21I like you guys know all da hard work I stay doing fo you guys dat stay Colosse, an fo da peopo dat stay Laodicea, an even fo all da peopo who neva see me befo. 2I like give dem guys good kine words, so dey can come togedda wit love an aloha. Den dey goin know fo shua dat dey undastan all dat good stuff. Dey goin find out everyting bout da secret God get fo us. An dass Christ! 3Ony wen you stay tight wit Christ, he give you all da smarts you need fo get, an he teach you how fo use da smarts fo good kine tings. An dese smarts jalike one treasure.
4I tell you guys all dis, so dat nobody can bulai you guys wit da kine talk dat sound good. 5Even if I stay far away from you guys, my heart stay wit you guys, an I stay good inside, cuz wen I look you guys, you guys stay solid. Nobody can push you guys aroun, da way you guys trus Christ.
You Guys Get Everyting Cuz You Stay Tight Wit Christ
6Jalike how you guys wen make Jesus Christ yoa boss, make shua you guys stay tight wit him everytime. 7Make shua you guys stay tight wit Christ. Den you guys goin stay strong inside him jalike one good solid tree. Come mo an mo solid, how you guys trus him, jalike how we wen teach you guys. Everytime tank Christ plenny.
8Watch out! No let nobody hemo you guys from da trut! Dey goin try teach you guys wrong kine stuff wit any kine talk. Dey get all dis kine teaching ony from peopo, from now an from befo time, an from da spirits dat stay in charge a da world, but dey neva get um from Christ. 9Everyting God get inside himself, Christ get inside himself, an Christ, he one guy jalike us. 10Wen you stay tight wit Christ, he give you everyting you need. He da main boss ova all da main spirits an da odda leada guys.
11Da Jewish guys cut skin fo show dey God's peopo, but Christ, he make his spesho mark on top our heart, wen he take away da power from all da bad kine stuff we like do jus cuz we peopo. 12Wen dey baptize you wit water, jalike you get buried wit him, an you stay come back alive wit him, cuz you stay trus wat God doing inside you. God da One who wen bring back Jesus from mahke, you know.
13Befo time, jalike you guys stay mahke, cuz you guys doing da bad kine stuff, an you guys not God's peopo. But no matta, he wen make you guys come alive fo real kine, jalike he wen make Christ come alive, an he wen let you guys go an hemo da shame fo all da bad kine stuff you guys wen do. 14He wen take away all da charges agains us from God's Rules. He wen wipe um out, jalike nailing dem on top da cross. 15He wen take away da power from all da main spirits an da odda bosses. He wen shame um in front everybody, jalike da army guys do in da winna's parade.
16So, no let nobody poin finga you guys fo wat you guys eat an drink, an fo how you guys make spesho fo religious days: da holidays, da traditions, da rest days. 17All dat religious kine stuff jalike one shadow ony fo show wat goin happen bumbye, but Christ, he da One dass fo real.
18No let nobody presha you guys jus cuz you guys no do da stuff dey say you guys gotta do. Cuz if you lissen dem, you no goin get da good stuff God get fo you guys. Dey like you guys make one show so dey can make you guys look no good. Dey like you go down in front da angel guys, an pray to dem, cuz dey wen dream bout all dat kine stuff. Dey tink dey mo betta den everybody else, but dey not. Dey ony tinking jalike regula peopo. 19Dey no stick wit Christ. But Christ, he stay in charge his peopo, jalike da head stay in charge a one body. He make his peopo come everytime mo strong inside, da way God like make um come mo strong. Dass jalike how da muscle an da bone work togedda fo make da body mo strong.
You Get New Kine Life Wen You Stay Tight Wit Christ
20Cuz jalike you guys wen mahke wit Christ, he wen take away da power ova you guys dat da spirits inside da universe had befo time. So, how come you guys still yet stick wit da old rules? Jalike you guys neva hemo yoaself from da old way! So, how come you guys still yet stay lissen to dem? 21Dey say, “Eh, no touch! No taste!” 22But dese rules, ony stuff dat peopo make up an teach everybody. But den, all dat bumbye goin poho, same time dey doing um. 23All dat kine stuff make dem look good. Peopo tink “Eh, dese guys smart!” But dey do dea stuff one way, not da way God like. Dea rules fo show love fo God, dey hard fo stick wit. Dose buggas throw ack dat dey get shame. Dey like make show dat dey like suffa fo God. But all dat kine stuff, no can help nobody fo handle wen dey like do any kine jus cuz dey peopo.