he da guy I like send. I goin send him right afta I find out wass goin happen to me. 24I stay shua I goin go by you guys pretty soon, cuz dass wat da Boss like.
25I tink I gotta send Epafroditus back by you guys. He one brudda fo real kine, an he work an struggle wit me. You guys wen send him ova hea fo tell me how you guys stay, an fo kokua me wateva I need, cuz he stay working fo God. 26He tink plenny bout all you guys. Bodda him plenny dat you guys wen hear he stay sick. 27Da guy was sick fo shua -- he litto mo mahke. But God wen get pity fo him, an give him chance fo make um come good. An God wen get pity fo me too, so I no come all sore inside -- afta all, I stay plenny sore inside awready. 28Dass why I really like send him back ova dea. Wen you guys see him again, you guys goin feel good inside, an den, I no need worry notting. 29So, show him plenny aloha, an take him in, cuz you guys stay tight wit da Boss. You guys can feel good inside bout da guy. You guys gotta figga, anybody dat do wat Epafroditus wen do, gotta show um plenny respeck. 30He wen go work fo Christ. Dass why he litto mo mahke. He wen do all da kine stuff dat you guys neva can do fo kokua me, an neva bodda him if he mahke. He wen chance um.